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  1. What I do know is that we are in an age where a valid trail isn't always on paper. In my line of work simply everything is digital. There is no physical paper trail so I'm unsure why I of all people would be aware of anything?! 15 years ago, yes, you'd certainly keep physical records but I wondered if there was a specific reason why you wouldn't use email in dealings with a finance company as this is in writing, can be signed and secured and provides a verifiable trail.
  2. I haven't sent an SAR. To be honest I had hoped they'd just correct their error and it would be resolved but that's not the case it seems. I'll read the link about sending an SAR and send by Royal Mail. Would you say this is preferable over email?
  3. I have made a number of partial early settlements to moneybarn for an agreement I took out last year. They have repeatedly failed to apply the correct (and previously advised) amount of interest rebate. As a result my balance is completely wrong and despite raising a complaint and calling them so many times I am no closer to getting my balance corrected. To add insult to injury, despite paying over £6k in over payments and having never missed a payment they are showing my account as in arrears by an amount which was actually a partial early settlement! When I called last they were warning me of the consequences of being in arrears such as credit file markers and repossession but could not say when I missed a payment... Because I haven't!!! I'm an accountant and have prepared a full reconciliation of my account so I know what my balance should be if the interest rebates they've calculated are correct. I can't confirm if they are as no one I speak to can tell me how they are calculated. If I assume them to have been calculated correctly the balance is completely wrong. I originally wanted to make more partial settlements but I've been unable to do so as my balance is wrong and they can't calculate a rebate based on an incorrect balance. I have now just had enough and want to settle the balance in full but I can't get a settlement figure as my balance is wrong. All the while I'm paying interest when I have the money available to pay off the balance but I just need it to be correct. This has been going on since February. I raised a complaint in March which I referred to the ombudsman last week as moneybarn haven't replied. I'm promised call backs that never materialise and my emails and online messages aren't responded to. I just dont know what to do so can anyone offer any advice? I've been trying so hard to rebuild my credit rating and now I have a missed payment on my file. I am paying interest when I shouldn't have to and I have spent at least 10 hours on the phone trying to resolve this. What can I do???
  4. I can understand that, but it's exactly the same treadmill just a small part of it is a different colour. Whilst I don't understand why they are priced so differently I would think that an alternative would be something such as a different colour not a large treadmill that is not compact (which is the main appeal of the I-run)
  5. Hi, I ordered a Reebok I-Run treadmill on the 6th of Jan 2009. On the 27th of Jan I recieved a Roger Black Gold treadmill. After speaking to argos it has transpired that they sold 3000 I run treadmills which they can't deliver and they are sending alternatives instead. I was not informed of this and didn't realise the error until I had unpacked the treadmill. (The delivery note and the sticker on the box all say reebok I-Run) Argos have said that I can either keep the treadmill I have, return it for a refund or choose another treadmill for the price I paid. I chose the I-Run because I don't have the room for a large treadmill and the Roger Black treadmill is huge! They are currently selling I runs in other colours (at over £200 more!) and I have been told that they have these in stock. Are they not obliged in any way to offer me the closest alternative? They knew they could not get the stock of the treadmill I ordered at the beginning of Jan but kept my money regardless and have continued to sell them since, is there nothing I can do? Surely consumers must be protected from companies overselling and using the opportunity to offload surplus 'own brand' stock. It may seem silly but I'm so annoyed that a company is conning its customers like this and I think they should have to deliver what I ordered! Do I have any chance of getting an I run in another colour? Thanks.
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