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  1. The thing is that I have already proved this debt unenforcable with another dca, before I left the country, capquest being the dca in question so they have obviously passed this on...
  2. Why on earth do they send this sort of thing if they are not allowed to do it. surely this is illegal? Im sorry if i am pest, but this sort of behaviour really bothers me..if it is purely to try and frighten people, my relative is worrying now...why don't they get the message Anyway thanks for always replying, I am deeply grateful..
  3. Do I assume then that these letters are a not legal, when they list court costs etc? I presume that my relative should react to that in the same way as the other letters...
  4. Hello, Further to all this and after my relative sent numerous requests to stop sending letters, they have now received one from Hamptons Legal, I presume this is the same company, they are suggesting court action and there is a list of court costs further to the debt etc. Is this just another ploy to make contact or should this be taken notice, any advice as to what i should advise my relative would be appreciated..these people are tiresome..
  5. Hi, Thanks for the reply, and hope I don't sound too stupid, but if my relative writes to them would it be prudent for them not to sign the letter etc, as they really don't want to be harassed by these people, any suggestions on what would be polite but firm letter to them..I would like to give my relative all the information I can to help, they are a bit elderly, and have recently been ill with cancer, I don't want them worrying over this.. Many thanks to all that give advice, this website is a godsend...
  6. Hi, I need some help again with these people. My relative has continually sent back letters etc saying I am no longer at this address, but they continue to send them, and has recently received one from Red with the same PO box number..I don't understand why they keep sending letters after being continually told I am not at that address etc...any advice for my relative as they are getting a little tired of receiving these letters...I believe they are still trying to obtain some contact, as they are not legal or anything as far as I can gather... Would really appreciate some help for my relative, to tell these idiots to foxtrot oscar
  7. Ok many thanks, I just hope they sod off now, one last question though what powers do dca's have to search for information on people re further addresses if they receive not at this address etc?
  8. Its just a ploy to get you to phone the Leeds Threat Centre so as a telephone threat monkey can verbally abuse you. File it away for a future complaint. They talk nonsense about their 'Licensed Field Agents'' which are a pure figment of Andy Bartles vivid imagination. I assume you mean my relative to just file away, so that they may make future complaint if needed? My apologies if I misunderstand replies, I am very grateful to all that respond to my questions... I really just want them to stop harassing my relative, it is nothing to do with them, I am no longer at their address..or in the UK.
  9. Well they followed advice in line with sending the letters back not at this address..should they do the same with this card? thanks, sorry for going on, but my relative has recently been ill with cancer and doesn't need this harrassment, and they are not exactly young either
  10. Hello again, Another little problem with these cretins, they have now sent a postcard saying they are urgently trying to contact me..then there are two boxes and the one that is ticked has we will contact you between 8am - 8pm then underneath it says if this is inconvenient please call this number xxxxx there is no date for this contact, and I am sure they don't have the telephone number to make this call, any advice as to what my relative should do with this, as they are a little anxious to get harassing phone calls and or visits, are dca allowed to make such visits? Any advice would be greatly appreciated:confused:
  11. ok I am resting easy..you know before I found this website, these dca's can really put the wind up, and you can spend alot of time worrying about it, but once you start to know your rights, it is amazing how much it can put the mind at rest I don,t know how these companies sleep at night, the tactics they try are beyond comprehension, the treatment and rudeness is exceptional, horrible people, they should be banned completely, sorry to rant but it makes me so angry, I read some of the stories of others, who are literally terrified by them..
  12. No i don't have any property on my name, I always rented so I assume that will not be a problem.
  13. Thank you Vex I will pass the information on to my relative Many thanks again, and yes it puts me at rest for now...
  14. Thanks for the quick advice, but will this just not get passed on to another, I suppose the family member can just keep doing the same thing? Thanks again
  15. Hi, I currently reside outside of the UK now, but a family member has received a letter from these cretins, re: a sold debt as of Nov 08. I have already been chased previously by a dca capquest who couldn't provide proof of debt I cca'd them and took care of that. Now this dca is trying to chase the same debt for capital one. I am not sure what I should do as I am outside the country, and have no intention of returning in the near future, but as I say my family member is receiving the letters, any advice I can give them would be greatly appreciated..these companies are beyond belief.. Many thanks in advance..
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