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  1. To be honest I really can't remember what the landlord at the time (he's since handed properties to his daughter) gave me. I moved here in August 1991.
  2. Also, the back of the 2008 document states that I can only give a month's notice on rent due date (so 1 December). The landlady, though, told me yesterday that she doesn't know why I don't hand in notice now. Could this be that she's panicking because from mid-December to early January she jets off abroad, so she knows there's no opportunity of finding a new tenant until the New Year and won't receive any rent for that period, hence why she also wants a month's rent? Also, she doesn't know what I could do to the house if my notice runs out while she's away.
  3. Struggling to find any S20-related documentation - although I could've packed it away in preparation for moving. The only relevant paperwork I could find is dated more recently - 2008 - and is titled Assured shorthold tenancy agreement. This paragraph on the back of the document is one more reason why the situation is confusing... This agreement is an assured shorthold tenancy (as defined is section 19A blah, blah, blah). The landlady giving a section 21 notice must give at least two months' notice, in writing. One reason why I'm still confused is why have I been given two
  4. So I've been put through the wringer, been given mis-information (by people who should know) and now basically been 'threatened' by being told she'll find me "wherever I go". If she had included a covering letter and the required document that I was supposed to sign, the last two months of stress could have been avoided. I've read post after post on different forums and none said it isn't a notice to quit. So when you get something like this through the door it's no wonder I'm confused. It's strange, though, that if I leave before 30 November I don't have to give a month's notic
  5. Hi guys, I urgently need some help/advice if at all possible. It's going to turn out to be a long-winded post, so bear with me. Basically, I've been in a rented house for the last 23 years, but in early September received a Section 21 (4) (A) - Notice requiring possession of a dwelling-house let under an assured shorthold tenancy ... so a notice to quit. The document states that the landlady gives notice that they require possession by 30 November. I started looking for another property and am awaiting confirmation on this matter. At the end of October I decided
  6. I need some very urgent advice. After getting into financial difficulty I wasn't able to pay a loan. But Sadly I buried my head in the sand and ignored letters. Stupid I know but I panicked. Then while I was in hospital last week I received a letter via the local court giving me until tomorrow to pay off the outstanding debt (£2,500). I've only just had the chance to read it and digest what was said. I realise I am so short of time and there is no way I can pay in full straight away, so is there anything I can do? If I make an offer per month will that suffice?
  7. Unfortunately not. I know there's a scanner at work but for obvious reasons I can't use that. The problem is not so much to do with the original CCA but because of the way the situation has evolved it's surely the updated CCA (or lack of one) that is important here? It's over a year since I last posted in this thread so I thought I'd give an update. In June last year I wrote to the Financial Ombudsman with details of my complaint against Halifax/Intelligent Finance. Since then I've had several letters from the FO confirming they are still looking into the matter and apologising
  8. Hi guys, I really need some more urgent advice on this matter. A few weeks ago iQor sent me a letter saying they were no longer handling this case and I can only surmise it was because they found they didn't have a copy of the updated CCA so knew they didn't have a leg to stand on. As for Wescot I haven't heard a thing from them in almost two months and that's after me sending them a letter with a copy of previous correspondence from the St Andrew's Group. Last week I sent a letter to Intelligent Finance because I am just so annoyed that this debacle is continuing. In
  9. Just another update on this continuing saga... Over the past couple of weeks I've been receiving calls on both my mobile and landline from two Preston based numbers and a withheld number. They can occur anytime between 8 in the morning and 9 at night. The ones left on my mobile have an attached text based voicemail and never say who they are. I have done a Google search and both numbers come up as iQor. Then on Thursday I received a letter from WesScot saying that they are working on behalf of their client and demanded that I contact them in regard of the outstanding balance. This is
  10. Cheers CB...have you ever thought of becoming Prime Minister then the problems in this country would be righted within a day!!
  11. Cheers guys, I just hope it'll finally get the whole lot of them off my back. Really appreciate all your help. Can I scream now??? I sent a letter to iQor (see post 36) outlining my position on this matter. It was sent recorded delivery and still hasn't been signed for, I hasten to add, or at least according to the Royal Mail Track and Trace page. However, this morning, I received another letter from iQor actually confirming receipt of the above letter, but totally ignoring every single point raised in my letter, except to say that their records show that a copy of the CCA was s
  12. So from what you can both summise from my posts I'm in a strong position this time? I suppose the account isn't settled as they were apparently setting up a new repayment scheme for me but if the St Andrew's Group say it's settled then I'd like iQor, IF and whoever to agree to that as well!!
  13. Other than being told on the phone that somebody would contact me to set up a new agreement (sadly I couldn't record this conversation), I received a letter from the St Andrew's Group saying that: "During a recent review of our record we have identified that when you settled your Intelligent Finance personal loan and cancelled your payment protection insurance policy, an error was made when calculating the refund of your insurance premium." I've also included this text from one of my earlier posts to outline the situation a little better... I took out a loan with IF over two year
  14. I just need to be doubly sure to make sure I don't make any mistakes...even though iQor have sent me the original CCA, they don't have a case against me because IF ignored my request in the first place with the S.A.R?
  15. I really appreciate your's and everybody elses help and advice. I'm obviously going to write to iQor at the same time to mention that the account is still in dispute and I suppose my case is strengthened because they shouldn't have been sold the debt. Just one more thing, would the debt be completely wiped if the case was found in my favour?
  16. Thank you for your response. If it did get to the stage of taking them to court and they can't produce the S.A.R what's the likely outcome and how would it affect me? Also is it a S.A.R for the original agreement or should it be the updated agreement if indeed it turns out it has definitely been cancelled? And by the fact IF never got in touch after my earlier request and apparently sold the debt to Capital Bank/iQor does that look more than likely that they couldn't produce the required paperwork?
  17. I've got to be honest and it seems enforceable due to the fact it was signed by both me and the lender back in 2004, and seems to be correct as far as I can see. The problem is whether this is the copy required by law or an updated one?
  18. Fair enough, although the fact IF/HBOS and Capital Bank have seemingly both overlooked the matter and have failed to respond within the 42 day period is questionable. Just one more thing, because I'm requesting the updated agreement rather than the original where do I stand in law? If they produce the original (you may need to read through previous posts to understand my position better) then is that my claim scuppered or do they have to produce the updated version? Bump Please, I really do need some URGENT advice on this matter. I've finally received a CCA (presumably from
  19. Many thanks for your prompt response. The fact that I have not heard a thing from the original creditor (IF Finance) for months does this effectively prove they don't have the credit agreement I was requesting?
  20. Hi, sorry haven't been on for a few days. Yes they've reinstated a zero balance which means my account is now officially closed. Had a response from a member of staff saying she'd pass it on so it could be looked into, then almost instantly one of the managers sent me an email saying it had been sorted, although the £60 wasn't a charge for writing letters, it was for going overdrawn. Quite happy to leave it at that.
  21. Cheers for that. I've sent them a secure message first outlining my view on the situation and also added that if I don't receive a satisfactory response I will be taking the matter further, so I'll see where I get with that. If nothing happens I will send the prelim letter as you say.
  22. Actually I've just looked at this again and I paid £554 which was exactly the amount owing so took my balance to zero, but two days after it was paid the interest charge took me to -£8.87, so it's this charge that has made my balance plummet to -£184 since 19th March.
  23. I had an online account with Smile which had an overdraft limit of £400. Unfortunately things got a little out of hand and I went over my limit and obviously Smile wanted their money back. I tried to pay as much per month as possible, but with interest charges it crept upto around £550. Then I managed to get a bit of money together two months ago and paid off all but a measily £8.87. It felt great to have Smile stop calling me endlessly on my landline and mobile. However, over the last week I've started receiving a call per day from this lowlife bunch, and I thought it was just them
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