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  1. No! I decided to go with the company to do it instead but will let you know what comes of it. Good luck!
  2. THANKS EVERYONE. I hadnt even thought of a warranty on a 300quid car!!! Was just wondering if it was right or not!! I will get the exhaust welded back on, the car is a heap of **** but the exhaust falling off did not even look like it had been on, just sat on with the rubber bungs underneath! Anyhow, am selling it on so hopefully it will be uptogether by this time!
  3. We had both cars off the road so needed something for a week without buying a hire car etc. We bought an old cavalier for £300 had no tax but an 11 months MOT. sO TAX IT AND THEN a week later the exhaust fell off. I mean the end piece (not sure of name as I dont do cars!) and it wasnt rusted off it was just hanging there. Any advice on whether I should consult the MOT place? And what I should quote? lol Its sort of funny but am worried about it being dodgy...Any advice please!
  4. tHANKS i WAS LOOKING THERE ANYHOW, i UNDERSTAND FROM READING OTHER THREADS THAT i Dont claim interest until it comes to court, so will claim for od interest charges and others but leave the 8% charges till court time. Tell me if I am wrong!
  5. Bit confused, have been reading about interest charges etc and claiming them back, although mine are pretty simple and I have been charged interest most months for my overdraft, is this what I claim back or do I work out something else and forget those charges?
  6. yeah definately I am pleased I am doing it this way instead now
  7. Wicked! Good Luck!:grin:
  8. I have just under £2000 to claim back from the past 6 years so am sending off my pre letter and fingers crossed!
  9. Thanks for that, I read through your posts so I may be contacting u again, u are a lil bit ahead of me (obviously) but seem to be doing similar stuff, (looking at companies etc and then changing your mind!) I am sending it off today!
  10. I have all my bank statements from the past 6 years, but is it better to apply for copies from the bank anyway? The letter gives them an idea of what you intend to do and I am worried I would be going about it the wrong way if I didnt start there. Any help?!! Thanks
  11. I sent the letter off yesterday and only found you lot today, so I have emailed the company and asked for them to disregard the letter and I will do it the CAG way!! Thanks all! I actually looked what I was owed and if I work out the 25% they want off for fees it would end up a small amount!
  12. I know, Thanks for your advice, In my mind I havent the time or patience to be dealing with this and was'nt going to pursue them anyway, but after seeing this thought it wouldnt hurt to try. I am willing to forgo the fee, and they dont ask for anything up front, Now I just sound lazy! Anyway, I will keep you all updated as to my outcome!
  13. Has anyone heard of these? I have decided to go with them as I have 3 kids and no time! Anyone else used them? And I wasnt going to bother so anytrhings a bonus right?
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