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  1. They must be takeing the p¬¬¬¬¬¬¬s they seem to have got a bit cocky since all this "OFT" thing started up, they were on the run before that, now they are employing stalling tactics more and more. keep them at it dar£n, i'm sure you won't give up, they'll tire before you do i bet. best of luck mate.
  2. See you're slowly edging forward "Daz" (good job you're a patient man) they are moving along, but slowly makes you wonder who's side they're on at times?? keep up the good work mate, we're all keeping an eye for future reference. Good Luck.
  3. Well done dar3n, you're like a dog with a bone, surely they can't string it out much longer, they're going to get so fed up with you they'll end up begging you to take the money. keep up the good work mate i'm sure you'll win in the end.
  4. Well done dar£n, i can see we are all going to have this same problem, you are very good in pointing the way, so it seems from day one there is going to be aggro, at least with you pointing the way we will now what to expect. again well done mate.
  5. stay with it red71 you're nearly there, not long now untill you have the dosh in your hand, good luck for tomorrow.
  6. well done dar£n, I see you are still sorting them out, you certainly get the job done without question, nothing gets in your way that's for sure. you boys are certainly rattling a few cages now.
  7. Hi all, been indisposed for a few days, so trying to catch up on the news. it seems to be getting more and more of a problem just to get your statements these days, they seem to be pulling every delaying tactic in the book. stay with it Dar£n, i'm sure you'll win through in the end.
  8. Hi Caz, i'm sure you'll enjoy your break, and then it's back to claiming beyond 6y'rs, well at least you'll be all ready to go then so look out Bs, i'm hopeing to start my son's "beyond claim" tomorrow, well send the sar off anyway then wait and see what charges he has had taken off him prior to 2001, then we'll take it from there. anyway have a good break, see you when you get back. PS- don't foreget the ROCK.
  9. Morning "dar£n" i'm assuming you 're sending this letter instead of the "reminder" you would normally send?? Looks impressive, well done you, (they must be saying at Bs, "oh no not him again") following with a great deal of interest and wish you all the very best, thanks for keeping us all updated on your progress and also for shareing with us your knowledge in this field. it is much appreciated especially by me. Regards B.T.
  10. Thanks for that Micky, it's an obvious answer isn't it, it pays to have a legal functioning mind doesn't it, well done you, i'm just following "dar£n's" lead here, i'm thinking of claiming beyond 2001, so am just watching and seeing how it all works and picking up on things i don't quite understand.I might start ball rolling pretty soon actually, now i've got first one under my belt, so might see you all again soon. Regards B.T.
  11. dar£n, am i right in saying, it mentions on template letter No2 "Data Protection Act 1998" if you are claiming back further than this point say to 1995, shouldn't that part be replaced with the previous act. was it 1977 or something.
  12. Well done dar£n see you are still on tha ball. Watching and waiting. Regards B.T.
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