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  1. Thanks for your reply IanHL, especially the last couple of lines. I have sent a letter to the CEO at the registered office and with a stamp on it but got no response yet, that was just over 3 weeks ago. What I find strange is in a country that has lots of legislation (to much some would say), we appear to have no way of stopping unsolicited addressed mail. Or claiming compensation for the time and expense it costs to try and stop them sending it in the first place, as it is a form of harassment if you have been in lengthy corresponded with them and they don't stop sending it. I would love to take a test case to court.
  2. Sorry registering with the mail preference service only works if the company are members and this one is not, also it is only a voluntary code. (they are a bit like me have teeth but they are a bit false). Registering with them will in no way stop addressed Junk mail. Also being on the restricted electoral register, will not stop addressed mail there are many ways companies get our details other than the electoral register.
  3. Sorry this is addressed junk mail I am talking about. Not Door 2 Door mail or as some Postmen call it bread and butter mail. And if you opt out of Door 2 Door mail as you call it you would not receive the government EU leaflet.
  4. Sorry I've not been very active and replied to posts on site in last 2 weeks but went on holiday, so 2 weeks of no junk mail from Virgin but it was on the door mat when I got back. I like the twitter and Facebook suggestions, but as I don't use either that's not really an option for me. Geoff1248 has a good point that is not in the interest of some marketing companies to stop sending it as it cuts there income. And the suggestion to send it to the CEOs home address if we could find it is the best one, as it worked with this company before see my post 30.
  5. Thanks for your reply Rinfrance. I think we are straying from my initial point, the point is all that needs to happen is the sender Virgin media, to stop sending the mail in the first place and the problem is solved. It is that simple or so I thought. However the Royal Mail have to abide by the Universal Service Obligation and Ofcom regulations. I agree and accept they make money out of such mail. But to state that there is no obligation on me to accepts such post I find a strange comment, as once it is received through my letter box. I have to deal with it in one way or another even if it is recycling it. And your sentence "There is no cost to the Royal Mail to return to sender if in another country, the cost is incurred by the country who gives it back to the original sender." is a contradiction as there is a cost to the Royal Mail in handling it and returning it. Even if they dump it in the recycling there are disposal costs. Anyway all that said I am not here to argue the case for Royal Mail or with you I just want to find a way of stopping Virgin Media from sending it in the first place. All the other companies over the years have stopped normally after just one phone call why should they be allowed to keep sending addressed mail to me I do not want?
  6. Well at leased it worked for you and some others. I know the letters I posted with stamps got to them as they responded with some poor excuses as to why they could not stop sending it to me. The ones without stamps got no response so either they ignored them or they did not get to them. It looks like I will have to just keep trying to find a way of stopping them. I am also wandering if it is because of what I did 4 years ago (see post 30) and they have kept a record and its payback time.
  7. Well it may have worked in your case, but for me it has not done it 5 times since Christmas plus letters to them and to there registered office and it still keeps coming. last one 3 days ago. How long did it stop it for and did you put stamps on it?
  8. First of all as you state the law is different in France and from what you are saying sounds better at dealing with this issue. You are talking about in your first line is addressed mail, UK postal regulation clearly put a duty on the Royal Mail deliver this. You can only opt out of unaddressed mail by registering with Royal Mail. Most of this mail the Royal Mail have to accept under the universal service agreement and it starts its journey with another mail company such as UK Mail in this case. The Royal Mail have to deliver the final mile as its known, and there are limits on what they can charge for doing so set by the regulator. As for post coming in from abroad again there are regulations that say they have to deliver it as long as it has the correct payment made, saying send it back to the country where it came from would involve Royal Mail in yet even more cost. That would just be added to the next postage rate increase. As I have said I am not here to defend the Royal Mail but there hands are tied by the regulations, which from what you are saying are better in France than the UK. My point is there should be a way of it being stopped from being posted in the first place or a way we can stop companies holding our details so they can send it out. So far no one has come up with a legal way of stopping this mail or a way to take action that would stop it entering the postal system. I am beginning to think in the UK there may not be any legislation I can use to stop it unlike France.
  9. You to are missing the point, this is addressed mail. We all know you can register and Royal mail will stop un addressed mail are you sure it is Royal Mail have you caught the post man actually doing it if you are registered you need to take it up with them. just because you come home and find junk mail on your door mat and post. it don't mean the post man has put it there.
  10. I am not here to defend the Royal Mail in any way. But you have clearly missed the point The Royal Mail are losing money on it by doing what you suggest and all of the costs of handling mail returned in the way you suggest, are passed on to us all in postal charges. We all use the postal service even if it is receiving a council tax bill, election papers, or many other forms of mail. the increase in postal charges is reflected in a very small way in everyone's costs. The solution is to find a way of stopping companies from sending it in the first place, and so far I have not succeeded. But that will not stop me trying.
  11. Mail preference service only works if they are members which they are not. so good suggestion but wont work in this case.
  12. Well there have been a lot of suggestions some that have worked for others but not everyone, most of which I have tried. Your response sounds very much like what I have gone through in letters to them over the last few months and answers are still the same. The suggestions that are put it in the post back with or without a stamp, are clearly from people who do not know how the postal system works. So let me try to explain how it works. All post that is collected goes to a mail sorting centre. It is sorted in large machines that will rejected it as it has not got the correct postage on it. At this point it is then handled manually and someone from revenue protection then has to decide what the correct postage is, they will normally work out a price and stamp it or put a label on it with the correct price plus a handling fee. It then proceeds through the delivery system to the local delivery office as normal. The postman then has to deliver it and collect the charge put on it. However the person receiving it can refuse to pay and many companies do refuse to pay. so the postman takes it back to the delivery office and it is marked that the company would not pay or accept it, it is then returned to a centre where Royal mail normally destroy them. So by sending post back like that it costs Royal Mail a lot of staff time which they do not get paid for and is reflected in the price of stamps we all pay for. In short by doing this all you are doing is playing there game but in doing so. You never see the item again you have posted so think it has been received, as the marketing campaign has stopped for a few months. Then a few months later it starts all over again. There must be some legislation that can be used to stop them making a nuisance of themselves, as there junk mail is costing us all in many ways, from the waste of paper and damage to the environment to the royal mail handling it and our time getting rid of it. I would love to find a way of taking a test case to court to see what happens but need help finding some legislation that may be appropriate.
  13. Thanks Mr P, will give it a try who knows they stop it just think if we all just put it in the recycling they have won. We all have to pay for the recycling and the inconvenience of picking it up sorting through it and putting it there, although it helps pay my brothers wages delivering it.
  14. No have never had a contract with them, and no one at this address has ever had one as have lived here longer than cable TV has been around. We where only the second house in the road to have a phone installed by the GPO that's how long we have been at this address.
  15. There was a reason I was worried about being identified. but what the heck if they do identify me so what. My reason was some 4 years ago I had the same problem with them and after a lot of letters from them making excuses and failing to stop it. I started to copy in a Mr Branson at his home address and return the junk mail there, interestingly although he did not respond within a month I received an apology from them and had nothing until a few months ago. Unfortunately he has moved since then or I would do the same again. Part of me agrees with you just accept it, but they are not above the law and why should any of us have to put up with this from them, the more of us that walk a way from this the more they get away with it.
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