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  1. update update please have alook the girl that left him claims there is no man involved I called by her new address and there is a car in the drive way turns out it is her Boss neibour says its there most nights stays over how can we prove to the court that he lives there as she seems to have all the bills in her name bar the elec that is in his name she claims she is renting the house off him and is landlord not lover as far as the split goes she sold het own home and put app 20k into the house with my mate she and him both got a remortgage together JOINT
  2. yes I sent a mail to watchdog late last night have had no reply as yet thank you
  3. No need for a DNA TEST this poor chap is in a wheel chair and cant make babies like most of us the little Daughter that he loves so much cost him 10K so in other words he had to pay for his own daughter also note payment came out of his bank account not hers nor joint HIS he has the statments to prove it She in other words sold her body as a machine to give him what he always wanted then tried to bleed him dry they got alot work done on the house and remortgaged she said she wanted on the deeds of the house for her security...HE ALLOWED THIS in my words to
  4. The house was sold to a private first time buyer if you talking about the con man he owns his own house paid for by me and all the other poor people he left homeless Thanks again
  5. many thanks for the reply ok first they got engaged but never married. second it was a disabled car he had between the two off them she took it and he had to pay her cash for his half so got it back...even tho she crash the rear end into a wall... The child is def his and he is head over heals mad about his wee daughter as most fathers would be. this is breaking his heart and also going to leave him homeless...there is got to some way around this.....we know there is another man involved any more info needed I be happy topass it on to try help this man in need you j
  6. Hi all Not sure if this is in the right place...if not please move ...CHEERS if so please correct me Ok me looking advice to help a friend in need My mate is in a wheelchair paralised from the neck down he had a blind date with a girl who was a friend from his work. they went out for a few drinks on several occations and seemed to get on well.... she called him late one night and told him that her lodger had walked in on her she was affraid.... he told her to relax and come over she could stay there so she moved in...YES ODD he owns his own hom
  7. Ok first of all THANK YOU SO MUCH TO ALL THAT HAS TAKEN THE TIME TO READ AND HELP ME, sorry for posting names...I am new to the site and thought I was allowed to name and shame this man my mistake can the person who posted that they think they seen this chap on TV please give me more info I have all the details needed I done all my own PI work he lives st the same address that his so called office is based I made calls to ?????????? and they confirmed that this man had 11 different comapny names logged with them...they also made the point that it was odd
  8. many thanks yes I have an address for him I will also give you him web address so you can have alook He is still trading and making people homeless everyday any info you need just ask I happy to help you help me web address is [edit] please nore changed company name again Moderator note : Links to external commercial websites are not permitted on this forum unless expressly authorised by Bankfodder or Dave
  9. Not sure if this is the right place to post several years back I lost my job got into a bit of debt got a securied loan on the house fell in arrears with th payment as well as my Mortgage I was paying the loan company off extra to keep them from taking my home...as well as getting a stay on the property Now this is where it all when tits up A bloke called edited sent me a letter seen me in stubs gazette I can help you I can get you to keep you home etc told us he would remortgage us or buy the house for cash all lies he took £500 quid off us that we did n
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