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  1. i too have recieved a settlement letter, and sent it back to rbos on 27 july, i do hope we still get paid as nobody seems sure if we will or not, i also sent sandy watt an email on the same day attatching the signed settlement letter, she emailed me back to say they are unable to open attatchments due to security... mmm barclays did. does anybody know if they are still paying out at this stage of the game or have we all been put on hold....
  2. stevo your help was yet again correct with the email address, just opened my mail this morning sandy has replied to email sent yesterday,heres wot it sed. Hi, please be advised that i am unable to open your attatchments as the banks email system will not allow access to certain types of attatchments for security reasons mmm funny that, that must be some sort of security cos when i did the same with barclays they were able to open attatchment files... Is today the day they are due in court.....glad i sent it out by snail mail as well on same day, recorded delivery of course just gonna check on PO weby to see where it is now..
  3. i've calmed down again now it was just a bit of a shock i only heard it on the radio n was a day behind everyone else but hope i'm not 1 day late n they honor it hey ho wot will be will be.......
  4. thanx stevo, GOLF how chilled out ru ? DID'YA WIN LOL !!!!
  5. Help is there any body out there or are we all in a flat spin panic,i have jsut posted my acceptance today, also i have emailed sandy watt n attatched the settlement, oh god just my luck that i would be 1 day to late !!!
  6. in light of wot is happening in the news with the oft n banks going to court does any body know if banks are still paying out on claims when they have sent out the settlement offer surley they have to honor these !!! plase some one reply....
  7. After being put through to another office which deals with this i got through to a very nice bloke and explained to him that if we paid the debt off first would we then get all the money paid to us, he said yes of course, n with a smile in his voice asked if we had already conntacted them to make a full n final offer at a reduced price, as yes the bank wud have to accept what the debt collectors had agreed with us which of course we had done n got it knocked down by £700.
  8. update on wots goin on, decided to accept offer, it is right even though our account "was closed" and the debt/loan which we had with them passed to a debt agency after phone call made to them the account to them is classed as resricted meaning basically the account is still rnning in their system n all money gained back from us to the debt agency gets paid into the account, therefore when they pay out our money it will go into that account then anything left over will be paid to us
  9. would it be worth me adding also a note about how to pay me the money back as we no longer have an account with them cos they closed it !!! any ideas how t word this as you can see i am not the brightest bulb in the box
  10. i think i will send them another lba with the same revised spreadsheet, the other thing i sthey sed they would pay it into my account now this account started in moh name with me being added, as the account then was closed by rbs it became impossible for him to get another account as believe it or not he dosent have apassport ( we not bin able to go abroad ) and due to a driving ban has no driving liscence either,so he has his wages paid into an account in my name only. can i ask them to pay it into this account how likley am i to get this ????
  11. when i sent the lba i did enclose a revised spread sheet but havent heard any thing back dya think it is worth a phone call if so dya have a number for sandy watt ?
  12. my situation changed cos i was going to go in all guns blaring for the remainder but after being in a car accident it has kinda took the wind out of my sails a bit n i am going to be about a month without earnings as i am unable to return to work.i am also without transport until the insurance claim goes through priorities change just when i was getting on top of my debts ( well at least climbing the hill not quite at the top!!)
  13. any body out there, i have had my offer from rbs but it crossed in the post with my lba letter now the question is i made a boob on my earlier letters to them asking them for about £800 less than they owed me as i got confused with what i could n couldnt claim, so they have offfered what i originally asked for but after i gave them a call asking for the remainder was told if i wanted that i would have to take legal action and that would be my decision, should i jus ttake the original offer or go for gold would this look bad on me should it go to court... argh
  14. thanx stevo u not bin wrong yet will try and keep ya posted sorry about losing my temper earlier.
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