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  1. Thanks for this, I will read later and get back to you.
  2. Right, I've sent an email asking for a breakdown of their calculations. I will let you have the figures when I get a response and consider my position from there....eeek!!
  3. Thanks, so I still need to know the monthly payments made, or can I just go off the figure on the agreements? Lol, saying charges is habit I guess!!
  4. Yo're right mate, think I'll write them back and ask them to breakdown exactly how the figures were calculated.
  5. The thing is, for most of the time the card was active it was on a 0% interest rate. I used 29.9% because they weren't forthcoming in giving me the rate on the account and 29.9 was the one it ended on.
  6. I know, I'm not greedy but it is a lot less. What do you mean when you say ask for a detailed breaksdown - in terms of each monht, what the interest rate was etc?
  7. Thing is, I dont' have all the bank statements anyway. I think I'll ask for a list of all charges applied as I don't have the bank statements, so either way I've got to senda DPA request. So, how do I know what portion of the payment was for the PPI?
  8. Hiya i claimed: 55.78 premiums 248.08 in interest @ 29.9% (card rate) Total: 303.85 I have been offered: 55.78 premiums 40.06 interest @ card rate 25.23 @ 8% interest Total: £121.07
  9. Or...should I do a DPA requst on each one and ask for breakdown of charges so that I get given an itemised list of payments made? Saves going for year's worth of bank statements.
  10. Hi Dx, thanks for your reply. I've got the original agreements and they state the total Loan for PPI amount. SHoudl i get the statements and use those instead? Now I'm confused.
  11. Afternoon Caggers, Ok, so I am readdy to submit a claim for 3 loans that had PPI on them. I just wanted to confirm that I am doing it all correct. I have put the amount of the PPI in the Schedule of Claim spreadsheet (using the same one for Credit Cards) and changed the interest rate to match that of the loan. I have filled in the FOS questionnaire. Is this correct, or should I be using a different spreadsheet? And is there anything else I should know/do?
  12. hi turtle Yes, I would be interested to know. So, are you saying that I should reject this offer and recalculate? If so, can you give me some more information on the calculations I should be using?
  13. Thanks for this spreadsheet. I have just received a payout on the credit card, so thanks for your help. I have a question regarding loans though - when claiming, do I use the 8% rate, or the loan % rate? And waht if a loan hasn't finished being paid off?
  14. Guys, I wanted to say a big thank you - I have just had a cheque from Egg. It's not for the total amount claimed though, it's less than half. I sent the SOC with a rate of 29.9% on it as they hadn't responded to my requests for the interest rates applied to the account. They've refunded the premiums, and also interest charged where I would have been in credit if I hadn't paid themad also8%. Is this right - I am not greedy and I am happy to cash the cheque, but out of principle, if they haven't calculated it right I will persue. Thanks again, and any comment will b
  15. Thanks very much for this. Is there a SOC spreadsheet specifically designed for loans instead of credit cards, or do I amend the one used for credit cards?
  16. Thank you One more question - If the credit card account had an interest free period, what interest rate do we use? Zero? Or can we use the 8% statutory interest rate?!
  17. And out of interest - which interest rate can be used if it is a loan?
  18. Yep, will do - thanks. So, we can claim from the start - even if the account was closed a few years agao and no payments made to it because the balance was cleared?
  19. Thank you: Sort Code Account Number Claim Date ---- Interest Rate (%APR) 29.90% 0.07170% % per day TOTAL CLAIM: 1,343.33 TOTAL AMOUNTS 239.91 1,103.42 CHARG INT 14.07 74.25 29.32 152.75 30.34 148.08 32.31 149.70 32.31 145.83 33.12 144.96 33.94 144.67 34.50 143.19 Can we calim further than 6 years for PPI?
  20. Brilliant, so would I change the interest rate on the SOC spreadsheet to match the credit card one?
  21. Hi Ims, It's a credit card - any reason? Is the process different?
  22. Ok, so I've prepated a SOC with some of the statements I have. Will they only pay what is on the SOC, or all premiums that are owed? If only what is on the SOC, would you recommend I send SAR to get a copy of all statements over the last 6 years?
  23. I had various issues with Egg a few years back, and as part of the complaint they automatically asked me for some more information saying that I had PPI on my account when I was a student and wantied to check it should have been applied. I gave them the info and was told that it was applied correctly. I contacted them recently asking if I was eligible for a refunda nd they said no - because I would have clicked a box to say I wanted it. Is this correct?
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