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  1. thank you for your reply i suppose all i need is the law bit and i will get started where did you get the bit the it was unlawful etc?? ..
  2. blimey i just read your story i come on here thinking how am i going to get the bak charges of my basic abbey account... i went over drawn by 3 quid or something ages ago. now i have over 200 quid worth of charges on it. When i first got the charges i thought i had no rights to complain cus i knew they would charge, but i had made a mistake buying something on the net which put on a extra couple of quid for something or another but would have with in my funds had they not put on the last bit. anyway so i had about a 50 quid fine i thought well thats my mistake i'll pay it when i get extra cash to give to the bank then they out on more charges on top of that now theres no way i can pay it bank it's terrible i only went a couple of quid over drawn if i would have been happy to pay that bank straight away had they not put on all the stupid charges. where did you get you knowledge that the charges are unlawful etc please reply soon i see you have chating today
  3. Hello everyone i've just joined today heard about this through my bf and he suggested that i take a look because abbey is charging me almost 2 hundred quid for going over drawn by about 3 quid so i'm going to see if they can take of all the charges this would not have had happened if there had been a 10 pound buffer for basic account holders (i noted on this site something about that). Although i think they should do it for everyone. banks are horrible. Nationwide building society is the best i've been with them for years and they have been great. xxthank you nationwide, abbey arrhhh i'm going to use my consumer rights to sort this out, once i get my head round all site. xx anyone with any advice to make this clear, some one did mention that although charges are legal they are unlawful and can be seen as unreasonable in a court of law therefore banks settle out of court. does anyone know where on the site is that information? i haven't looked yet, thought i'd post this first just to say hi! I'm going to email everone i know and tell them about this. The site is a wonderful idea, internet is the age of free knowlegde sharing where will is all lead! Empowerment of you and I!!!!!!!!!
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