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  1. Can anyone explain to me if i can reclaim £1950 back from the abbey,i have a statement from them in 2001 when i moved house, i was already with the abbey but needed a larger mortgage when i moved. they charged me £1851.16p interest £1935.00p penalty related charge its the penalty charge that really bothers me as i was already with the abbey befor i moved and stayed with them when i applied for a larger mortgage,& "still with them",anyone know if i can get this penalty related charge back ?
  2. good idea!!! now they have sought of admitted taking unauthorised money from my account..in the way of adding on an additions to my account...and by paying me a small percentage back..i will be asking for this compound intrest cheers"
  3. i have just been offered a settlement of £141 from barclays for them adding on additions without my consent...could i get more as this additions goes back to 1998..they say that i should have known from my statements in the past ...but i rarely looked into them..as it only had account fee on...never relised wot this was until i enquired back in jan 2007 any advice appreciated
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