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  1. Sparkles JD - he was asked to have a meeting with his boss on Thursday whilst he was out on business, there was no indication of the nature or that it was more than an informal discussion about the department. He has received no paperwork or time scales. Their attitude is that it is a fait a compli, they were going to post the new job advert Friday before he had a chance to tell his team who are not due into the office on Monday. This has come out of the blue, he has managed the dept for 7 years, there has been no indication from either the stakeholders he deals with nor from his superiors that there has/have been any issues witht he dept or its running. No time scales have been put in place, and they seem not to try and seek his agreement but force it upom him. The new job description has a significant increase in workload. There are some very important training taking place in the next few weeks that up and till Friday would have been in his remit, though now due to this change is it still his responsibility. I think he feels that they are setting him up to fail, so that they can dismiss him and avoid any costs that would incur after 24 years of service etc. Bill - the company is not restructuring as such, just this single dept, my OH is the single person that is effected by this change. I think that the best way forward is to discuss this with ACAS, and gain a firm idea of what is the correct way of dealing with this, if as I fear they may try to dismiss him as the new job is almost untenable. Thank you all for your help SFx
  2. Hi there My husband was informed yesterday that it is to be demoted from a position as a supervisor that he has held for 7 years, due to restructuring of the department and that they will be employing a manager. He was told not to apply for this "new" position as he would not be considered. The new position has an increased work load. His salary will stay the same but his car "band" will decrease though this is part of his remuneration package. When he asked - " What if I decide not to take this job?" the reply was "You could always go for redundancy, which we will fight in court as the job offered is of a similar role." It has also been discussed within meeting prior to Friday and my husband had been informed that something was happening by a collegue, not his manager or HR. What are his rights he has been employed by them for over 23 years, this demotion through no fault of his or the standard of work will be acutely embarrassing and stressful. Thank you in advance SFx
  3. Thank you for your replies can we do a chargeback on these transactions as it has left us with no money what so ever? SFx
  4. My husband has run into difficulties with Wonga, the emailed him to say that his payment has bounced but it seems from internet banking that they have taken part of the payment - how do we go about getting this back, we have requested a repayment plan and I have sent a letter saying they are no longer authorised to take monies from his debit card - any other info greatly received and thank you in advance for your assistance. SFx
  5. Hi TT thank you so much for your quick reply - will call you tomorrow when, not so hectic with small peeps big peeps supper etc, afternoon OK SFx
  6. No returned the P&D ticket with the penalty notice as requested, hindsight is a wonderful thing, though the ticket is clearly visable curled up on the dash board SFx
  7. Just a thought does TEC hve to issue a warrent of Execttion and if so would either the bailiff or the LA have a date? The only date the LA have given are 2 up to the date of Order for Recover which was two months after the original supposed offence. SFx
  8. Hi guys A friend has just received a Jacobs Bailiff (yes certified) at the door enforcing a Parking Ticket. The PCN was issued in February, the pay and display ticket had curled up on the dash board. My friend called the council and was told to send i the P&D ticket with the PCN this was done. Nothing hs been heard from either the council or TEC until today. Best way forward plase, SFx
  9. I will highlight this thread to Tomtubby who is the whizz on these things SFx
  10. have you got business insurance and is the van sign written? I think and will search around that you can appeal the SOTD - someone with more knowledge of parking fies will be around soon SFx
  11. DON'T PANIC, so far you have done completely the right thing, he cannot and will not proceed with commital proceeding as it is not within his authority, it is only the council who can ask for that to happen. Are you able to pay the monies you are offering to your council online, it is generally possible to so, or even attend the council and pay at the payment counter ensuring that it goes against the correct years CT. Your car is "safe" as it is on HP and therefore does not actually belong to you, they may well try and clamp it or try and tow it so if possible keep it away from the house. It might be an idea to get a statutory decleration done regarding the belongings in your house just in case you need it at any time. So far your charges should be 24.00 for the first and 18.50 for the second, as they have not levied so far they cannot charge more than this. Best of luck and I am sure someone will be along with some more advice soon SFx
  12. Just a casual ob server, most angles seem to be well and truly covered these days!! The ship has steered a very steady course under your expert leadership!!! SFx
  13. TT - you media star!!! Thank god we have somebody intelligent and educated with these matters, will try and catch up with the 5live programme later this evening. SFx
  14. TT is your girl for this - I will email her and get her to look on this thread, everyone is correct the bailff cannot take what is yours, whatever they say. Take care Sfx
  15. My husband was in Germany this week and has been charged twice for a taxi ride from Baden-Baden to Frankfurt, it cost £350! The machine in the cab broke down during the first transaction and the gentleman put it through again. The taxi company phoned my husband and told him it had gone through twice and that they would refund the payment. However, it has not gone back in though Barclays said they would reverse it yesterday and it would be in the account by close of pay last night. How do we go about doing a chargeback, how long does it take etc. Thanks muchly SFx
  16. The levy as far as I can see is illegal on two counts one that was your husbands car and secondly that the car was on finance and therefore could NOT be levied on even if it had been yours. Sfx
  17. It will depend on whether or not a Liability Order has been granted in those 6 years, if they have then it is enforceable. SFx
  18. SB - big hug - I am sure that you feel enormously relieved all the best with the future it will be fine enjoy SFx
  19. Hi Z - Ijust wanted to add my support to you. You come accross as an extremely intelligent and eloquant person. As others have said make this fight for justice for yourself and hlepfully the good will rub off. Will be following closely SFx
  20. Hi sorry to join in this late but from reading what you have written, I many well have got the wrong end of the stick, but with the charge back, does that mean that all monies were returned to you and that effectively the bailiff company has paid your council tax or did the chargeback only cover the charges that they had put on your account. It is not uncommon for bailiffs to take note of all cars in the vicinity and then add them to the levy. I am unsure if it is lawful (in my case it was not!!!) but keep an eye on it. Sfx
  21. LOL SU - you and me the same re Sheriff! Hold your horses for now (apologies) and see what more info peeps post here, I am sure that by the end of the day you should have a lot of useful info. SFx
  22. A small note and more for interest than anything else - opening someone else's post is infact in contravention of the 1953 Postal Act!! You would not beleive the amount of times that has come in useful!! However, as there is no malicious intent in your actions and more for the protection of your property I think anyone understand that it was necessary. You mention a "sheriff" does that mean you are in Scotland or that it is an old style High Court Enforcement Officer, did he leave you with any paperwork etc. You need to know what the debt is for and thenwe can help you further. Please try not to worry too much we will all be here to help you as much as we can. Sfx
  23. Firstly a big hug - how horrid. Easy to say but no you should not worry, they cannot break into your house they would be committing and enourmous offence if they did. SFx
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