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  1. Hello All Think i'm in need of encouragment more than anything else, but i'm getting a bit nervous... Am ready to file in court for my charges, but will have to do it after i said i would (can't afford it)...Will this be a problem ? It seems that most people are getting to setting a court date, do we know if anyone has actually been yet ? Am i likely to win ? Words of comfort much appreciated...
  2. Thanks again, Got a rejection letter today from Lloyds for my claim (also Capital One, but that's for another thread)... Interesting reading other peoples experiences of this, some people seem to have to file, others seem to get refunded before, i'm assuming there's no rhyme or reason for this ? Is there any value in involving the FSA?, the banks seem keen to point you in this direction and away from the courts?
  3. Good Stuff, Just a point on visiting local courts, is there a list anywhere of where they all are ? Also, what's the comparitive costs ? ( I think MCOL is between £30-£120, or something like that) Barty, thanks for the link, is there one for getting the N1 form right if i go to local court ? Thanks, i will keep you fully posted
  4. Thanks, Don't know really, just seems like the easiest option, if there is a better way, i'll give it a go !
  5. Hello All, Would be really grateful for some advice, on my two claims against Lloyds. Basically i started two claims, one for my mastercard and one for my bank account. I have reached the stage with both where it looks like i'm going to have to file in the courts. I don't know if this was a good idea, is it bad that i've got two claims outstading ? Can this count against me in anyway ? I'm ok with going to court (i think!) but having spent time researching the site (which is excellent if i may add) i would be really grateful if someone could provide me with some links to
  6. All Just started my claim against Capital One, not sure how other banks conduct themselves, but i'd like to guess that Capital One rank amongst the worst. My credit limit was £200, yet i know that over the past 12 Months they have applied over 30 Charges to my account, i haven't got the SAR back yet, but i think it's well over three times my limit....Very Poor. I'm keen to take this as far as i can, given they ring me nearly every day and tell me that they "will ruin my credit for 5 years" (their exact words) unless i settle my account, something i can't do. I'm very intere
  7. Thanks all advice very gratefully recieved....I'd just like to clarify if i may (sorry this is new to me..) My AQ dealine is set at 14 February, i did recieve a letter a couple of days ago from DG saying they wanted a full breakdown, but i haven't sent them anything yet.... I will call them and fax this info over, should i wait until 12/13 Feb before submitting my AQ ? Also, i am actually acting on behalf of my partner (they really got to her with this, so i stepped in ) Is it advisable to send a letter to the courts & DG, stating her consent to have me represent her ? (If
  8. Thanks, has this happened to anyone ? Is there any chance that the bank will choose to settle before actually going to court....They haven't made any offers yet...
  9. Hello All My partner and i started the reclaim process with HSBC a couple of months ago now and have followed the advice and instructions all the way. The problem is we are now getting a bit worried....HSBC have handed the claim (circa £3000) over to their solicitors who have defended the claim ! I recieved the defence in the post this morning and am now worried that this seems to be a rare occurance, i can't seem to find much advice on what to do next / how to respond with the questionairre.. I would be really grateful for some advice from the group...I really appreciate it...
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