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  1. Good afternoon, I hope you are well and staying safe. I am currently in the middle of a long and exhausting conversation with my landlord (I rent a flat), regarding service charges, and have some preliminary questions - I am hoping someone is able to give me some advice: 1. The contract does not have a specific are re the lease, it has a (glued on) list of line items, and amounts, and then sections below stating accountant's certificates are needed and some other terms re the service charge. Does the fact the line items have been glued on have an effec
  2. Nope, no solicitor - they just want to avoid dealing with it and know that people won't pursue if they need legal advice. They have told me they are aware of the issue. I have been told by Citizens Advice they should be dealing with me direct.
  3. Thanks BazzaS. I was not aware of this until May last year! Argos are refusing to speak to me directly and keep saying they will only speak to my solicitor. I have no other option now than to send prelims and enter a claim - does nay have any templates for Particulars of Claims I can use for this sort of thing?
  4. Hiya, The Act has no time limit, although it is covered by the statute of limitations, meaning it cannot be enforced through the courts after 6 years. I was not aware of the issue until a specific time, the device has never been used because I could not use it for its intended purpose, so it has been sitting around, and I was sold extended warranty. The reasons I have not pursued until now are personal, but as far as the law is concerned, I have the right to pursue at any time.
  5. Hi Bazza, Sorry, I am not getting notifications of new messages. I can't remember what it said in the catalogue, but I was sold a 4G sim card at the time (on the same receipt) which never worked. I have written to Argos and they said it is down to the customer to research products and the issue was out in the public domain at the time, so it is nothing to do with them and they recommend I seek independent legal advice.
  6. Sorry Bazza, it would bought from Argos and O2 Sims did not work. I will grab the variant asap- it needs charging! I guessed I would be facing that question but I was not aware it was on the wrong spectrum until now and I have had too much on deal with this. Also, I am entitled to make a claim at any time, although I am aware of the statute of limitations. I guess I just need some direction on the best way forward; I am currently wring a letter to the retailer, as by card company has told me to do this first.
  7. Hi Craig, so sorry - I did not receive notification of your reply. Yes, the 4g sims don't work as the ipad is on a different 4g spectrum (USA spectrum) so it will not work at all with a UK 4G sim
  8. No, no, it's not defaulted. I was offered a temporary arrangement with reduced payments, as my situation was temporary. That's what I don't understand - payments have been made on the dates requested in the letters, none have been missed or late.
  9. Thanks Old Cogger - I still don't really undersand how it's an accurate situaton as no payments have bene made late. Flaggin the account as in arrangement, and even arrears, I can understand but not late payment markers. It's evne more confusing now that my latest payment has been uploaded as made on time whne nothing has changed at all. The other lenders have not added late paymnet markers to my accounts, just that it is in an arrangement.
  10. Ah, ok. What do you mean by "as long as details correct that is"? Also, I don't understand why they do it - other lenders don't and when the latest payment is marked ok, how can some of the others not be?! It's so confusing and they have not given me a clear reason - I've been given contradicting, and frankly, incorrect information multiple times by Capital One advisers.
  11. Good afternoon, I entered an arrangement with my Capital One card with reduced payments for a temporary time, due to redudnacy. I have made every payment, as agreed and on time. I checked my credit file and noticed they had uploaded some late payment makrers - 1 on one month, then 2 then 1 and 0 for the latest payment. I have made a complaint about this, and have bene told that this is their process, despite them admitting the adviser on the phone did not advise me they would show as late payments. Is this the correct process for them to follow? I don't t
  12. Thanks Andy, I have read that but it doesn't answer my question - can you point me to the relevant part in case I've missed something?
  13. Hi all, I bought an ipad in 2012 which was "4G" ready. My Ipad has never worked outside the home and I've barely used it since. I have now learned that these were missold by Apple and they have asked me to contact the seller) to claim under Consumer Rights laws. When I bought the ipad, I also bought a cover. I used vouchers and credit card. The credit card amount is one pound under the cost of the case - I also bought the extended warranty in a separate transaction, on the credit card. The seller have told me they will provide a pro ratered refund. Do I have a section
  14. Thanks Andy. I've invited my friend to take a look at this thread, in case there is anything else he wants to add.
  15. I believe there was a verbal agreement that the emplyee would cover any damage and speeding fines he received whilst in the vehicle. He did receive a spedding fine and opted for a course instead of receiving points.
  16. Guys, sorry I've been a bit absence last few days. I will give the response I received a little later, I hope you are all well.
  17. All extremely good points, and I will find out if there is any other proof.
  18. There was only a verbal contract in which the driver agreed that any damage or speeding fines incurred while he was driving he would be liable for. He did get a speeding ticket for the van and decided to go on a speed awareness course.
  19. Thanks BankFodder, you're a star. The driver clocked in that morning and when he left. My friend's daughter and customers have confirmed he was the driver as well. There is a mechanic's report to confirm it's water damage and could only have been driven a few miles before the alternator boiled to death. He is the only driver my friend had at the time. The guy quit that night.
  20. Good morning, One of my friend has had an issue with an employee, the situation is below - just wondering if there is anything that can be done, or if we can be pointed in the right direction for help? (The situation is written from my friend, so in the first person) Basically a guy worked for me On the Saturday I used my vehicle and left it at my unit all in tact. On the Monday he used it to do deliveries, he was the only user that day. That evening he txt me to say he quit, so I accepted that. At 4 am the next day I loaded my van and set off to do my deliveries I got 6 miles down t
  21. Hi guys, I totally forgot I needed to submit court bundle for the hearing that's scheduled on 20th May. I should have had it submitted yesterday. I'm claiming credit card charges and they've taken it to court bundle stage so far and tbh I am scared. Any ideas what I should e putting in my budle and whether they will make me attend? I claiming for a friend and she is freaking out about having to attend court. HELP!!!
  22. Ok, so should I send the questionnaire for that or can I just send a covering letter?
  23. Hey, Thanks for this. That is the letter I sent. They replied saying still no claim and go to the FOS
  24. Lol, they don't seem to be caring though. The stage we are at now is that I sent the letter saying they can't make a ruling on an assumption but they've said to go to the FOS. Should I now send the questionnaire to FOS?
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