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  1. No probs Change-It, and thanks both, im soo happy its finished before it really began! and, thanks to EVERYONE who supports this site!
  2. i sent the prelim letter and the spreadsheet of charges from the template section.
  3. Just got a phone call from the Halifax, offered me £1500 of the £2069 i was claiming.. I asked them to up it to £1800 and they agreed! I didnt even get round to sending the LBA due to other reasons! I know i could of waited for the extra £269 but im very happy with £1800! Excellent, thanks guys i couldnt of done it without you all! My Kindest Thanks Shadey
  4. Well the 14 days are up from the prelim so sending the LBA tommorow, wish me luck guys
  5. Thanks George Not sure what you mean about the "statute barred" thing mate can you explain?
  6. Hi guys Got my halifax credit card statements today, charges come to £820. Couple of questions if thats ok.. 1) Shall i wait until i have finished with my bank account before starting this card 2) I used to have another halifax card a year or so again, closed now, shall i get the statements for that card and do these together? Thanks guys!
  7. Hi Guys Im new to this site, think the support is amazing! Today i sent my pre lim letter by special delivery to Trinity Road, for the tune of £2069! Im amazed at how much charges they have put on my account over the 6 years! I have just realised i made a slight mistake where i forgot to remove the 8% interest column on the "simple" spreadsheet, which is around £500. :/ In the prelim letter though i only demanded £2069 Do you think this will matter, or hurt my case?
  8. Hi Guys I have a few old settled cards with halifax, went to the branch the other day and asked what my account numbers were, he said i had LOTS! I think got (a) account number for the platinum, and obviosally have the account number for my other active active card Made me realise that when you get replacement cards they have "new" account numbers on.. this must be why i had so many listed with halifax..? So, when sending my SAR, if i send the account number for the platinum, will they send statements for the whole period of that account, or simply when the account number matches the account number i send them (until the card was changed etc) Sorry for the silly questions, just dont want to mess this up! Thanks guys!
  9. To be sure halifax cant threaten to close down any of my accounts i have been busy getting credit elsewhere. I got a 0% interest free for 13 months from virgin, which will close down the credit card im claiming against (and hopefully will pay off with claims) Also followed advice on moneysavingexpert.com and opened a current account with Alliance & Lecester, scored myself a 0% overdraft for 12 months, and 6.10% AER on credit They will match my overdraft, so bye bye halifax current account, savings account and overdraft Just leaves a £9000 loan with halifax, Alliance and leicester wanted me to apply for that too, but i see it uses rule of 78 for paying off interest which i dont like.. but i would save about £700 by swapping (if i get there typical APR which i probably woundnt) Once my links with halifax are gone i have nothing to loose, muwha!
  10. Popped into my branch today and got them to send out 6 years of current account statements for £5!! should have them in a few days! like i say above im not sure whether i want to claim on my current account due to my needed overdraft and loan ;/
  11. Thanks Harry After reading alot of other threads i think i know what to do now, but im still unsure what halifax could do to my other accounts as listed above, also what they may do to the card im claiming on itself, im just a little paranoid, thanks!
  12. Also, im dont want to loose my current account, personal loan, overdraft with Halifax, will this be effected? Ta!
  13. Hi guys Im new to this excellent forum and have a few questions regarding my intended claims I have had two halifax credit cards in the past 6 years which have at some points accumilated alot of charges. One is closed now. Im currently in the process of waiting for my statements to arrive on the active card so can tot up the charges, i understand i can add all "late payment" and "overlimit charge" charges and work out the interest on those charges? I have also got some "missed payments" notices on my credit file, some of which may be related to charges taking me over my limit, some were simply missed payments, im going to try and work out what happened for each default and try to appeal them? Also, im worried what they may do about my active credit card.. will they close mine down and demand the outstanding balance? Hopefully ill get enough to close it down anyway, but if im short..? Thanks guys!
  14. Yes ive made a start now, i convinced them to send me the statements for a £10 after i mentioned the DPA act, i realise they didnt have to but im obviousally a sweet talker! 14 days for the statements...
  15. Looks like Halifax Credit Cards have put in massive charges for backdated statements, i wonder why? Cant remember extactly how it worked out but it was £5 for the first 5 then xxx afterwards, ended up being £100 I realise if i sent a letter to their DPA office it would only cost a tenner, but also 40 days, so its interesting to see what the banks are doing now to slow us down by getting the statements the old fashioned way! If i had paid that (which i didnt) i would of claimed those charges back too as £100 is riduclous!
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