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  1. Hi Guys Wonder if you can help with this one... My other half works as a roofer on a PAYE basis for a large company. He gets an allowance every week of about £15 for travel. He works an hour away and has been on the same site for the past six months. Now that the work has been moved to a site two hours away - we have a problem. This equates to £160 mile round trip or 800 miles for a 5 day week. total £95 per week petrol based on 115.9 per gallon petrol costs. What I am wondering is - is the company liable to cover this cost?
  2. Sorry, my fault. Car was bought in March 2007 and warranty ran out end of March 2008.
  3. Hi All I bought a Vauxhall Meriva from a dealer in March 2006. It came with a year's warranty as standard. However, a couple of months after buying it the car started to judder when driving it and cutting out. I took it back to the garage who repaired it under warranty. About six months later the same thing happened. Again the garage fixed this under warranty. However last week the problem has started again. The car is actually cutting out and has done so on a dual carriage way with my baby son in the back, and seems very dangerous. The problem is the car's warranty ran out last month. However as it appears that it is the same problem, should they repair it and should their work be guaranteed?
  4. Did they say why it had been cancelled? As you said, it is fair for them to charge if you don't turn up, but if they are not providing the service - why are they charging? Strange!
  5. Good idea - but then we are not technically adhering to the £40 a month scenario even though we have no confirmation it has been accepted?
  6. Hi Guys Hope you can help with this one! My partner has been dealing with iQOR regarding a £5K debt from the CSA. They have sent a letter demanding full amount. We in turn sent a letter asking them to accept £40 a month with a breakdown of our expenses about a month ago. They have started chasing him for money demanding full amount. He eventually spoke to a supervisor who said they would accept the £40 a month although he missed a payment??? and took his debit card details. He phoned again this morning as we have not received written confirmation of our agreement, nor have we given them bank details to set up the standing order. They have told him that they will take the money on the 20th of the month using the credit card details we previously provided. Are they allowed to retain these details and can they technically take what they want? They have also told him that they don't have to write to him accepting the £40 pound offer as it is still ok. Is this also not worrying that we have no written confirmation of the agreement? Sorry its a long one, hope you can help.
  7. I used to work for an employment agency which in turn started up its own composite company and rolled it out to all employees without giving them the option. Basically it is much cheaper for an agy to use a composite company. They do not have to pay holiday pay, employers ni etc and even the payroll cost is absorbed by the composite company. Did your friend do exactly the same job as you did with the same company at the same location? You need to ensure you have all the facts and figures to hand as it will be very hard to prove. PM me with the company details and the composite company name and I will see if I can get further info.
  8. This is a standard letter which most of us have received which is designed to make you give up and walk away. Please don't - you will get your money back. Carry on with the process! Good Luck!
  9. Acas - Redundancy A link relating to redundancy
  10. The way it works in our company is that they have a one on one meeting with you and put you at threat of a redundancy. This is a one month consultation period during which time your manager should be regularly meeting you, giving you lists of current vacancies etc. At the end of that period if you are still at threat of redundancy then you will be made redundant.
  11. I have submitted my claim with the small claims court in Northern Ireland for my second claim against Halifax. They have to respond by 17th July. I have not had a response from them at all this time, other than the one where they will respond within 8 weeks which has long since passed. Should I be contacting them to ensure that they have received it? And if so who should I contact? I am concerned that they will say they haven't received it, despite me sending them copies of the spreadsheets with the case details via email. Thanks
  12. You need to phone them up and tell them the date and confirm the conversation you had confirming receipt of the holiday form. I am sure they are aware he is on holiday - it would show on their computer programme. I think this is unlawful as they legally have to pay you holiday pay. Insist on a CHAPS transer (the money will hit your account today) and tell them that they are operating outside of REC guidelines and you will make a formal complaint to both the REC and ACAS.
  13. Never use PO BOx numbers. All correspondence should go to their registered offices as follows: Halifax plc Trinity Road Halifax HX1 2RG You do not need to mark it for anyone's attention. Ensure you get proof of postage.
  14. If you have completed the Prelim and LBA issue court summons. I have just issued at small claims court for the second time. Interesting times ahead!
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