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  1. Hello, My friend has made a telephone complaint to LTSB about 6 credit cars that had PPI - they have received a 3 page letter in reply saying, basically that they have used their consideration of their knowledge of the sales process etc and they are refusing to pay out Am I able to fill in the questionnaire for them now and send that, is this just a standard fob off letter? I am sorry if this is already covered by they only have 28 days to respond and I can't find the information.
  2. Ok so they received my request for the tape and statements on tuesday No reply
  3. Sorry, I got confused (this is actually my sister's claim and I am doing it for her). I wrote for the DPA and we were sent the statements - when my sister called to query something on the statement they just put the claim through then. I have just written a letter requesting the recording.
  4. It was done over the phone - the lady asked why I thought it was mis sold and I said that it shouldn't have been on there and that it I was made to think it was part of the loan.
  5. Hello, I've got a list of charges and filled in the FOS questionnaire and sent it to 1st Response - they have written back saying they've listened to the call from 2007 when I spoke with an underwriter and that they did everything right. Any ideas what I can do now - Ideally I want a copy of the call or can I just send the questionnaire to the Ombudsman?
  6. I am sorry, I've only jsut seen the replies to this. Yes, the bank and the FOS have both ruled there was no claim. Can i escalate it further - what is an Ombudman's opinion and how do I get one?
  7. I am claiming for a friend and they have a cap1 account. They aren't sure whether there was PPI on it and they did claim their charges back years and years ago. Furthermore, there is no credit agreement that complies with section 78 of the CCA so cap 1 keep sending it to debt collectors, who send it straight back when we point out that there is no agreement. Do we need to go for another DPA or can I just send the questionnaire saying we can't remember if it was on there? Ideas?
  8. Ok, I the stuff for this claim is on it's way from Cap 1.
  9. Just to keep you updated, I've just entered the MCOL now. The POCs I found and have printed...so these need to signed and sent to the court and the bank do they? I know the bank have 14 days to reply but I only put a summary on the claim form!! As it's not me claiming, can I just send the POCS to the court and the bank without them being signed, or should they be signed?
  10. Really? A lot of threads I read seem to indicate that they like Egg lol. I've done the questionnaire but she isn't sure if she did online or over the phone lol an they've not responded to her DOA request so we don't know how much to claim - can we put the questionnaire in and let them calculate a claim?
  11. Hi citizen, Thanks for your help I have found some POCS but they are for LTSB cards - I asusme these will be ok Any idea which Address I should use? How far are they defending to, any idea?
  12. Hello, I know it is still possible to claim back charges on Credit Cards and Loans and I am in the position that I need to enter legal papers towards Halifax as they are refusing to pay out. Have the POcs changed since the OFT ruling or can use the same ones from the bank charges era? I can't seem to seem to find any POCs on the site, so please can you point me in the right direction?
  13. I've just writtena chase letter to their Data Controller How do I report it to the ICO - is it an easy process?
  14. Bginnging of Decmeber - it just gets more confusing. The date on the receipt was 20.11.2012 RM def have no signature for it but the cheque for DPA fee was cashed on 10.012.2012. She has received no acknowledgement.
  15. Thanks Briga - she;s just checked the Royal Mail's tracking ()sent recorded) and it says "the itme is still processing through our network" so it looks like it was never signed for. I suppose she will have to send it again?
  16. I am trying to help my sister make a claim for her PPI with Capital One but I have read that Cap1 can be very harsh about it. Can I get some advise? She thinks she took it out online but it may have been over the phone. She's sent a SAR but they've not responded and are well over their 40 days.
  17. Any ideas whether I can do anything? The policy docs could not be found and both Santander and the FOS said that it's irrelvant because the policy would have paid out depsite my Father being a Police Officer at the time with long term sickness and other employemtn benefits and higly unlikely risk of being made redundant
  18. Hi DS, The Officail Receiver has confrimed this is possible,- just wanted to let you know!
  19. Afternoon, I am trying to do a PPI claim for a friend and it was on a HP agreement. The complicated thing on this one is that my friend went bankrupt in 2008 and a large part of the balance was "written off" according to the statement. I was wondering whether anyone can help me with how to calculate what I should be claiming? Thanks.
  20. I have done a claim for my Father, who was a policeman at the time - both Santander AND the FOS have declined his claim partly saying that it was ages ago and have also said that he could have claimed on the policy had he been made redundant. I don't really understand how they can say that when he was a policeman at the time (now retired) and also had high blood pressure. I guess the next stage is court? The problem is, the claim was made a few years ago - can I just send the prelim letter to them now threatening it, or do I have to start the claim again?
  21. Thanks Ray. I have sent them foramla notice that I intend to commence the ADR service, so that should be done in the next 7 days, an inventry was done - and it says "Some marks on carpet" but they are trying to bill me for cleaning some marks. It also confirms that a bulb isn't working in the bedroom and also the light in hall isn't working - I have emails proving I had tried to replace the bulb but it wouldn't work. so I don't kwo what bulbs they are charging me for really. The invoice syas "5 hours general cleaing" but doesn't what was cleaned and when either. They are try
  22. Hiya What do you mean by VT? Did you manage to sort this out? I don't really know what you can do - but you go for a s78 request to see if they have the agreement and if they've cahrged any late payment fees you can claim them back. Any letter fees have to be proportionate....buuuuut it's very hard to claim those back as you will probably have to take it to court for them to back down.
  23. Hey there, I have a bit of a problem with my old letting agency (I knew I would have problems with them when I moved out but had no choice but to move in to the property anyway). The brief outline is that I hande dthe keys back and didn't hear anything for a week. I then received a text from the deposit scheme saying that the agents had arranged for my depoist to be released so I logged in - only to find they were trying to deduct a few hundred pounds. I had received no correspondence at all from the agency, not by phone or email. So I sent an eamil explainiang that I wanted t
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