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  1. Try it this way He has internet banking Some banks you can access the last 6 yrs statements thro internet banking He says he cant find them Can you with Halifax If so what sub menu do you use to get there. This is the jist, it just saves sending the sar if he can access his charges and list them now. If you cant then he will send a sar, but like i said i cant help him as i dont bank with Halifax and dont know what information you can access thro their internet banking and i know he isnt that computer literate.
  2. Hello All, I am currently reclaiming my charges from HSBC, i told a friend at work and he's gonna clain off Halifax. Now my question, i told him cos he has interent banking he can get all his charges off there, he has rung me and cant find them. Does anyone know if it is possible or can give me the directions it takes to get to them, as i dont bank with Halifax, i cant tell him where to look or even if they have 6 yrs of statements on there? Or will he have to send the 40 day letter? Thanks
  3. As per my claim I will be claiming interest up until the settlement date, hence the slight difference in totals, total charges £1418.50, Interest claimed at date of filing £385.80, Daily interest accrued at £00.31 per day to date = £1.07. Just found a mistake tho, i calculated my interest on amoutn claimed plus interest. Interest should be 31p a day, i put 40p a day on mcol, can i rectify this?
  4. Just a quick question, as per earlier in the thread, i have done a new spreadsheet. I now come to finish it off and of course the balance has gone up slightly, i have to send two copies to the court, i added a paragraph: Please find enclosed a schedule of penalty charges taken from me by the defendant, along with interest claimed at the annual rate of 8% pursuant to section 69 of the County Court Act. The interest in addition to the amount in charges equates to the total amount of my claim, namely £1804.30. As per my claim I will be claiming interest up until the settlement date, hence the slight difference in totals, the attached schedule includes interest up to and including the 22 April 2007. So the running total is £1805.37. Will that be ok, or wont it make any difference?
  5. Just an update, filed with mcol and accepted 19th April, so i take it, its just a waiting game now for at least 28 days?
  6. Thanks for your help and input, ill crack on doing the spreadsheet tonight and then be back tomorrow umming and arring over if ive done mcol right,lol.
  7. I think it was cos im not computer illerate and ive just got vista and ive no idea how a spreadsheet works and it was on the site, so put each one in then typed into a document:cool: , ive downloaded the spreadsheet from here, ill put a few in tonight, but im just curious as i say a lot of my charges said "Total Charges" , is it ok to class them as a "Total Charge"
  8. Yeah i will do thanks, closed my account or had my account closed for me last year, due to going to a dmp with payplan and defaulting on my managed loan. Ill try give them a ring tomorrow night, see if i can found out when i opened the account, im positive i opened it when i left school tho.
  9. I used their letters, and the interest calculator, but surely the calculator works out to the same amount and now im here, this spreadsheet looks better than the one i did, plus i need to change the spreadsheet to include the interest up until i make the claim with mcol? So shouldnt be conflicting, might just look different. Edit: On the spreadsheet i did, i had the headings Period Charged,Date Charged, Charge Code,Description of charge,Amount Charged, Interest on Charge, Balance, Balance with interest, i had to do it like that, cos i couldnt or dont know to get a spreadsheet you add it up for me,lol Another Edit: A lot of my charges were classed as "Total Charge" is it ok to put them in as that?
  10. I think the best thing is, to download a spreadsheet off here and after looking at the complex one, ill stick with the easy one, sit down tomorrow night, re input everything, then go thro mcol
  11. Im going thro mcol as we speak, im ont he particulars of the claim bit. Im on money saving expert and i used there particulars, but thinking of changing to the ones on here,lol, just think ill have to re calculate all the charges tomorrow night, to ge them upto date regarding the interest, cos at the min, the interest only goes up to the day i calculated them, that was a late Jan or early February.
  12. And obviously the interest would of gone slightly up, from i first calculated, so do i need to re calculate, or is it not worth it for the small difference?
  13. Thanks, im using the link, do you think if i get the date wrong i opened the account it will go against me, i opened it maybe 1990, but cant be sure.
  14. Just a quick update, about to do mcol.
  15. Thanks for the replies, i have got the £120 together, so i will be completeing my MCOL in the next day or two, is that the one and only charge, got a footy season ticket to buy
  16. Reason i didnt take them to court, car failed mot, the money for court then got spent on car repairs, hence, cant do it til payday this month.
  17. So how long does the process take from here on in? Sorry if noob questions lol
  18. And is that when i pay the charge? Whats the total cost of going to court?
  19. If i register now, will HSBC know its going to court, or will it not go thro til the 26th?
  20. Hello all This is my situation, i defaulted on a HSBC managed loan, when i went to Payplan to start a debt management plan 14 months ago. I am, well i thought near the end of the process of reclaiming my bank charges from HSBC, i couldnt afford to go to court at the time, but in a fortnihgt i will be in a position to take them to court, dependning on the cost, as far as i know the court proceedings cost £100? Right this is my problem, my timescale is: I sent letter requesting statements 29 Jan Sent first letter for refund 22 Feb Sent LBA to PO Box in Leeds 19 March The amount im reclaiming is £1418.50 plus interest it totals £1785.29, in all letters to HSBC, i have been asking for the full amount. The word seems to be HSBC aim to sort all this within 8 weeks, i was looking for this with no being able to go to the court stage. Anyway i sent the letter threatening court action on the 19 March, i hadnt heard anything until today, when i received this letter: Dear Mr So and So, Thank you for your letter dated 19 March 2007 requestions a refund of your bank charges of £1418.50 passed during the last 6 years. The bank does not agree that our charges are in any way unfair or unenforceable. The contract between the bank and its customers is governed bu our Personal Banking Terns and Conditions. If you ask us to make a payment that would, if met by us, lead to your account going overdrawn, or over an agreed overdraft limit, the bank considers whether or not to make this payment and a fee is payable for this service. Our fees and charges are stated in out published price list and the circumstances in which these charges will apply are set out in out terms and conditions. While i accept that this letter will not provide the response that you hoped for, i trust that i have been able to clarify the banks position. However, should this not be the case, i enclose a copy of out leaflet which explains how these matters are dealt with and the attached guidance sheet explains the next steps to you. Yours Mark Loker. Firstly there was no leafelt enclosed only this guidance sheet which read: We Hope that you will be happy with the attached response and that this matter has now been addressed to your situation. Alternatively, if you wish to escalate your concerns to the next stage, you can write to the senious manager of our service quality team, at the the following address, enclosing a copy of this letter: The Senior Manager Service Quality Team HSBC Bank PLC Arlington Business Park Millshaw Park Lane Leeds IF we do not hear from you within the next eight weeks, we will consifer matters resolved. Cases we cannot resolve can ultimately be referred to the Financial Ombudsman Service, further details of which can be found in out Listening to your comments leaflet. Now im not overjoyed by this response, with the timescale i was expecting a better letter, but my problem is, it looks like the 8 wek limit has been reset for me and im far from happy with it, the standard letters dont really cover what i want to say to the Senior Manager and as im not very good with the legalities of the situation, id very much appreciate some help or information. The letter im looking to send back, is a straight to the point, that this has been going on far too long, id like to complain to the financial onbudsman, can i complain? Also i will be starting court proceedings on 26th of this month to reclaim the full amount, plus interest plus court costs, the only way i wont is to receive a cheque for £1418.50 before 26th, now i realise ive got more chance of seeing snow today than receiving a cheque So if someone can give me some tip on writing this letter or point me in the right direction, id very much appreciate it. Thanks.
  21. From spotnots link, a funny quote or at least made me chuckle "Indeed Mercedes motors are so accommodating that they will, apparently, run on lard"
  22. Hello one and all Ive been reading here and over at moneysavingexpert and find this site very good. I do have a few questions (noob questions mind) SAR: i cant find an answer to what it is, saw what to stood for, is this the first letter we send to the bank? CCA: I gather this is to request the original credit agreement i signed? They then have 14 days to send it to me and if after 42 days i havent received it, they then cant force me to pay the debt? Whats the total charge i have to pay to go to court? Currently im on a dmp with Payplan, my creditors are RBS Mint, Capital One, Citicards, DLC via Egg, MBNA and Metropolitan via HSBC. Ive only started with HSBC, ive sent the LBA, in fact sent a fortnight ago today, but i cant afford starting court actions til payday end of April, MOT failure costs so will have to see if they offer me anything before then, if not, will start court proceedings. The only one with charges (that i can rememeber) other than HSBC is MBNA, i will be asking for my statements off them in the next few weeks, but im cautious as what they will do with my account, reason is because they continue to charge me ppi even tho their records shows it was cancelled last March, they just keep refunding them with the interest . Also they never agreed to my offer of payment and havent frozen interest, i am sure there will be over £1000 of charges if not more, plus the interest at over 10% if im right in thinking i can charge interest at that rate? The charges kicked in due to late payments, due to charges from my bank, the circle of charges kicked in badly a few years ago . Im hoping to send them a cca for them to provide my agreement cos i signed the application at a football game and cant remember if i signed anything else. Well thats me and my situation, im away to the MBNA and HSBC threads now Thanks for any answers to my questions or tips on where i go next or if there is anything i need to know.
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