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  1. Got a letter from YB this morning with changes to "unauthorised overdraft" to "unplanned borrowing" Im not sure what theyre trying to do as the charges are still the same rates.
  2. Succinctly put GB So Jan The Judge will Judge or reallocate does that mean he has more to go on from you, with regard to judgment? I mean If he couldnt Judge before then whats changed? bit like an mechanic who cant mechanic Chin Up Jan,I know you have the strength to see this through.
  3. Youre welcome Jeanette I want you to be informed well read and a winner.
  4. Thats a long winded way of saying "eff off theres no way a consumer is going to investigate us"
  5. bobtail


    hmm Interesting I have asked for all my statements and got them after a while, they list the CCRP Ive sent an SAR for my agreement. Im thinking they need yet another letter to get the screenshot of the actual page where we/you ticked the PPI box.
  6. My Mortgage company doesnt charge me for sending out letters. Egg dont send out letters at all unless you ask for them (they charge) I think we can safely assume that banks dont charge you for sending letters out (YB havent sent me one in ages) Indeed how much must it cost them to send out all that junk mail with offers?
  7. I understand that but I dont want the document in the public eye.
  8. bobtail

    Bobtail V Egg

    I recieved my loan statements they are an excel spreadsheet on headed paper, no additional id numbers. Ive transcribed them into excel and the numbers dont add up. Suggestions please?
  9. I have a similar complaint but fear ridicule if its my bad maths Is there someone I could pm to send a copy of my statement to? My statements are for a loan and they are printed on headed papaer with no id mark as they usually do, the figures mathematically dont add up and theres monies on here with no explaination of what they are for.
  10. LOL thats a great letter Max I hope it works for you
  11. Ive just been on eggs site to try and get a loan (well I have one with them already and it has PPI on it) So I could find out the t&c. You get to a stage on the quote where you have to agree to PPI before you can goto the next stage. Is this lawful? You are forced into agreeing their t&c before finding out if you can even get a loan. Reading through the T&C I cant see anywhere it says you have a choice to choose your own insurance. It doesnt say how much it will pay out either. Im in the unfortunate position of being jobless and Ill and I cant claim for either reason. Ironically they quote that 2.4 million persons last years were sick or jobless yet it doesnt say that most were outside their eligability requirements anyway. IB doesnt qualify me for unemployed or illness. My mortgage insurance covered me is it unreasonable to expect loan and CC PPI to cover me too?
  12. bobtail

    Bobtail V Egg

    Thanks MM youre a gem. Ive received duplicate copies of my statements I must have shouted too loud and scared them Anyway The help I need is, when i first took the card out Jan 02 I was paying plain old interest at 1.093 per month even though I was purchasing goods with it. Then in Oct 04 I started being charged merchandise interest at 1.313 pm and cash int at 1.736 pm. Ive no recollection of ever being informed of any changes and am wondering if anyone has noticed this change?
  13. Banks are exempt from VAT they should have to pay VAT on all their purchases etc. This from the HoC gives an example of how they could get around the VAT issue House of Commons Standing Cttee on Delegated Legislation (pt 1)
  14. Good work guys It doesnt bode well for fair play in the bank case does it?
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