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  1. I contacted the court today and apparently they want to adjourn because we have agreed a repayment plan. I have not spoken to them since I got the court summons.
  2. Does anyone think I should agree to adjourn? I would like to go to court and try and convince the judge that I shouldn't be liable for solicitors costs because I was paying £150 per week which they didn't agree to, they sent me a court summons but now they want to adjourn because they have decided to except the £150per week. I have to contact court tomorrow so would welcome any advice on wether I should agree to adjournment or not.
  3. Hi All Some advice please if you would, but first a quick recap: I got into arrears on my mortgage ( £1500), i offered to pay them £150 per week ( my mortgage is £483 per month). They sent me a letter turning down my offer but I kept on paying £150 per week and still am. Meanwhile i received a court summons for a repossession order from their solicitors. Yesterday i received a letter from their solicitors stating that they written to the courts asking that the claim be adjourned with permission to restore and would i please contact court to give my consent to this. They also s
  4. Ok thank you, and I would like to apologise for something I said in an earlier post. I,ve realised that some of you that are giving me advise are probably in the Legal Profession and giving your advice in your own time and for free. When I used the phrase " Legal Leeches " I was a tad angry and I apologise for that stupid statement.
  5. Yes I will be back for the hearing, it`s not until 9th july.
  6. Hi Ell-enn I can only reply to the claim online, i,m out off the country (working not holiday) from tomorrow morning until 15th June and i,m under the impression that I only have 14days to reply to the summons. Also the court involves a 50mile round trip and I have no car. I phoned the court earlier today and was told that treat the summons as seperate ( we have each been sent a seperate username and password to fill in the online defence and budget forms.). She said if we don`t both do separate defence and budget forms then the Judge will assume that one of us wants the house
  7. Hi I have just been looking to fill in my defence and budget form online, my wife and I have got a summons each but we are both named on summons. Bit confused, do I fill in both budget forms with our combined incomings and outgoings ?
  8. Thank You Lea_HTH Yes of course your right, I was abit angry about being treated like this after 9 years of paying my mortgageon time every month. After a weekend of reading other threads I have calmed down. I need to seperate the mortgage arrears from the solicitors and lenders fees ( i was annoyed because the fees were putting me further in debt). I can sort the fees at a later date in another court on another day if need be. I can`t change my payment terms, it is the norm for the industry I work in. I,ve already had to drop my rates to compete, which means i,m earning less no
  9. Sorry I didn,t notice your reply, I was reading other threads on the subject. I suppose technically i was 3 months behind, my payments were: January 1st i missed payment Amount Due = £489.91 = arrears £489.91 February 1st I paid £500 Amount Due = £484.25 = arrears £474.16 March 1st I missed payment Amount Due = £484.25 = arrears £958.41 April 1st I paid £400 Amount Due = £483.90 = arrears £1042.31 May 1st I missed payment Amount due = £483.90 = arrears £1526.21 May 17th paid £150.00 arrears £1376.21 May 24th paid £150.00 arrears £1226.21 May 31st paid £150.00 arrears £1
  10. Thanks lea_HTH Can i ask one more question please: Last week I received 4 letters from their solicitors all on the same day, one addressed to me, one addressed to my wife, one addresed to " the Occupier" and one containing a copy of an invoice. The invoice included £300 for the 4 letters ( £50+ vat x 4) I understand the two letters for my wife and I, but the one addresed to " the occupier " and charging £60 for sending me a copy of an invoice. Is that normal practice? Also I have received another letter from solicitors which is confusing me. It say`s I can avoid the s
  11. Hi citizenB Thanks for your reply I,m not talking to them on the phone anymore, they have got the Legal leeches involved and I have a repossession court appearance early July. After reading other threads i,m quite confident they will not win. The thing i,m concerned about is when i send in my defence and payment offer £150 per week will be excepted. I am currently paying that anyway even though the lender has sent me a letter turning down my payment offer. The scenario I can see is me leaving the court paying no different from when i walked in but the solicitors firm £100
  12. Hi Again Ell-enn or anyone esle who might have answers ( I understand that Ell-enn does have a live outside C.A.G and may not see this for a while) I`ve been up all night reading other threads and I think I have the answer to my first question. I think i,m ok with doing a statement. It`s the budget sheet i,m having problems with. I do have other debts but they are being dealt with via C.A.B. I have got rid of my landline phone, Wi-Fi ( no arrears). I have declared my car as S.O.R.N and had prepayment meters installed for my gas and electric ( no arrears). The only regu
  13. Hi Ell-enn I have a question if you don`t mind. 1. Is the Judge able ( if I can convince him that this should never have got to the court stage) to squash the solictors and lenders fees that have arisen from this summons. I am already paying a repayment plan, the lender wont except my offer stating that i cant afford it even though i have not missed a payment. 2. Can the lender charge me a EARLY SETTLEMENT FEE even though they are trying to force me to pay the mortgage early. I have reread the claim and it looks like the extra £3000 that has appeared is an Early settlement fee.
  14. Thank you, I have been having a look around the repossession forum and was hoping you notice my Bat sign in the sky and would pick up my post.
  15. Hi Again Sorry about the first post, I posted it last night in abit of a hurry. I`m after some help filling in the court summons. Brief outline is: In January 2013 I started having difficulty paying my mortgage. I rang my lender straight away and explained the situation. They wanted to tie me down to a payment agreement but i,m self employed and explained i couldn`t promise a weekly/mounthly payment plan because i couldn`t depend on my customers paying the invoices when they were due. I told them that i would pay the mortgage and/or arrears when i could. i have been makin
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