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  1. Oh cheers, there goes my plan to bundle it up. Guess this means another whole seperate claiming back process. Good thing I've got this site in my corner.
  2. Thanks guys, I guess I have to eat humble pie and give them a call. Aren't Credit Cards "allowed" to charge £12? At least as far as the last review.
  3. Hie, I started my claim with Halifax for £121. What they charged me was £97 but as a direct result of that I was charged £12 x 2 by my Credit Card for failed DD and for late payment hence I was claiming it as well and gave my reasons. My problem now is Halifax called me and offered just the £97 and refused to pay the £24. I had to think quickly so I declined and said I wanted all of my claim or I will see them in court which will cost them more hoping to persuade her, unfortunately she stood her ground. Now my concern is do I have a leg to stand on if I continue to go to court? Help please I don't want to pursue the court thing if it means I will end up losing even the £97 as well as court fees.
  4. Thanks T4FF, I have sent them another letter asking for a complete SAR. Testing my patience, I guess I just have to breathe in breathe out. It's comforting though to know I'm not the only one they're trying to put off in this way. I'll hang in there.
  5. Oops, just found the reply which T4FF wrote for dizzy on another thread. Turns out I really did not need to reply after all cause T4FF's reply seems pretty exhaustive. Ah well, sorry T4FF, I didn't realise. dizzy if you haven't seen it, I suggest you go back to your initial thread prior to this one it's quite helpful with regards to your questions.
  6. dizzy, I am not well informed as to your direct question, however I read an article The Monthly Newsletter from this site sent to my email saying Alliance & Leicester were charged by the FOS for "retaliatory account closure" so maybe it's worth letting the RBS know about it if they intend to close your account. I'm not sure if this has been tried before, just a thought.
  7. Thanks Advoc8 I've had a look and I shall be using the 1st template tomorrow. Did they really think I would just say ah well and let it go? Well they've got another thing coming.
  8. I am seething as I write this. I closed my RBS student account 3 or 4 years ago after they repeatedly charged me for having 20pence in my account. As I was no longer using the account at the time and had moved I only discovered it after about £200 or more worth of default charges. I paid everything and closed the account. Since the increased publicity of reclaiming charges I decided to take them on. After my 1st letter of SAR requesting fully comprehensive data to my former branch I got a reply saying I needed to give them more info regarding when the account was opened and closed. I wrote back saying I was not sure but estimate between 2001 and 2003 also included a copy of my old statement. Today I received a whole bunch of statements EXCEPT for those towards the closure of my account which of course have all the default charges! There is no accompanying letter just a bunch of statements I don't really need. They're getting a letter from me, my God how many one pounds do I have to spend before I get relevant statements. Can I just start claiming on estimation grounds?
  9. louis wu, Thanks, far from taking your advice as a lecture I will take it as confirmation that I've got everything at par. I did a lot of reading for about a month now and fortunately I've got all my Halifax statements so I don't have to spend another £10 for SAR with them just the RBS ones I haven't got. nottsman In addition to what louis has said, firstly I'd like to reiterate that getting a good grasp of the whole process before hand is important and you can do that by snooping around this very helpful site. Secondly I was told also by the Halifax complaints department that they have maximum 8 weeks to deal with a case so I guess that's true. As for closing accounts many banks have been/ are closing accounts once you start "causing trouble" however I just read an article on this site that A&L were charged by the FOS for "retaliatory account closure" hopefully this will be like a lesson to all other banks I certainly plan on throwing this in the mix if Halifax choose to intimidate me for exercising my right to complain. Good luck with your claim I'm off to the respective bank forums, hope to see you at the Halifax one.
  10. Hello, I'm new here thought I would come and share my story. I had a Regular Savings account with Halifax and because of a slight mishap one month missed my Direct Debit. I was charged £30 after 7 days and thought that was the end of it and although it hurt (after all the whole point of opening a Savings A/C is to make a little bit of interest rather than losing out) I had no intentions of pursuing this. Mind you this was the 1st time I'd incurred a charge with this bank in 6 years so I didn't know how it works. By the end of the month I'd worked out exactly how much money was supposed to go out for my rent and bills which I also pay by Direct Debit leaving only a surplus of 10p. I was therefore shocked upon checking my account on the internet on the 3rd and finding I was in the red! I was sure there must be a mistake. Immediately I went to my branch to find out and one staff member said yes that's our policy the £30 was for failed Direct Debit and the £28 was for unauthorized overdraft! To say I was livid is an understatement but there was more to come. The £28 they'd taken was supposed to be Direct Debit for my Credit Card bill, so for that I was charged £12 for late payment and £12 for failed Direct Debit. Lastly I was charged £39 for being in the red! Seriously! in the end I was charged a total of £121! I know it's not a lot compared to what other people have been charged but the Savings A/C which started all this was going to get me an interest of £91 at the end of the year, hardly worth it. Anyway the good thing is I'm now pursuing them to give me back every penny, I sent the 1st letter which they ignored and sent the Letter Before Action which they replied to immediately saying they have now sent my case to complaints department. The story doesn't end here though. When the said Savings A/C reached it's anniversary they paid the money into a closed account, their mistake not mine. I checked on the internet hoping to find my lumpsum in the nominated A/C only to find £0.00 and the Savings A/C itself also said £0.00, I was confused so I couldn't wait for 9am Monday to give them a call. When I did I kept being bumped off from one person to another, They couldn't trace my money! I had to call 3 times that day only to be told they will only be able to find out where the money had been transferred to the next day. I told the lady that I was not happy because I couldn't meet my commitments and it was going to cost me in charges (which really was not true but I had to give them a taste of their medicine). So I made an official complaint about it and after 3 weeks I recieved a call from a Customer Relations Manager telling me he could only apologize to which I said sorry's not going to cut it you charged me for late payment I'm also charging you for late payment. He offered me £20 I turned him down, up to £25 again I said no and his final offer was £50 which I accepted but I'm yet to see it in my account (this was on 23 Feb), I'll give them a week before I start nagging again. I'm worried though how this might affect my claim for my £121, but I believe they are 2 different matters albeit steming from the one account, we'll see how it goes. Have sent SAR to RBS for an account which I closed 4 years ago in a fit of rage when they charged me approximately £200 for keeping 20p in my Student A/C. Apparently I had to keep a minimum of £5. It's all in the small print they said when I went to inquire about the ridiculous charges. I have to apologize for this long post (possibly too long) but I figured since the space keeps stretching I might as well spill my guts and this being my 1st post as well.
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