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  1. Sorry to jump in, i only got "Notice of acknowledgment of service filed" Dont need the "Notice of Issue" for anything do i?
  2. Already seems im dealing with The Chuckle Bros, to you..... to me...... to me........ to you........
  3. I think it was a day late, i got a Notice of Judgement Rejected letter from court pretty sharpish, maybe its just cos i pressed the button Cheers anyhow The judgment was rejected for this reason: A bar on judgment/enforcemement is in place - contact CCBC Rang Customer services cos i dont know who CCBC are.................... And lets hope Doncaster court aren't too busy and can get me in quickly;)
  4. Does MCOL normally say defended? My MCOL still shows as ackowledged 23/04/07 Judgement Rejected 24/05/07 I spoke to customer services last week about the judgement and they said it had been transferred to my local court, i took this to mean, DG had put a defence in, so is it normal for MCOL not to change to Defended or anything else?
  5. To that i think i'd say Yes Please I'm not very good at letters, but isnt there a template of acceptance of an offer in the template section?????????????? Well done.
  6. Paddy, similar situation to me, i was always over my limit and paying late, got to the stage i was paying above the minimum payment and my balance was still going up, not coming down Have you thought about sending them a cca request? To see if they have a copy of your original agreement?
  7. I sent a sar to the card services dept (credit card) only had my name and address, no news so far tho. This was all last week mind, so plenty of time yet.
  8. This is what id be hoping to do, if and when MBNA dont provide my agreement. :smile:
  9. Dont know know if im right or wrong, but if they cant provide the agreement, you then cant reclaim the charges, you just stop paying, so instead of reclaiming say half of the debt, the full debt is written off. Post number 9 on my thread http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/mbna/84974-wednesday1867-mbna.html Hope you can, because i want to take MBNA for as much as i can and i still dont know, what if anything you can claim for, if they cant produce your agreement. Obviously id be happy with them writing the debt off, but kinda looked forward to receiving a hefty cheque,lol All the best with it Standing
  10. My mistake, lady on phone said they have sent the papaers out, means i've got to wait for the court to give me a date and all ill receive next week, is the defence etc.
  11. Well my judgement request, was refused looks like they got a defence in today. MCOL said they have transferred it to my local court and posted the details out today, so hopefully whould know my date by this time next week
  12. I might be flush and send one to each
  13. Lat: Yeah i kinda know the court will give them more time:rolleyes: , but might as well go for it,:grin: like i said in for a penny in for a pound. I've been a bit bored waiting for time to pass, i highlighted the cash for something, but can wait now, plus as im sure youve seen, im going after them for my old credit card and also for the managed loan i defaulted on, should i cca dca or HSBC? Also im going at it with MBNA too, so just gonna go full circle. Future: Seems not, i rather be in your position, now they have defended, you will at least get a finish date, was hoping mine would be like yours, but hey ney mind eh Enjoy your hollibops :grin: cant see mine changing in a week, but hopefully youll have your court date either this week or definately when ya get back.
  14. *Just to update thread* Sent sar to Hsbc Card Services of Southend today. Hopefully even tho account has been closed 3 years and there wasnt an account number, they will supply me with something....................
  15. Litigation details for a mod Bank: Hsbc Ammount Claimed: £1418.50 + Interest + Court Costs, Current Total £1935.16 Claim Number: 7QZ54630 Filed: 19 April 2007 Acknowledged: 23 April 2007 Requested Default Judgement: 23 May 2007
  16. Regarding the managed loan, i defaulted on it and now pat it through a dca via a dmp through payplan, that shouldnt affect it should it? If the above is ok, ill use the above letter, may chuck in the odd managed loan reference. Thanks again
  17. Does asking for judgement incur a charge? it didnt ask me for any details? Can a mod add to my thread title, judgement requested Also what does the mod need to know for the litigation section?
  18. Decided to press the button In for a penny in for a pound On a side note about the managed loans, do we cca the leeds address for the agreement?
  19. Lat, have you seen or heard of any benefit of sending dg a letter saying if they dont pay up within 7 days i will do the default judgement? Its just want i saw on the noobie bit. Obviously want a speedy end to this, so as always your input is invaluable. Thanks
  20. Well i still dont really understand the date when they should have their defence in lol. Thing is, its still showing as acknowledged, but today i can start judgement by default. Is it recomended to start a default judgement? Will this make my wait even longer, or will it actually mean i get my refund? Thanks
  21. Glenn, dont know if youve seen my thread, but we seem be going for the same kind of things. What happened to your cca? Did they supply the agreement? All the best
  22. Thanks Mostyn, ill give it a go and see what happens.
  23. Thanks for everyones input so far. Reply sent today.
  24. How we all doing, im about to sar these over a credit card i had 3 years ago that got changed into a managed loan . Ive no account number but hopefully, ill get something off the sar. Main question is, has anyone had a go at these yet and what kind of responses are people getting? Also anyone know the address, i know its in Southend on Sea somewhere? Thanks
  25. The waiting is the worse part, you may have to throw me a pork pie over, to keep me going
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