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  1. I saw this after I sent the letter... they cashed the cheque though
  2. may be that's why they wrote saying that they want a cheque hen as I do earn less than £450 a month. Ive wrote to them asking for a SAR . Yesterday I received a letter off them which I found confusing and contradictory and was wondering if anyone had any idea on if what they said towards the end is true ? in the letter it states "the case has not been reopened after 10 years it has been ongoing and there has been contact between the benefit offices and yourself to debt management in this time. The outstanding balance was transferred to a third party private collection agency, this meant that whilst they were pursuing recovery of the debt you would not be contacted by Department for Work and Pensions. The limitations act 1980 prescribes the maximum time limit for starting or restarting action to recover a debt through courts in England and Wales. The Act prevents civil action being taken against a customer where a debt arose, or last acknowledgment of the debt or effective recovery was more than 6 years ago. This act does not affect our ability to recover the debt by deductions from benefit or via a Direct Earnings attachment" to me this sounds confusing I have not heard off either them or a debt collection agency for at least 12 years as far as I can remember but could be longer.
  3. Ill start at the beginning About 12-14 years ago I was called into the income support office for a fraud interview. I had been working but wasn't earning over the stated allowed amount. I was self employed. My ex husband had decided to "grass" me up as I was in a new relationship and he was very controlling and violent. I took the case to tribunal back then with copies of everything they wanted including having professional accounts done that showed I was earning within the allowed amount. At the tribunal I was sat in front of a lady who had all my paperwork in front of her including my accounts. She said to me she had no idea what they all meant and couldn't understand the account figures. after I heard off them saying I was liable to pay back around £8000 I think it was (according to their recent letter) I wrote again asking for my case to be heard by some one who could understand accounts and figures. After a while of arguing through letter they stopped writing to me. I thought they had sorted it out as it had just gone. However about a month ago I received a letter off a different department in DWP saying I owed them money and I panicked. I was told by them they were putting an attachment of earnings on my very small wages. I wrote asking from what time period and they came back with that it was from 2002/2003 ! I have no idea where I stand on this and what my rights are. I am beside myself with worry, the last time the stress caused me to miscarry . I am already having problems sleeping and feeling tired all day. If it was a normal business I know they aren't allowed to reclaim money after 6 years with no contact but as this is the government Im guessing the rules are different? can anyone please help ? im so worried I feel like crying all the time PS their first letter said I owed £3500 and the second one put it up to almost £8000 !
  4. hi all I have been taken to court recently for no having a tv licence . I did set up a direct debit that apparently didn't go through for whatever reason. im a carer for my mom and have a daughter that has adhd a job and a college course so I haven't really got time to go through the threads so apologies if its been asked before I entered a plea to court of guilty and explained what had happened. pointing everything out and asking for a way of paying by instalments. after a few weeks I had a letter requesting fine in full. I wrote to them asking to pay in instalments. however this was ignored and I had a hand delivered letter the other day saying the debt is now £445 !! it says if full payment is not received they'll be attending my property to seize and remove goods. im worried sick now . I cant believe they've put the fine up ,in fact doubled it when I had asked for a payment arrangement ! Is this legal?
  5. hi i have been trying to find out when exactly cavity wall insulation was made compulsory. i know it was in the 90's but other thant that i cant find out the date?? ive been told recently our house which was finished being built in 1991 has no cavity wall insulation.... ive been here 19 years and have struggled to put a fortune each week in the house for heating during the colder months. i have got in touch with the housing association to confirm or deny it in writing, as in one of the meetings apparently the surveyor said we had NO cavity wall insulation... if this is true i am thinking of getting legal advise to get compensation off the housing association. can anyone shed any light on this?? not sure where else to look for answers??
  6. had a letter off marshall ward well debt collectors.... saying confirmation of residence..... then saying i owe them money and they know i live here and theyve added £15 to my account for confirming my address and they know im choosing to ignore their letters and will take me to court! cant believe after 2 yrs theyve started again.. although they arent the only company thats done this, there isnt a clause somewhere that states the CCA request is only valid for 2 yrs is there?? just thought id ask! lol
  7. AA99 they bought my GE account , and they have so far lost 3 payments! it took them over a year to find the one and im still waiting on them looking for the other one.... interesting about the expiry though, i cant see how they can trade if its expired?
  8. today would you believe... i had a letter off cabot! i had letters off a DCA recently asking for the payments so i informed them the account was in dispute due to no CCA 2 yrs ago today the mighty cabot sent a letter asking for me to send a copy of the original request for the CCA sent in 2007!!! i have politely wrote a letter stating all the obvious about transmitting data and asking for payments while its in dispute and also the fact it still is with a 3rd party i also told them it wasnt my job to resend ccas for them but them to send the CCA when requested they included a breakdown of the account since they purchasedit on the 12th july 2002. its very unclear and i have no idea what the amounts are for on there as there is no heading above them. ive said this and said it would be nice for a complete breakdown from the beginning of the account being opened would be nice as would a clearly set out one. i doubt theyll send it to be honest breakdown shows balance of £2669.83 in 2002, it then goes down to £1637 due to payments made(26-02-07).this was when the CCA request was made. then on 2-10-08its gone upto £3240.51!! theres nothing showing inbetween these dates. it now stands at £3324.26 . im wondering now whats best.. if they send a breakdown including all charges i could claim them back.. or i could go the other route and ask for all monies paid by myself to be returned due to no CCA..hhmm think think think! wonder what would be best?
  9. ive read the first 8 pages of this thread so i aplogise if im repeating something someone has said or asked before. .. i had a car loan with GE money who gave it to link financial about feb time this year. do they have thr ight to collect a debt that you signed with someone other company? they are very ignorant .. i made 2 payments to GE before they passed it over, one for £600 and one for £150. im not sure about the later one but link blatantly have said the £600 hasnt been received by them however GE told me it had been received in feb of this year.i only have about £300 left on this debt now and have asked if they have recieved both payments and what my balance is but havent had any reply??
  10. trading standards have said that sometimes its a pop up that when u close it with the cross it attaches to your pc cos theres a box that should be unchecked before closing it.hopefully something will be done soon about this.good job im not married or i wouldve assumed it was them going on sites! not sure how theyre getting away with it though
  11. what it also does though is disable the system restore so thats not possible. thankfully its gone now
  12. i have had a pop up web site on my computer with MBS on the top.i emailed them and called them but they insisted my computer had been used to sign up to their site,but couldnt tell me who had done it! i refused to pay and contacted trading standards who said they were known to leeds trading standards . i couldnt get the spyware off the computer though with the software i have,so i downloaded AVG SPYWARE 7.5 trial and it hasnt been on the computer since hope this helps anyone who needs it
  13. well still having letters about the marshall ward account.now being told the new debt collectors that have it are taking me to court.i have wrote telling them that if they do i shall be requesting the CCA and also i shall be bringing all letters ive sent regarding the matter and the recorded delivery slips.just have to wait and see.they dont have the CCA as ive been told a couple of times by different companies that they dont.
  14. ok had no news really for quite some time.have had a couple of letters and phone calls from FOS who are dealing with it and the man didnt sound too pleased last time we spoke!! today i had a letter off FOS saying lloyds would be writing to mom soon.i checked my emails and there was an email off lloyds tsb containing the letter theyre writing to mom and guess what???? they are giving mom her PPI and the interest paid on the loans back!!!! its comes to just under £2000!!! just want to say thanks to all involved on behalf of my mom and myself.this has cheered her up no end!! thank you!! can someone change me to won??
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