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  1. Hello Forum, Does anyone have any experience to share here re Interest Rate Swap Agreement. A business friend who's been mis-sold a swap is going to a meeting with his Banks Lawyers in May. Is this advisable or should they only accept questions in writing? They are due a re-dress I guess based on what's occurred etc. Any thoughts welcome to pass on ...
  2. MARBLES Credit card DSAR Hi forum, I've sent a DSAR to Marbles. Enclosed with it was a copy statement (all I have) from Nov/Dec 2005. They have sent my request back stating: "We were unable to find information for the account you requested - Marbles cards from 2005 are dealt with at HSBC" I sent my request to the customer resolutions team at: Card Services Pitreavie Business Park DUNFERMLINE KY99 4BS So I'm a bit stumped now .. ??
  3. Hi, We've just been turned down by the FOS (Adjudicator & Ombs) about our banks handling of our accounts. Was thinking what to do next. No win no fee?? how do you find a decent banking lawyer?? .. v confused
  4. Hi there, I'm with you on the confusion front. Our complaint about our banks handling of various very expensive issues has just been turned down by the Adjudicator & now the Ombudsman at the FOS. We looked at the IS but that seems pointless. Next step for us could be No win No Fee ... but where do you start? eg decent banking lawyer to take on the case ... how do u find anyone good? etc etc.
  5. What to do next?? I've complained about the handling of a bank account to the FOS and have been turned down (NOT upheld) by the Adjudicator & the Ombudsman. I now wish you pursue the matter through the courts using perhaps No win no fee? Some questions: 1) Please give your thoughts here on NWNF? 2) How do I find a reputable banking lawyer to do this? 3) Has anyone else been turned down by the FOS & would like to share their experiences? 4) I was thinking of contacting the CAG legal people on this matter? 5) Maybe also thinking about taking it to the press? Many Thanks
  6. Barclaycard 'Letter of Authority' problem Hi, I am helping a pal reclaim his default charges from Barclaycard ... Barclaycard has written saying they have received our signed letter of authority (LOA) and now require more information .. i.e. "A Power of Attorney document signed by a solicitor" Is this normal as I have not come across it before. I have reclaimed other creditor charges from a credit card without this request. Your input please out there ... Thanks
  7. re #18 ... ims21 .......... thank you so much. That's really helpful. There's a decent chunk of money & further redress to go after here. Why or why do these companies contintue to fanny around and delay matters further. Your help is really appreciated. Buy you lunch one day.
  8. If I complain about OF to the FOS does the offer from them then become null & void? ... I am prepared to see it through with the FOS
  9. Thank you ... yes I did write back them and the quotes I made #11 pretty much contained the bulk of their reply. They added this in their reply: "In the circumstances we are unable to consider amending the offer already made. If you are not prepared to accept our offer then its your right to refer to the FOS for adjudication and that remains open to you"
  10. & further I did not express any interest at all. More like I was pressure sold the ppi otherwise the loan would not happen - from my recollection
  11. Sure this pretty much what I stated in my letter: It has recently come to my attention that the loan account had payment protection premiums (PPP) and payment protection insurance interest applied to it. I am now fully aware of the outcome of the investigations conducted by the Office of Fair Trading and the Financial Services Authority into the vast mis-selling of payment protection insurances, by financial companies such as yourselves. I consider that these insurances were mis-sold to me by your company with no regard to fairness to their customers, in your companies strive for unjust enrichment. I am frankly shocked, to now find, that you have operated my account in this way as I had always reposed confidence in your integrity and expertise as my fiduciary.
  12. I have been made an offer by OF (Ocean Finance) of ppi. However they have offered a refund less about 55% for what they call "an equivalent monthly paid policy" ... from what I read basically selling me another policy. They also state that any redress calculation provided "follows the FSA's guidance" ... further they state a deduction from the the offer has been made for the cost of an equivalent monthly paid policy only where their investigation into the sale of the policy produced evidence which confirms there was an initial interest in arranging cover and where agreement to its inclusion was then confirmed either verbally or in writing, or both! ... then they say they have received a number of adjudications from the FOS where similar evidence has been presented by them & that the FOS has "agreed with their view". I'm interested in your thoughts and whether anybody else has had the same dribble? Thanks!
  13. Yes it def appears like this. Would there be a particular approach when writing back to them that you would suggest?
  14. Hello, Thank you for taking the time to reply. I've just come off the phone to the FSA and they have had 2 other enquiries of the same nature. They confirm they never make such statements and only regulate.
  15. Hello thanks for your reply. They have no evidence that I would have bought a policy elsewhere. The reasons I gave were pointing out how companies like Ocean Finance mis sold ppi and also the recent court case. I found it incredible that they have tried this tactic but then again why should I be surprised. I also wondered if anyone else has had this wording in their letter?
  16. Hello, Last week I received an "offer of re-dress" from Ocean Finance in relation to the sale of ppi. The offer comes with a twist of which I am not at all happy. So I have posted it here for some help and guidance. My loan was over 72 months, ppi was front-ended and each monthly ppi premuim was offered to be refunded. However their letter of offer had the following paragraph: " Where a deduction has been made for the cost of an equivalent monthly paid policy this has been calculated using the FSA's suggested rate of £9 per £100 of benefit payable. We will have only made this deduction where our investigation into the sale of the policy produced evidence which confirms there was an initial interest in arranging cover and where agreement to its inclusion was then confirmed either verbally or in writing or both. " It's like offering another ppi policy? Has anyone else had this included in their offer. It basically reduces what I should receive by around 50% Your help & advice please ...
  17. Hi, All credit cards appear to have 16 digit account numbers. A lowell DCA letter only contains 13 digits?? Is it still possible to submit a dsar request to Barclaycard & not 16?
  18. Thanks for that - much appreciate your words & experience. Kindest Regards
  19. Rbs dsar query? I am still awaitng bank statements from rbs & then this turns up today ... confused.com!! SUBJECT ACCESS REQUEST-DATA PROTECTION ACT 1998 (SECTION 7) " Thank you for requesting details of the personal information we hold about you and payment of the required fee. The data will be forwarded to you within 40 calendar days. As part of this request it may be necessary to send information under separate cover from a number of different departments across the bank. It is not our practice to provide copies of standard documents that would have been issued as part of our normal course of business, such as copy bank statements. Should you wish to receive these, please let me know the period you require the statements to cover and this can be arranged. " Guys I'm just a tad confused here. I sent the request off more than 40 days ago and surely the DSAR includes copy statements. What are they playing at? Help!!! ??
  20. WOW!!! ...Thanks vm .. that works a treat. Appreciate your post. Bless u xx
  21. Hi I have a Samsung Galaxy S 2 & would like to know the best way to back up my contacts,messages etc ... is there an APP? or suggestions pls peeps?
  22. Hi there ... re Nemo .. does anyone has any success reclaiming ppi to report pls?
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