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  1. so ive just rang her, the debt is going down the interest was frozen a long time ago, she isnt sure if some sort of ppi was sold it was twenty years ago, she has had statements that prove the debt was reducing in size, and its recently they started harrassing her to settle the remaining 1900 squid, i think we need to get them to prove they own the debt if this is an option,maybe ask them to write it off considering she has payed for 19 years
  2. ill find out and post more details thanks, any immeidiate advice on how to stop them harrassing and let them know we mean business??????
  3. my mum told me today she had a £5k loan 19 year ago from hsb bank, and im not sure if she defaulted but somehow at some point lewis got over the debt, a long time ago, she has almost never missed a payement in 19 years (god knows how much interest you have to put on a five grand loan to still be paying 19 years later but something smells fishy here!!!!!, Her pride stopped her going bankrupt and for the last 20 odd years she struggled to pay various debts off from the last recession, when we had lost our home, even after my dad died she has carried on paying debts that were in both their names, my mum is retiring and works one day a week to help teach the new accounts person how to do the job she is leaving, i found out they( the lewis group) have basically been threatening and harrassing my mum with letters phone calls, and have now started asking for full settlement they also rang her work all over the last few months! im sure thats not legal> I need some help, someone to point me in the way of the right templates to ensure this gets sorted and they get a good ass woopin,surely she shouldnt still owe anything after this long, can somebody please advise where to start sorting this, thanks in advance
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