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  1. Hi, Is this the wording i need to add for my POC for pre six years? Do you think its worth mentioning s32 or not and if so where can i find some wording on it....

    c) The defendant concealed the nature of their charges and lead the claimant to mistakenly continue to pay the unlawful charges believing that they were lawful.


    d) The claimants right of action has been deliberately concealed from her by the defendant.


    e) The defendant continues to conceal both the nature of their unlawful charges and account holders rights to recover unlawful charges.



  2. Hi adam

    I getting confused i have pm'd Glenn to ask him. I think perhaps it is a matter of just making one claim rather than how it is set out but i don't know........they way i've done my spreadsheets Abbey could certainly add up each columnn and come to individual figures.... plus i'm wondering if you need to set it out differenly on the values on the N1. I'll see what Glenn says. All the best Aoife

  3. Hi Newbody

    I've sent my Prelim and LBA, am overdue sending N1 because that 's when i started checking my spreadsheet. So, should I ditch CI or pre 6 yrs penalties. Don't know which holds more water with courts (and Abbey). Or leave it at this rather large figure - which Lord knows I could really do with!! Also I don't know if I change to SI is this calculated in simple intererst or compound?

    Regards Aoife

  4. I've added £955 of charges to my original spreadsheet (already submitted with LBA) according to Bankfodders announcement on pre six years charges. I have also changed the CI from the way it was calculating simple int to compound which I believe is more accurate. Therefore I need to resubmit my figures. However, as the figures have significantly increased should i change my approach all together??? There seems to be quite a few people doing the 16.9% now...


    My claim is now as follows:


    Penalties and bank int - £5973.74

    CI at 16.9% - £6717.14

    Total £12,690.88


    Would value a moderator's opinion here.



  5. Mad Nick, I have pm'd you but I've had another thought.... what if i put this statement on my schedule.

    NB: This spreadsheet shows a conservative estimation of simple interest accruing at 16.9% per annum from the date charges were applied to the account. This interest would normally be calculated in a compouded fashion and would therefore be a significantly higher figure. For the purposes of this claim I am happy to accept this lower figure.

    It would be a shame not to get the full amount but perhaps better than starting all over again?!? Aoife

  6. OK i'm trying not to panic, Firstly, can you tell me what the ^ symbol means?

    And seeing as how i have already submitted this ss with the with my prelim letter should I (can I ) change it all now and re-submit to Abbey or leave as is?

    Sorry to be thick about this, maths was never my strong point... Best Wishes Aoife

  7. Oh no glad you didn't MN, thanks for the info i think I understand now. However, it would seem my ss for CI is actually worked out as simple interest and not compound. ie. An initial bank int charge on 4/4/01 of £7.03 x 16.9% = 1.19 per year divided by 365 days = £0.00325 a day x 2165 days = £7.04. Then all the £7.04 column figures added up.

    Am I going to have to redo my spreadsheet I guess it was best to find out now before i sent the N1 in. Or, are you saying this way of compounding should only be applied after the issue date. ie 16.9% pa applied daily on the whole figure that I have submitted to court.

    help again ... regards Aoife

  8. Thank you MN, but now you have totally lost me. The daily interest rate is on the ss i'm sending in, shall I take it off now as it is wrong. How can I work out the correct figure for the accruing interest. Help. Aoife

  9. I've changed the wording in values:

    Total penalty charges £4,011.50

    Interest incurred as result of charges £801.03

    Interest claimed by claimant £2,585.59

    Court fee £250.00

    Plus interest at £3.43 per day pursuant to the contract between Abbey and myself at 16.9% from date of issue to date of judgement or settlement.


    Is this more correct?

  10. Then I think you might have a problem claiming SI @ 8% as well. Isn't it one or the other (with the 8% as an alternative to the CI). I would also be tempted to change "required" to "claimed". Regards, Mad Nick


    No no, I'm not claiming SI at all. The £801 is simply what i've paid in interest. Should i have lumped this together in with the penalties?


  11. Hi guys,

    I am ready to send in my N1 today - Final figure with court fee of £250 is 7648.12.

    Two questions:-

    1. I have updated my spreadsheets to bring the figures up to date (as there are more charges and int to add). Do i need to tell Abbey I've sent the N1 in and give them the revised schedules...? Or will all that go in court bundle?

    2. On my N1 in the value section, i have listed as follows:-

    Total penalty charges £4,011.50

    Interest incurred as result of charges £801.03

    Interest required by claimant £2,585.59

    Court fee £250.00

    Plus interest pursuant to S.69 County Courts Act 1984 from date of issue to date of judgement or settlement at £3.43 per day or at such a rate and for such periods as the court deems just.


    Is this the best way?

    Cheers Aoife

  12. I am sending my LBA today - can anyone tell me if this is worded ok. I felt i should acknowledge their standard letter. Thank you.


    Dear Sirs

    It has been more than 14 days since I first wrote to you (letter enclosed) bringing your attention to this matter and requesting a repayment of fees.

    I acknowledge your letter dated 10 March 2007, unfortunately, this letter does not acknowledge my request in principle or let me know a date by which I will receive payment and as such we are therefore no nearer resolving this matter.

    In view of this, and as I stated in my letter of 5 March 2007, I am sending you a letter before action. I hereby give you a further 14 days to consider my request. After this time, there will be no further communication from me and I shall issue a claim at the expiry of this second deadline.

    The total amount I am requesting to date and, which includes charges due on 7 April 07, totals £7260.64. Details of this amount were included in my original letter and its attachments (enclosed herewith for your information).

    I require repayment in full of this money. If you do not comply fully within 14 days then I shall begin a claim against you for the full amount plus my costs and without further notice.


    Furthermore, I shall submit a Consumer Credit Act 1974 complaint to the OFT upon the basis that you have failed to comply with the OFT's direction of 5 April 2006 and are therefore not a 'fit and proper person' to hold a consumer credit licence under the 1974 Act. If you do not understand what this means then seek advice from your legal department.

  13. What if I simply wait 14 days then even though I have stipulated 7 or I could write a further letter giving them another seven. Would my original letter (claim) still be valid?

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