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  1. Hi jubaxt, I had the same happen to me regarding the tracking. No one had actually signed for it at their end. However I did eventually receive a letter from Goldfish stating that they had received the request & that it would be dealt with within 40 working days. It's when you get a letter of offer from them that you have to laugh (or cry) when they insult you with the 'stupid' low refund.
  2. I've received a letter today from HSBC saying that they have not had a response to their offer and that if I do not respond by the end of the week the case / offer of refunds will be closed. Can they do this? Will it affect me claiming? I'm a bit behind at the moment due to problems with my email at home.
  3. The L.B.A. letter is my next stage. I've got problems with my email at home at the moment so I am a little behind.
  4. Well it's been a while. They have finally paid up all the charges. It's paid for the overdraft & now i have no pennys left. A letter arrived from them last week. The account is in joint names & the letter advised us to withdraw any money left over. My partner opened this, & even though I did not see the letter, into the local branch she went & withdrew what was left. She was told they had to keep the letter & advised her to go to the main branch & close the account. We have also received a letter from their solicitors (debt department) telling me that I MUST CLOSE the account! Have I been Conned? Is this legal ??
  5. Just found a phone number. Try 0845 609 0619. They might be able to help. Have to go now.
  6. Hi Jubaxt. I'm at work at the moment, so I don't have the address. Off the top of my head I think it was in Glasgow. I'll check when I get home, but it won't be till tomorrow now.
  7. Thanks for that TINK660. What letter/Template did you use for accepting only part settlement. Would I have to send the agreement letter that they sent me?
  8. It seems ages since I was on here last, anyway I have received copies of statements & an offer exactly 40 days to the day that I requested them. It seems they have carried out all the work & come up with an offer. The list of charges are on one page with two totals. 1 are the actual charges they say they have charged me since March '01. The next total is their offer which is an insult. Basically it is £550 less than the charges they have taken off me. The accompaning letter goes through all the jargon of "we feel the charges are fair & we have now set the target to £12 charge level as set by the OFT" They want me to sign & accept this approval of the 'offer' in 'full & Final settlement of my complaint. The account has been over it's limit for a while even though i have no card & the fact that they 'closed'? it over 2 years ago. The refund would be placed into the account. However, the account is not used now as they have issued a 'Default Notice fee' to it as well (& charged for it) Plus, I am having to pay the account back through a debt managment scheme. Please could someone advise me please as what to do next!?
  9. Not sure whether this is relevant but i'm having problems with Talk Talk. I stopped using them late last year as i found them to be expensive & I was better off with BT. They have now set the debt collectors onto me regarding a 'Final Bill' which I have never received. I spoke to 'something' at TT last week who said that they would supply me with a copy of the bill but at a charge. 'It' tried to explain to me the outstanding amount of the bill & after 15 minutes debate different amounts where thrown at me. The Debt collectors are getting 'angry' but like i have tried to explain to them "would you pay for something over the phone if you had no evidence of what you are paying for"?
  10. As you know, I sent off my L.B.A. on 27 Feb' 07 so the 14 days is due to expire Tomorrow? Plus they sent me an offer which was below what I'm claiming for. Now do I send in a 'Rejection letter' ? or Do I proceed to the next stage? :idea:
  11. Without going into a long essay, I used to buy both gas & Electric from Scottish Power (S.P.) & to be honest I thought the service was good. Last year, when all the hipe was on about energy price hikes, I decided to look for cheaper providors. After searching the internet for cheaper suppliers, I was quoted by EDF & found them to be the cheapest. However they could not offer me a 'Duel fuel tariff', which I had been paying at S.P. because they said the electric meter was wrong due to it being on 'Economy 7' & I wouldn't benefit. But the electric would still be cheaper than I had been paying for with S.P. Anyway, I changed suppliers so that I bought both gas / electric from EDF, who promised to be cheaper. EDF did say that the meter could be changed over free of charge. A month after the changover, I received a call from S.P. who said that they wanted my custom back & could offer me a good deal for 'Duel Fuel' & the quotation was actually cheaper than EDF. So back I went to changing suppliers only for S.P. to contact me again to say they could not provide gas & electric on a duel fuel tariff because the meter was wrong. I told them that for over 3 years I had been paying for the duel fuel tariff with Scottish Power but they could not understand why, due to the electric meter & that I was lucky?! So now I Purchase electric from EDF & gas from S.P. Sorry it is long winded but my question is, do I have case against Scottish Power because I was paying for a service that in theory I wasn't getting? or should I keep quiet & forget about it?
  12. Thats what I keep telling them but they don't want to know (Roxburgh) I think thats how you spell it. Very aggresive on the phone & very clueless.
  13. I have received confirmation today from Goldfish regarding my request for statements (D.A.R.). They say that the 40 days to carry out this request should be concluded by 14 April '07. Oh & they have also taken the £10 payment (postal order).
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