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  1. ok, well they have paid interest at 8% where there should be acredit balance, so no point going to FOS. I don't mind taking it to court as did many a time with the bank charges. I notice that if the court order restitutionary damages then the defedant has to disclose their accounts. Is it likely that Egg would take it as far as a hearing?
  2. Thanks Ims, I'm going to continue that conversation in the other thread.
  3. Really? So, should I cash the cheque? Also, do i wait for their response and the if they won't pay more go to thte FOS? Are they likely to award the interest in restitution?
  4. Hi Ims, After the work we've done on my other thread tonight, I think i will take the payout from egg. When I sent the SOC I put the rate as 29.9% as I didn't know the total card rate. This came up to over £300.00. When I have change it to 8%, it comes up to about £30 less than I've been paid....so the interest on premiums must be about £30. I think this is right and I am happy to take it, espcially seeing now as it isn't under 50% of my claim - if i was claiming now, after understanding the process better, it would be for under £100.00. I am going to leave them to re
  5. To be honest, I think I'm going to accept the payout I've been given - I claimed at 29.9% on the SOC spreadsheet, which I nnow know shoudl be left at 8%....I've redone the figures and come out with less than they've given me!! so I think I'll take it!
  6. Great, well you've been an immense help Ims, thank you. I will of course keep you updated all the way. Give me a couple of dsays (work is manic) and I will have all the paperwork sorted. I'll let you know when it's ready to be sent.
  7. Perfect, thanks Ims....I'll get all the paperwork sorted and let you know when it's done. What will happen now - I send this off, they get back to me telling what they'll pay me and if I'mnot happy I go to FOS or court?
  8. Fabulous, thank you. I'm all ready to go with these 3 now. Just the questionnaire to fill in. I can't find the letter asking for the PPi to end...shall I just write on myself?
  9. Am I also right in thinking that the reason why the amopunt of charges islower tha on the agreement is because the loan isn't finished?
  10. Fab, thanks. so, last one - loan amount 5,000 month 114.10 ppi amount 1,451.72 month 33.13 start date 01.10.2008 i assume firs tapyment is 01.11.2008 and go from there? monthly payment 33.13
  11. Should i put the last payment as 25.10.2007 or 31.10.2007?
  12. Great, thanks. I only do it to the end date on this one, don't I? And is there anything else I have to do seeing as this one has ended? Yep, at least one was for consolidation - I'll check which one.
  13. Loan B: Loan amount 11,000 monthly 250.53 total 12,526.50 total 12,526.50 PPI amouint: 1,984.46 monthly 45.20 toal 2,260.00 total 2,260.00 combined total: 14,786.50 APR 6.4% Total charge for credit: loan 1,256.50 ppi 275.54 total 1,802.04 APR 6.26% Ok, so now can you help me the calculations you used so I can do the next one afterwards and then post what I think I should be using? start date: 25/09/06 End date 31/10/07
  14. Ims, should I send each claim seperately, along with different questionnaires, or can I use 1 for all - I have 4 in total.
  15. Ok, spreadsheet done. Total of charges: £2,901.68 Total stat int: £434.88 Total claim: £3,336.56
  16. Ims thank you so much for this! When ypou say questionniare and letter claiming it back, which letter?
  17. Perfect, thanks Ims. Ok - there are 4 in total. I don't have the info for one of them (need to doDPA request I think!) so I will label them A, C and D. A: Loan amount: £14171.48 monthly: £225.15 total amount payable: £18912.60 Loan for PPI: £3970.78 monthly: £63.08 total amount payable: £5298.72 Total Loan: £18142.26 monthly: £288.23 total amount payable: £24211.32 APR: 8.90% Total charge for credit: Cash loan: £4741.12 LPI Loan (cash price £3970.78): £1327.94 Total loan: £6069.05 Annual interest rate 8.60% This one is still active. If we can wor
  18. Hi Ims, Yep, I've got all of the agreements - is it just better to use those? I am more than happy to. Are you asking me to post the figures from them?
  19. Hello everyone, I am at the first stages of this with Welcome. I am sending a SAR request as I have no information relating to the account, apart from the start and end dates. I will let you know how I get on. What's all this talk about going through the FSCS??
  20. Thanks Ims. Rahter than get years worth of statements, I think I'll write and ask for a list of transations on the loan accounts. Do you think I should do this a DPA request, or write a polite letter first, asking for this information?
  21. Great. I think the FOS are a waste of time to be honest. I had a case that I referred to them for an unenforcable agreement - their response was that I had to pay and that they didn't have to consider the law, they just had to consider the evidence they were given. Funny tha the court didn't agree with them!! haha OK, well I'll see what they come back with, then I'll ask them for 80% of what I originally calimed. If they refuse, I'll enter MCOL - any idea where I can find the POCs?
  22. Thanks Phatram - I've written to them asking for a breakdown of their calculations. I will wait for their calculations and then email back syaing that I want the rest. Or shall I just send it to the FOS? Their letter says this is their final response and to refer it to the FOS if I am not happy. I'm really confused - I claimed too much to be honest beacsue the rate o9f 29.9% was not applicable to the card all the time, as most of the time it was on 0%. BUT they have only paid 8% on where the balance would have been credit if I hadn't paid the PPI. It should be on the overall
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