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  1. Nice one Steven. I will sort that out posthaste. Let you know what the outcome is.
  2. I have had a goodwill offer on 3 occasions since June 2007, and accepted each time, on the form supplied, as requested. Problem is, i still haven't received either confirmation or refund & my outstanding debt to Natwest is being chased by a collection company. Any one had a similiar experience? Hope someone can help.
  3. San, Depending on what type of deadline was in your last letter (if you sent one), then just go for the court option. I collected my N1 forms today. I'll fill them in over the next couple of days (online) and state my case for cheque payment. I'm even prepared to waiver the 8% if that helps towards a victory against the T*** West. Common sense tells me the smell of victory is about to perminate my nostrils.....
  4. Nice one Steven. I'll keep you informed.
  5. Scrap that last post folks!! I've checked back and i've given them until today (20/06/07) to resolve the matter and then it's Court time. If i've got the process wrong, please advise. If not, i'm off to sort it out tomorrow. Keep the faith & however much you sweat, you can always change your clothes....
  6. Update & Advice time I've decided to reject the T**t West offer and proceed with the claim, to include the interest charges owed & the additional 8%. I've already emailed them with regards to the settlement amount being issued in the form of a cheque & the response, after waiting a week, was the most patronising page full of bile i have ever read! Question: Do i send the LBA letter now, or do i proceed with the County Court Claim? Help, my heads that full it may just burst!!!! San, bite that bullet!!! it's what exactly what i'm about to do!!!
  7. Cheers Steven. Just A Tad Unsure Of The Term. Just A Breakdown/split Between The Charges & The Interest Claimed. Nice One. I'm Going To Get Some Tea And Then Sort Out The Rest Of This With A Full Stomach. Much Appreciated Mate. Seeward
  8. Steven, What is the 'Schedule' refered to on the N1 claims form? Is it just the braek down of the charges & interest? Please advise mate. Seeward
  9. Update time. Spoke to family & close friends about the situation, and after getting such sterling advice from this Forum, have decided to take the matter to the next stage. Will keep you informed about the outcome. Thanks again for the support. Speak soon.
  10. Nice one steven. I know mate that the options are as laid out. I'll ponder over them for the next 24 hours and keep you all informed. Top advice all round from this forum. Helping to keep me sane!!!!
  11. Cheers Hedgey. I'm going to see if anyone advises otherwise. Ponder the choices and go from there. I've got a good idea of what action to take but my heads full at the min. T**t West are in there somewhere!!!!!
  12. Rang Natwest today to clarify position. They confirmed that the settlement figure can only be deposited into my account. Account is still open, pending clearing of outstanding amount. As much as i want to clear the debt, i am loathe to give the Natwest money back after all the heartrache they've caused in the first place. Any advice? Court and 8% or bite the bullet and clear my debt?
  13. The point at which the offer was made is before the court case. I have e-mailed customer relations with a request for a cheque. All i can do is wait for the reply. No mention of my outstanding debt with them is mentioned in their letter.
  14. Hello to all. This is my first post & it's after a successful claim against the Natwest (£4167.30). Offer letter arived 9/6/07. Need advice though. Can i request that they send a cheque for the amount? My account is closed and i am paying outstanding amounts to a debt collection agency. Any thoughts on the matter would be greatly appreciated.
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