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  1. I'm no expert, but the old card number has been blocked, making payments on that card impossible. The new card details will be different to the old one. There should be no way the new card has been compromised (unless the fraudster got to your new card before you did). Abbey have a duty of care once the fraud has been reported.
  2. Had a letter from AN cancelling my overdraft. This has now put me a month behind with my mortgage with another load of dd's bounced (for which they'll probably charge)!!! Would this be grounds to get the stay on my case lifted on "undue hardship" grounds????
  3. Is it worth sending a CPR18 request with the test case still ongoing? I'm getting bored with all this waiting
  4. There is a template letter for accepting GOGW as a partial refund. If not, just write to the office that sent the letter accepting gogw as a partial refund, and that you will be proceeding with your claim as detailed in your LBA. Just take the GOGW off the latermost charges on your schedule. GOGW are a fob off at best.
  5. It is within the judges discretion to order the small claims route as your case is a matter of fact, not a matter of law. The judge is also fully aware that the banks are taking the pee out of the court process in order to frustrate claimants.
  6. Abbey have 2 weeks to re-submit their defence. Once they've complied i'm goona fire off the cpr request.
  7. New poc sent along with a fresh schedule of charges
  8. Would it also be too cheeky to sumbmit a CPR18 request as this POC nonsense has delayed track allocation?
  9. I've just edited the fuller POC's. The court already have a copy of my schedule, should i send another?
  10. No, District Judge Field at St Albans County Court
  11. IT IS ORDERED THAT 1. The claim be stayed as it makes no serious attempt to comply with CPR 16.4(1) by setting out a concise statement of the facts. (Stylised particulars do not contitute compliance). The claimant must amend or substitute its particulars of claim setting out the claimant's case in plain english by 4pm 27 June 2007 and in default, the claim be struck out without further notice. If the above order is complied with the defendant has permission to file and serve an amended defence in accordance with CPR 16.5 setting out its case in plain english. Dated 21 May 2007 Yep, it took them 3 weeks to send me this ruling !!!!!
  12. URGENT HELP NEEDED! I have had my case against Abbey stayed as the judge has ruled my MCOL particulars of claim make "no serious attempt to comply with CPR 16.4(1)". The one i used for MCOL was from this site with my details added. Any advice or help is greatly appreciated.
  13. BBC NEWS | Business | Judge warns 'unreasonable' banks Go read this
  14. I phoned the london bank charges team a couple of days ago. They have so many cases to deal with they are waiting until the last 7 days before the court date to attempt negotiation. The whole process does seem to drag on, I have been at this around the same amount of time and have just passed the AQ stage. Have faith and be patient, unless you already spent it
  15. Ignore their standard "4 week" letters. Choose your timetable and stick to it. Good luck
  16. I have claimed for just over £7k. Have got to the AQ sent and waiting for court date/directions stage. I'll let you know how it goes.
  17. Received Abbey's AQ. They have applied for a 1 month stay to enable further negotiation. They have had plenty of time to negotiate!! Would it be wrong of me to request the stay is removed due to their lack of sincere dialogue?
  18. AQ filed on 24th April. Should i wait for the court to order bundles, or send them anyway?
  19. Abbeys fiche printouts are very low rent. Try to get them photocopied before you go through them looking for charges.
  20. Received AQ. Just got to fill it in..... carefully. Is it usual for Abbey to maintain absolute silence until courts dates are issued?
  21. I also had the request for contact details. I put a comment in my reply to them about "not having access to the information in the schedule". I believe Abbey are using it as an inconvenience/stalling tactic. I suppose if they think they can make you work harder it will grind you down and make you terminate your claim or grow tired of the whole process. How nieve they are
  22. The MCOL court are moving my case to my local court. Does anybody know how long it takes for AQ to arrive?
  23. Abbey have filed a defence quite quickly. Their new in house bank charges office seems to be on the ball. The main jist of their defence is "we deny everything except providing the account in the first place". If any of the mods/admin want me to scan/pm the letter, let me know.
  24. Sent Abbey their schedule with this letter. Dear Sir/Madam, Further to your letter 19th March 2007. My account number is ****** ********. I have enclosed a schedule of charges as per your request. This schedule was formed at a time when I was still seeking clarity over a goodwill payment. The amount I am claiming has the goodwill payment removed as this payment was accepted as a partial refund only.This schedule also contains interest claimable on each charge under s.69 of the County Courts Act of 1984, at the rate of 8%. The amounts are correct at the time of claim, the total amount of interest will increase at the rate of £1.35 per day. I look forward to your response. Yours faithfully
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