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  1. lol nevermind just found this on hovering over PPI If you think that you have been mis-sold PPI then you should claim it back. The entire PPI industry - including banks, stores, finance companies, phone companies have become involved in this corrupt gravy train to some extent or other. The limitation period for making PPI claims is 6 years from the date that you could reasonably have discovered that you were the victim of mis selling - and you can claim all the way back to the beginning. You are entitled at least to your money back and 8% - but you may be entitled to more. The Ombudsman will award you a minimal award. You stand a chance of getting more money from the courts. You will be suing for money paid under a mistake and you would be entitled to restitutionary damages.
  2. Hi ive just had an offer from V12 for all the PPI payed into the account - not alot but well it is mine so ill keep it - what I want to find out is what or how do you calculate a fair interest as a %. I am thinking I should claim back the interest also - is this the case? or should I just accept?
  3. Hi Ive used Cag previously to successfully claim back all my bank charges - now its time for PPI I have a clear cut case with V12 - here is this story:- In 2007 I took out a retail finance with clode funding (v12) value was appx £1500 over 3 yrs - it was the type where they send you documents to sign and return and finance is then organised and product is then shipped. In 2009 I read through the paperwork to find I was paying for PPI of which I had no knowledge - although I had signed the paperwork (looked like a photocopy signiture tho). I contacted v12 and cancelled the ppi on the basis i did not know or want this insurance due to the work I do (I work for a very large motorcompany who do not make compulsary redundancy). with the above I have contacted via telephone then by email on their request asking for a refund on the basis I was missold/not explained correctly what PPI was - this one should be fairly straight forwards. OK now onto the other 2 - I have sent a generic letter requesting any details of any accounts I have held with them in the past and provided all my recend addresses over the last 10yrs - I have also included a statement saying if they wish I will provide a SAR upon request and for them to contact me in this instance (if no contact in 14 days I will send the SAR anyway). With HSBC and THE AA I do not have any details of past accounts or if I have a claim but I know i have had credit cards and loans with both. (may have said no to the insurance tho) but its worth a look. I will update and ask questions in this thread as I progress with all these claims - any tips would be appreciated - so thank you in advance.
  4. For op - just to add to your post I am at the end of an NRAM repossession and we are awaiting the eviction date from the count court bailiff (we have a council property available soon) we stopped payments in Sept 11 to enforce a repossession as they discontinued support and would not authorise an IVA. As for timescale after the 3 months it usually takes 5 weeks or so for a court date for repossession (if you dont attend auto repossession) after this NRAm apply for a warrant for repossession then a county court bailiff will set a date for repossession usually 14 days after the letter informing of the court issue of warrant letter. hope this helps you I just need advice on postponing eviction until our other property is ready.
  5. thank you all for the help - I will get right on it.
  6. the overtime was already a requirement not a bargaining tool - we only had a clocking in system installed 3 months ago so i could request this data for the appeal.
  7. the quote in red - sorry I had informed my manager that to pick up from the second location would incurr overtime of which I was unable todo due to childcare. thanks for the reply sideinder I will use this as my main defence in the appeal - I should have gone to spec savers and got a formal written agreement. but at the time my manager had not indicated there would be a requirement for this.
  8. It was never an issue and was not re discussed by my manager until the dismissal. No not at the beginning of employment only when my childcare needs changed 6 months ago.
  9. only discussed verbally with manager to inform him of my requirement on the wednesday of which he had no issues with.
  10. sorry also - i am required to do a reasonable amount of overtime as long as i have recieved reasonable notice - I had already worked 14.5hrs by the wednesday. There are some other deeper issues with regards to contract also which i will have to discuss with CAB as our contracts have not been updated or signed by me since payscales have changed 2 times negatively and 1 time positively but still less money than the original contract i signed 4 years ago.
  11. ok ty for reply - I have worked with the company 4 years and on the day in question I had not informed him in the morning but as this has been the case for 6 months and have not been required to inform him as i had previously informed him every wednesday i am unable to work over time at the end of my shift.
  12. Ok sacked for misconduct - i have a few questions:- 1. The letter in which I was informed of the decision to dismiss me with the effect of the date of the letter was not officially signed by anyone from the company I worked for - does this mean it does not stand as its not signed? 2. reasons for dismissal are not sufficient for gross misconduct - no prior warnings etc - reasons by company given were - failure to carry out management instruction and gross insubordination. I worked for a haulage company who requested I picked aload up from 2 places - I was only able to pick up one in my working day - every wednesday I pick up my daughter and was not able to work overtime for which management new i am unable to as this has been the case for 6 months and I had already completed 1 hrs OT before shift start. Do I have a good case for unfair dismissal?
  13. cheque has arrived woohoo - 1 thing the judge did say yesterday was it is a shame mine did not get to a court room because he would of liked to hear both sides of the arguement regarding terms and conditions clause 7.14 (he did know his stuff too especially regarding hull strike outs and lloyds tsb case he did mention another case which lost in court as well as the lloyds tsb?) thank you all for helping me to this outcome - ive got 2 more cases for other people to continue with 1 being hsbc and 1 being lloyds the llotds case is overdue for court action - will need help with this one as they are spouting a different arguement.
  14. no joy with the wasted cost order - the judge was willing to set aside but also brought me upto speed with the pro's and con's of another hearing. so i decided to leave it and just be happy with what i have won.
  15. ok in court in the morning to tell the judge they have settled at such a late date - oh and by the way this is a wasted cost order for you to agree too thx :o
  16. yes i tend never to give up onwards and upwards shame i dont have many more to claim against.
  17. hokey dokey - it comes to about £220 in total lets see how he feels about that.
  18. my thinking too pete thx for the reply but do i need to print off the order as is in the wasted cost order thread?
  19. ok i need help with mine so im guessing bankfodders letter is the cover note and the draft order is to be supplied aswell - bit on the draft order that does not apply to me - my case is being heard on monday and ive only just now settled with hsbc but they cant action it until tomorrow meaning i wont recieve settlement until monday am this means i have to attend court and give district judge my wasted cost order. so my questions - do i need to give him that order or just a letter with attatchments or should i post out everything now and still turn up on monday?
  20. just spoke to the court clerk - she said to still attend - dont cancel action - then on monday explain to the judge about the settlement and hand him the wasted cost order as he may query items in the order and then award what he thinks is appropriate:-D
  21. could someone explain what i can claim for in my wasted cost order. postage, printing, time, paper anythin else? time i was going to go with 8hrs at £9.00ph but i may up this due to the fact that if i had worked on a sunday in work instead of compiling the bundle at home i would of been earning £24.00ph. what do you think should i go for my actual hourly rate on a sunday?
  22. well due to dg not being very fast (just got off phone with some bloke at dg) i am having to tell the judge in person about the settlement i wont recieve the cheque till sat am or mon am so i have to go into the court with my wasted cost order and be very nice to the judge and explain that hsbc did not reach an agreement with me until the morning of the hearing. ** wonderful**:o
  23. dam postal strike - my acceptance letter arrived on monday so they wont get a cheque to me till wednesday - on my court letter it stated if i dont cancel action 7 days before court date i have to attend anyway. bugger will send them a letter after i get cheque anyway and attend if they dont respond
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