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  1. I see. Thank you Bish. So if I kept the contractual interest to a conservative 8% to start with then when I did my claim N1 I would add a further 8% Stat int on top of total. I would then be pursuing Abbey for this total and would not accept any part payments. However if I went to court the judge may then decide to take away my interest and just add stat or none at all...??? Have I got that right. Regards Aoife

  2. Hello everyone, I'm very tempted to go for contractual as Abbey have caused me so much trouble with mounting debts. Even now they are taking away my o/d on 1 April, and i've got no way to pay it, which is why i need to do this claim.

    However, I've filled in the ss for contractual interest. But do you know if you can claim basic charges plus a contractual interest of say 10.9% and forget about the bank interest and the contractual interest on the bank interest because it's this bit that is really confusing me. I've put all interest i've incurred in six years on my ss even months where no penalties have been applied is this correct? It asks for an average balance too, this doesn't seem very accurate i've inputted the balance on interest date - and on all the months it is refunding all the interest back to me - does that sound right?

    Can anyone put me clear on this.

    Regards Aoife

  3. I would like to claim back interest if i can as i think it would increase my original figure of £3200 quite a lot, however, I need help with the s/s as I've always had an authorised o/d of differing amounts and I can't figure out how to incorporate this into the s/s.


    Also, It seems that a lot of people are not claiming this interest - is there a problem with it if it goes to court?


    Can anyone help?





  4. Thank you for your advice. I have worked out the 8% and likewise it is around £800 so perhaps I had better stick with that. I shall have a look at the calculators in the templates but I've a feeling I won't understand them! Thanks again Aoife

  5. Hello


    Not only I am new to all this bank charges stuff but I've never posted anything before... Well here we go.


    Can anyone offer some basic advice i'm getting a bit confused. I have all my statements for last six years and have noted all charges, however the interest for my authorised overdraft and unauthorised (when it goes over - usually due to charges or interest) are lumped together on the statement. Is it best just to stick to reclaiming the standard charges (£3,000) rather than try and upick what is permisable and what is not. Although granted some of charges are quite high I'm not sure I will be able to sort it out. Will the bank take me seriuosly if i only claim for charges? I can still get the statutory 8% though can't I?


    Thanks for your help anyone who has time to reply.... Aoife

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