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  1. Hi I have/had a credit card with Creation/sygma bank. This was done in the MK One store where I used to live as a student. Obviously being a student, and absolutely skint, I thought "ooh free money" - How stupid!! Things with the card got out of hand, and Im not even sure how much I used it, owed in total: anthing!! other than I never paid it, and a few ears later after being chased by Lowell Portfolio, I owed £736.33 After a few letters back and forth, and a lot of help from you guys, I eventually got them to stop contacting me, as Id asked for a copy of the original credit agreement, which the were unable to obtain. So in effect, the debt was written off. I haven't heard from them since.http://http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?275340-Lowell-Portfolio-1&highlight=nishi Im wondering whether there is any point chasing the PPI on this account, or whether, due to the debt being wiped, that its best just to leave sleeping dong lie as it were...
  2. Im huessing Ill just have to pay the balance and be done wqith it. My fiance and I want to be able to buy a house in a few months time. dont need things like this hanging over us....
  3. @ Bazooka Boo - yes it was....and yes it was....
  4. where can I get a template for account still in dispute?? not sure what Id write...
  5. oh right! sorry!! thankyou ;-) Ill start writting that letter that Halibutt suggested. But other than that, Ive got no choice but to pay.
  6. is there no one else that can add anything??
  7. is there really no feedback?? Im a bit desperate!!
  8. has nayone got any feedback for me???
  9. here is the link to the images needed http://s970.photobucket.com/albums/ae184/nishiollie/
  10. not sure how to get the images any bigger. they look fine in photoshop. can i email them to someone to put up??
  11. Here are the documents. I look forward to your analysis
  12. on to it now. need to do a bit pf photoshopping first.
  13. Hi Have received the CCA. Sent by them on the 15th of December 2010. What should my next step be?? Is that it now? should I just pay the outstanding debt?? Thanx Nishi
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