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  1. got my dosh checked my acc this morning and full amount paid from triton sq thanks everybody
  2. thank you mickyn think i will phone them tommorow and will proceed with the court if the funds do not appeare by thurs eve all the best and good luck goodad
  3. hi i have a prelimanry court date (allocated 10 minutes) for fri 27/7/07 abbey have sent me a letter dated 18/07/07 that they are informing the court that they are settling my matter in full £1000 & court fees etc and they will be asking the court to withdraw the claim from the hearing list and and are raising a cheque for the amount and it will be paid into my account or posted to me, would i once i have received payment inform the court that i am withdrawing my claim and provide a copy of my letter to abbey, my question is i have not received payment yet should i cancel the court date and hope abbey pay up or continue with the court hearing phone abbey and inform them of what i am doing. thanks in advance goodad
  4. hi lisa i used the cag zip file from the bank templates bellow http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/33060-basic-court-bundle.html
  5. FOR THE UTCCR,UCTA+SOGA i reduced the font from 14 to 10 and this reduced the 40 pages to 30 i also printed the banks and mine in draft mode and is still quite legible (i'm sure they have the odd copy lying around) this is considerably quicker and saves a lot of ink,although i did do the judges copy in text mode just in case, if anybody thinks this is not acceptable please let me know
  6. good idea will send a letter in the morning, i don't have much time now to get my bundle in but the fact that i requested a breakdown will suffice (i don't expect they will send a full breakdown by express post ) i used to have a username of halfbrain i think i might revert to it thanks
  7. hi all, i'm getting my court bundle together and reading through paragraph 9 of the statement of evidence i can not find any reference in my letters actualy asking for information regarding their adminastration cost break down etc, if chalenged I have no proof wouldyou recomend me deleting para 9 or can somebody come up with different wording not so specific the closest i come to questioning their cost in my letters is (i believe these default charges are unfair and not proportionate to your costs) thanks. 9. The defendant has declined to answer the Claimant’s written requests for information regarding its administrative costs, or other such costs, incurred as a result of the contractual breaches from which its charges arise. Further, the Defendant has declined to offer any explanation whatsoever in regard of how its charges are calculated, or any other such justification thereof, despite repeated requests to do so.
  8. Thanks I think i will go for it then
  9. HI EVERYBODY I A HAVE A PRELIMANRY COURT DATE for the 27/07/2007 againt abbey i have claimed charges going further than the six years allowed on my schedual of charges.I have not made any mention of the limitations act on my schedual of charges nor on my particulars of claim abbeys solicitors say they will defend any claim beyond 6 yrs my questions are 1. can i claim on my statement of evidence quoting the s.32 (abc) sections adding some case law 2.should i reduce my claim to 6 yrs to be safe 3.could the judge strike out my claim because it is not set out correctly or would i be told to reduce my claim to within the six year limit (this would cost £200 on a £900 claim) thanks for any info
  10. for the life of me i can not find how to start a new thread on this site someone please advise i feel so fik cheers goodad
  11. hi reka could i have a copy of your 1998 abbey t+c thanks
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