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  1. Just an update! I have now reported these guys to Trading Standards who have sent me a complaint form for the Office of Fair Trading, too. TS advised me to write a further letter to AA Finance advising them that they've been reported and that the next stage will be legal action. If anyone else is dealing with these people - report them! (sigh) southcoastgirl
  2. Should I give them a certain amount of time to comply? They would definitely have received the letter by now and I sent it recorded delivery. Surely their internal communications aren't that bad!
  3. I am SEETHING! I have put a 'choose to refuse' on calls to my landline from AA Finance and wrote to them on 17 May using a standard letter from this site requesting that they deal with me in writing and asking them to stop phoning. They are constantly calling me on my mobile now and I'm not answering. However, my 10 yr old just answered my phone and it was them. I referred them to my letter and said I can only deal with them by letter but they just keep repeating, parrot-fashion, "until you go through security checks and talk to us these calls will continue". They are calling me a
  4. Well thanks again, particularly to Powell and Sequenci (what a pair of brainboxes!) I'm not trying to deny that I owe these people money, just wondering whether the absence of CCA would give me leverage in requesting a freeze of interest. It's still early days for me and I'm struggling to understand some of this. I've just received from NDL my 'application' for DMP and confirmation of my budget (which I'd given them over the phone), but I was just wondering whether there was anything I should be careful about before I send everything off giving them authority to act on my behalf (ND
  5. Can someone (maybe Powell if you're lurking around!?) the advantage of asking for a CCA. I am about to do onto a DMP and have been reading some threads about asking for CCAs and trying to make sense of it all. If the credit card company can't come up with a copy of the original loan agreement what is the advantage for me? Can I use the lack of an agreement to negotiate for a reduction in the amount I have to repay? I'm presuming that once I go onto a DMP and give them the figures that are outstanding on my credit cards, that indicates that I 'accept' that particular level of indebtenes
  6. Thanks, Sequenti, But what is a charging order? Does that mean they could make me sell my house and pay them out of the equity. Wouldn't that make me intentionally homeless? Am confused... Thanks Southcoastgirl
  7. Can anyone help with an answer to this? If a creditor won't freeze interest/accept low payments on a DMP and you can't come to an agreement about this, I understand there are some advantages to being takem to court instead. Is that because a judge would insist (or recommend) the interest was frozen? Thanks southcoastgirl:???:
  8. Thanks for your encouraging words. It's a mad old world, isn't it? I just got my credit card statement from Abbey showing payment due £148, estimated interest next month £143. In other words I'm paying £5 towards my debt. I bet if I offered to pay them a fiver a month on a DMP they'd say it wasn't enough! It just goes to show they just want to fleece you with the interest and don't seem that interested in getting the initial debt repaid. In the same post was a letter - also from Abbey CC - saying they noticed I'd cancelled my DD and were charging me a 'non-payment fee'. So far they'
  9. Hi, I'm really sorry to hear that these people are refusing to stop charging interest and late payment fees. That's a shocker! All that is going to achieve is a rapid escalation in your debt. How appalling. I think you should listen to Powell's advice on this. I'm sure any judge would set a much more reasonable payment that wouldn't allow penalty charges, etc. I'd be really interested to hear how things go because I'm about to go onto a DMP via the National Debtline and while they said they can't guarantee that the credit card companies will freeze interest, they said they 'usually'
  10. Hi Everyone, The answer to this is probably somewhere on this forum but I couldn't find it in my trawl through the FAQs, so hopefully someone can help. Following the OFT's ruling and suggestion that £12 max could be imposed as penalty for credit cards, are still people claiming their credit card charges back? I have a number of £12 charges on one of my credit cards and given my dire finances would love to claim them back, but most of the postings on this site seem focussed on bank charges (of which I also have plenty and will claim!). Are people still claiming for and winning
  11. Ha ha! I hope you're right. Also I do get a chance to do some overtime at work occasionally and Nat Debtline said not to include that as income - as it isn't regular - but I will be able to make occasional overpayments. Also, hoping to get a pay rise in the next ten years! ;-)
  12. Thanks Everyone, I spoke to National Debtline again today and they told me I'd be going with Payplan for my DMP. Should be able to give them my budget figures tomorrow. To say I'm looking forward to doing this probably sounds a bit bizarre (!) but I AM looking forward to no harrassment, robbing Peter to pay Paul, etc. I should be debt free in 29 years! :grin:
  13. Thanks to both of you for you quick and helpful replies. I'm going to write to them today. I've made two verbal requests already, particularly objecting to being asked to provide security details (mother's maiden name etc) when they are calling me. I could understand it if I was calling them, but to be cold-called and then asked to provide identifying information seems a bit back-to-front to me! Thanks again,
  14. Go to National Debtline's website (just Google it) and download their information pack, or give them a ring. It's brilliant and it's FREE! They can advise you about debt management plans that don't cost you a percentage!
  15. Hi Y'All, I am receiving around 10-12 calls a day from AA Finance - which I think is part of the Bank of Scotland - as my direct debit bounced last month. Their callers ring me from 8.30 a.m. until around 8.30 p.m. and have advised me that they won't stop until I tell them when I will pay them. I am hopefully about to go onto a DMP and have just sent out my letters to hold action. When I rang AA Finance to get their address I was told I should talk to them on the phone, as they "don't respond to letters". They said all they'll do if they get a letter from me is write to me and ask me
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