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  1. Thanks for your replys I know its absolutely stupid,I literally tryed it on it didnt fit well so I sent ti back the next day. I paid via barclays debit card, how would I go about getting a charge back on that? That site still hasnt replied to me either, it is literally robbery
  2. Iv actually just been looking round the site and found out that in the terms and conditions it says that due to hygeine reasons these canot be resold so they will take a 50% deduction from the refund but I wasnt told this when ordering and it doesnt actually state this in the refund area so can this be seen as misleading?
  3. Hi I bought a chainmail bra from a bondage site in the USA. www.kittenstoyroom.com It arrived a week later but it wasnt suitable so I sent it back for a refund. The site states that items must be returned within 14 days for a refund. Anyway I sent it back by airmail that should of taken 3 - 5 working days but after a week they claimed not to have received it but that they would put a note on my account to say that I would definatly receive a refund. So about 3 weeks later I receive an email to say that they have received it and credited me. But they have only credited me with half the amount I paid for the bra. I paid $109.95 but was only refunded $54.95. I have sent emails querying this but am still awaiting a reply. Im pretty sure this must be illegal to short change ppl who have returned items. Does anyone have any advice? In the UK I would go to Trading Standerds but im not too sure what to do as its an american online company. Thanks
  4. Thanks for checking it out ScarletP. Sean had opened a dispute with paypal last week but has now esculated it, I just hope he gets his money back. Do you know if there is somewhere we can report this to stop it happening to someone else?
  5. Hi, my husband bought a tub of protein from an internet site called Johny Lofat -- Your Trusted Nutrition Headquarters on 16.09.07 he paid £52.44 through paypal and the payment went to [email protected] which I thought was a bit odd anyway. After his order he did receive an invoice to his email address but there wasnt any product reference number or anything it just said order number 4.. He has heard nothing sice so emailed them to find out what date it was shipped and for a tracking number so he could chase the order up but no one has replyed to him and hes sent 6 emails now. I went on the site and it doesnt have a phone num or even an address. Also have tryed to contact the above email address but just get a delivery failure notification. So really dont know what to do now? I think this is a fake site and that he has been ripped off Anyone know what we can do? Thanks
  6. Hi Have just got the money together for the court now (its a month after i sent the LBA) and need to fill in the N1. But am not too sure what to put in the claim no. section? would there of been a claim no. on the rejection letters sent back by Lloydes? I cant remember looking I just threw them away. How would I find out what my claim no. is? Is there a number I can ring? Thanks
  7. Thanks. I wont have the money to pay the court untill the end of the month. Is it ok to just hand the n1 form in then with the cheque even tho I will be going over my 2 week threat? It wont effect the claim in anyway?
  8. Hi 2 weeks ago I sent off a prelim, however since then have incurred another charge so I want to add this aswell. Will I have to start again with a new prelim? thanx
  9. hi thanks for all the help so far! I have received the standard letter saying we cannot refund your charges etc. so am going to proceed to the next step, Iv read about it but am unsure on a few things... My husband has went to the court to get the n1 form now. Do i just fill this in and hand it back to the court with a cheque for the amount of which the court will charge? Then do the court send a letter to the bank informing them of this? Then do the bank or court get back to me?? Could someone please tell me how this works? thanks
  10. Hi, thanks for your response. Yeah I will do that, I know roughly the exact time it was deposited and what counter position, I know exactly what I was wearing too. I just want this sorted out asap!! Incidents like this and what you have just wrote should NOT happen! The bank should not make mistakes like this as we are trusting them to look after our money!!!
  11. Hi 4 days ago on the 29th march I deposited £800.00 into my savings account in cash. Anyway today I rang the bank to transfere some of the money into my current account, but surprise surprise there turns out not to be any money in my savings account to tranfere. The guy said that he did not know how it was not there and that it was probably just an error made by the bank and that they would look into it. I did receive a receipt when I deposited the cash but have lost it. The guy said that this was not a problem as It would be recorded on the system anyway and that I should not worry, but I am worried!! He said that it might not have credited to my account yet, but when I put it in I was told that it was now in my account. Im not too sure as to what to do now as this has never happened to me before, do you think Iv a good right to be worried and also any advice as to what to do?? Please reply, thanks
  12. Hi, received a letter from Lloydes saying that they have received the prelim and are looking into it and that they will get back to me within 8 weeks. I think this seems like too long to wait for a reply tho so is it best to just continue with the schedule and send a LBA? thnx
  13. Thanks. Im just going to claim back the charges. Can you please give me the address to send the prelim to as Im guessing its a different department to what I sent the sars to. Thanks
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