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  1. or raise a summary cause action which allow £1500 + interest and a small claim for £750 plus interest
  2. hi there if it gets to the court stage then you would need to raise SUMMARY CAUSE actions with them...these are a maximum of 1500 without interest, so you would need 2 of them. thankfully i didnt need to do that , they settled in full before i had filed good luck, also it may be worth your while looking in the Scotland forum in here for further info
  3. i was pretty lucky , i was ready to do 2 or 3 claims thru court but it didnt get to that stage thankfully. good luck which ever way you proceed
  4. hiya if you can hold till the court date they may offer the full amount plus interest and costs , i accepted mine without interest just to get it settled and in my bank quickly. But then again i didnt have the expense of taking them to court...... depends on your individual circumstances i guess Its your call, give them a phone and see if they will up some more or even clear pending charges as well. worth a quick call if nothing else
  5. I would go ahead and present your court papers, however i would personally not try for 21.26%, i think the statutory amount that people have been getting is 8% at the court stage. Add any extra charges since you started the action should be added. Im fairly new to all this but this is how i would proceed. Hope this helps this is only my opinion, its your claim, you follow your instincts !
  6. almost exactly same conversation i had with them.....they agreed to all mine after i said i was willing to go the whole way
  7. i forgot to mention, apart from initial letter which i posted, every other bit of correspondance has been via email, with copies being sent to chief exec at same time, i dont know of this helped push them into action or not. [email protected] [email protected] these are the 2 emails i sent to
  8. hi claire i copy and pasted the templates and filled in the gaps
  9. Received offer letter today for £1423....along with name and phone number to call if this didnt resolve my complaint. I called them and told them it didnt resolve it at all. After rubbish lecture about managing my account and advising me the unlawful ruling only applies to credit cards and as a goodwill gesture they would raise my offer to 2100, again i said thanks but no thanks. He then agreed to pay the full amount of £2751, so ammended my ofer letter to say new amount and its in post back to them. I wont celebrate till its in the bank though, but i think i have won :D Hang in there everybody
  10. I gave them a call, they gave me the usual rubbish about "gesture of goodwill" its only credit cards that are unlawful, were being nice to you...blah blah blah. I refused 1423 he then upped it to 2100 , again I refused then after i said look forget it, i have papers read for court "i can wait" he then offered ,me full amount. Letter of acceptence amended to show new amount and now been posted....wont count my chickens though until its in the bank But it appears its a result for me :D
  11. I was due to start court proceedings yesterday, but due to other commitments didnt get round to it, however, I just received an offer thru the post of £1423 my claim is for £2751 plus interest @8% £528.04 I have name and phone number of person who made offer (amanda duncan, review manager, customer relations 01422 326535) My question is shall i call her to accept part payment but inform i will be pursuing remainder thru court or just send a letter Any advice would be great
  12. thank you i was due to raise action today but didnt get a chance.....my daughter took a call this morning from someone at bank, she said i was in bed could she take a number/name and i would call back, they gave name but no number and said they will write to me!!!! I am so mad for missing the call, but we shall see what comes in the post before i start court action
  13. i am raising 2 over the next few days , if in doubt phone your local sherrif court and ask for advice, they will tell you
  14. dont give up....you will nee to raise Summary causes agianst them as opposed to small claims. each summary cause is up to max £1500 without interest so you will need to raise 3
  15. looking for a bit of help with my spreadsheet.....thisis how the bottom of it looks, im just a bit confused why there is a blank space for the interest £2,751.00 £527.42 TOTAL CLAIMED AT DATE OF SERVICE: £3,278.42 JUDICIAL INTEREST AT CURRENT RATE OF 8% £0.00 TOTAL CLAIMED AT DATE OF JUDGEMENT OR PAYMENT £3,278.42 can anyone help with the formula needed in the judicial interest column. thank you
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