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  1. Fluffies its seems to be one or the other. No Agreement, means no debt, means no more payment. If charges are more than balance, reclaim and get a few quid.. If you look around there are a few of us, not knowing which way to go. MBNA have decided for me today Thanks MBNA
  2. And to you to Pandora, i've just been reading yours, seeing which way your likely to go Good luck on whatever you choose, if you choose the S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) or the cca. Now must go to bed, Scotland is calling.......
  3. Firstly ive got threads going in the HSBC forum and and MBNA forum, but ive just noticed something on an old letter i just found. It is from Metropolitan Collection services, regarding a debt with HSBC. This is the story, i was borrowing from peter to pay paul etc, got to the stage where i couldnt keep up due to charges etc, so went to Payplan, who set me on a dmp. I did have a managed loan i was paying, but obvously soon defaulted on that when i went to Payplan. Now this letter i have from Metropolitan, is says Mr Wednesday Your account with HSBC Acc No: Sort code and current account number Outstanding Balance: £2700 First line reads We are a debt recovery specialists who have been instructed to recover the outstanding balance on the above account. Now my point is this, the £2700 is what was still owed on my managed loan, i wasnt overdrawn with my current account, obviously ive sarred HSBC cos of my current claim and when the account was closed, the remaining balance is no where near £2700. On my statements it shows my payments to the managed loan and a reference or account number(is it an account number) Also states my mis spelt surname as a reference................... I today sent a cca to HSBC regarding the managed loan, before i noticed this. So my question is, how can they chase an amount from a wrong account, if i chase them up will they just change account numbers cos MCS are in house? Shall i send my a copy of my last bank statement and a copy of this letter and ask them where the £2700 comes from? Or just leave it running and see what HSBC produce with the CCA? Any advice on what i should do with this? Thanks
  4. Looks like the same as what i got. All printed on sheets of A4? I was after statements too, to see how much i was being charged for interest, the percentage of interest and how much the ppi premiums are. On my thread ive used bits from the non compliance letter on here, maybe you could do the same? Its here either way http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/6986-data-protection-act-non.html
  5. 2 Weeks in and no letter to acknowledge my request. Cheque not cashed yet. Not a lot happening
  6. Thanks Standing, if ive been charged 24.9, its an extra £190 What do you reckon to my letter standing? No idea, which way i need to take this now All i do know, is i need to go to bed, working in Livingston tomorrow its a long way from South Yorkshire
  7. Have you tried using the Vamps spreadsheet on google? Ive just done mine, really easy to use, you just change the interest rate from 8% to 12 x whatever the interest says on your statement. Take a look http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/general/6964-spreadsheet-interest.html Join Google docs, free and easy and then copy the spreadsheet and away you go filling it in, youll be surprised how much more it adds to your claim.
  8. Right im not sure where im gonna go with this claim now I do know i want my full details, such as interest rate and value of interest charged and value of ppi charged, so here is a letter ive composed, looks ok to me, hopefully reads ok?i scavenged bits from the non compliance letter..... Dear Ms Claridge, I am writing in regard to your letter dated **/**/07, which contained your views regarding the value of MBNA’s charges and also included a print out of all my transaction details. Firstly I am in receipt of the documents that you have supplied in response to my Data Protection Act information request dated **/**/07. The disclosure of personal data is incomplete. My original request was for “a complete list of transactions and charges relating to my banking history with your organisation”. Although I did receive a complete print out of my account history, it was missing vital charges and information, such as: Interest rates ( Amount of interest I’m paying at any given point) Interest Charges ( How much is being added monthly) PPI Charges (How much was the premium each month and how did it vary) This is not an exhaustive list by any means, it is just an example of some of the information I am missing. Accordingly, I have to tell you that you have not yet complied with your obligations under the Data Protection Act 1998. The time for compliance with my request has now expired. If you do not comply fully with my Subject Access Request within 10 days, I shall apply to the County Court for an order to enforce compliance, together with damages at the discretion of the court. Also regarding your goodwill payment of £*** to be credited to my account, I can not and will not accept this payment at this time especially without the information I require. Also you state my £10 postal order was to be enclosed, unfortunately it wasn’t, so in my view, the fee has been paid. Any views?
  9. Even though i am still paying them and the account is running as usual?
  10. Long title At the minute my mind is racing with ways to try and screw over MBNA My thread explains more http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/mbna/84974-wednesday1867-mbna-2.html My main questions are, MBNA told me they don't have an agreement for me, they are roughly 2 weeks off committing a criminal offence. If and when i reclaim unlawful charges and interest, my balance wouldn't be too high. Now we get to PPI, i don't remember asking or agreeing to it. If they can't produce the agreement, am i in a good position to reclaim all of the PPI and interest? I did cancel the PPI in March 2006, it was never cancelled, i did ring to complain and they did refund several months and several months worth of interest associated with the PPI, but they carry on charging me for it, so who is to say i didn't try cancelling it in the first year and nothing happened? I did send a letter today, complaining that they still charge me and it should be cancelled, bad timing tho as my sar or sort of sar information turned up today. So am i likely to be succesful in a claim for charges and PPI if i went about it in post number 27 on my thread? Any comments or info or even a push in the right way would be very much appreciated. Thanks
  11. Thanks for the heads up your holiness Im in a quandry regarding a cca i sent to MBNA, goes criminal in roughly a fortnight. I do want to have a right go at MBNA, see my thread hehe http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/mbna/84974-wednesday1867-mbna.html I will be watching this with baited breath tho. Good Luck
  12. Right then, ive added all the charges into the spreadsheet, ive used the guide interest of 21% for now ( Off Maxwells Thread til i find correct amount out) Total amount in charges = £1700 Total Interest @ 21% = £1060.44 Total to Claim £2760.44 Right as i have said previously i'd like to royally screw MBNA 8-) So im gonna ask here and in the PPI forum, as they can't produce my agreement, they can't prove i asked for PPI and i can't remember asking for it. So if i add 60 months of PPI at £32 = £1920 Then take the £1920 and add interest on this, (£1700 gives £1060 int so roughly £1920 makes) £1100. Total PPI claim would be for £3200 roughly. Now if i add both claims together i get a rough total of £6000 against a debt of roughly £3800, so all this action would leave me with a zero balance on the card and a cheque for roughly £2200. Then i can move forward with the lack of agreement to get anything untoward off my credit file? Does this sound logical and feasible? Should i just go for the lack of CCA? So many questions lol Im going to send a non compliance about the statements, even tho i got them, ill do a rough letter and post it to see what any experts think Do you hear the music.................. MBNA lets dance :D
  13. A friend of mine is doing both his Abbey accounts at once, both at MCOL stage now, all depends if you can afford the 2 lots of charges for MCOL etc and the time.
  14. Now i have got a query At the minute cos im on a dmp, my interest has been dropped by my reckoning to just over 3%. The SAR doesnt show any interest rates on it. If i ring them are they likely to tell me? Whats the best way of finding out?
  15. Just noticed as well 21 May 07 Payment Protection Refund. Now i havent seen this before and i today sent a letter complaining that im still getting charged even tho i cancelled it, looks like i may of been beaten to the punch.
  16. All £25? Im sure they were more than that ah well My first charge was July 2002, my last charge was 01 March 2006. A total of 28 Late Payment Charges and an embarrasing high number of over limit charges :o No wonder they wouldnt help me So do i get the interest rate off my latest statement? All i can claim for is late fees and Over Limit Fee Charges? **Edit** Your right standing from Rachel "Our view is therefore that the charges that you agreed to are valid, fair and enforceable. Prior ro July 2006, term 3b of your credit agreement (Sure i've got one Rach? You haven't sent me it yet hehe) with us clearly stated that you must pay £25 each time your payment had not reached your account within one oday of your payment due date, or when you exceeded your credit limit, or a cheque was returned unpaid. Saw the first part, totally missed the rest of the £25 charges....
  17. I am wolfie, in for a penny in for a pound Going to send the Judge the wasted costs order when dg settle before our court date, a court date im yet to receive mind........
  18. Im just looking forward to adding the "goodwill gesture" about me paying them, cos when we have them by the short and curlies they are throwing goodwill gestures at us left right and centre. When they have us by the short and curlies, no sign of goodwill anywhere, they just grab on tighter So in my case, hopefully ill get the chance to make them squirm
  19. I think we are in similar positions then, i thought you were ahead of me as i was taking advice from your thread in my own case My cca goes criminal around 15th June. Be interesting to see which route we take and notice any similarities Good Luck with it.
  20. Well rang Donny court this morning, my case was with the District Judge today for direction. I didnt send the nudge, because even on the info from MCOL, an AQ still maybe required and my letter said it had been done away with Also my claim is for £1900+ does the District Judge decide if i should pay the allocation fee as well, or do we pay that everytime? Sent the CCA to HSBC for the managed loan tho
  21. Well the statements, or should i statement information turned up today, either day 39 or day 40, so expect to wait til the death I have a few points and questions for anybody that can help Firstly it was from Rachel Claridge, nothing new there from reading other threads. Secondly, said this was done for free and to " please find enclosed your postal order for £10" well it wasn't :o Offered to resolve this matter with a goodwill gesture of £780 to be credited to my account, i didnt or havent even asked for a refund yet but from reading other threads again, i seem to think this would be about a third or half of the actual amount of charges before interest? Lastly, when i did this thro HSBC, i received all my old statements, what i received today, well all it is, they have just printed all my transactions onto several copies of A4, each transaction has a "fee type" but not an actual monitary value? Only time i see a monitary value is on the charges for being over my limit. In the letter Rachel says a late fee was £25, but how can i add up charges including fee type "19" "Over limit fee charge" I was really looking forward to adding all this up, but cant until i get the price of the overlimit fee charge. Can anyone help
  22. Lookingforinfo my balance is around £3800, i am looking to wipe the debt, if and when the time comes. I'm about to send a non compliance regarding the S.A.R - (Subject Access Request), when i receive the statements, im going to add up the charges and say, i alleged owe you x, you owe me y through illegal charges, you cant produce my agreement, so the debt is not enforcable, so if they wipe the rest and remove all the stuff from the cra, ill be happy. Obviously id be happy to turn the knife and receive a cheque too, but firstly is to get the account zero'd. i was on the underdstanging that MBNa cant make a profit from an unenforcable debt? So if i added up all the spending and took away all the payments, could i not reclaim the difference as this would be their profit? Its all on my thread http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/mbna/84974-wednesday1867-mbna.html Cheers for the info and any reply to my thread
  23. I cca's MBNA theyve had their 12 working days and are 11 off offending. If they do commit the offence, is it possible to get the balance wiped and the interest returned?
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