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  1. I can't find a good explanation of Unlawful Rescission. Please can you advise?
  2. I'm assuming the account has been terminated also. What is Unlawful Rescission? I found out about post strikes but none on the dates in question (My partner's dad is a postman, so he checked it out for me). It's still one day out though isn't it? I'm not still paying anything towards the account and haven't for about a year, as i'd thought that if they didn't supply a signed CCA, i could withold payment. In hindsight, i wish i'd kept paying as i would've had no default against me now. It literally has stopped us buying a house!
  3. How will i know if the account is terminated? I've checked my credit report and it shows: Current balance:£1,521Default balance:£1,477
  4. I was no longer a student. They didn't want to accept my offer of repayment of what I could afford so made me take out the loan over 9 years. Surgery went well thanks. I had a slipped disc so they removed it!
  5. I'm pretty sure there's no charges on this account. I don't know why they demanded payment, i told them what i could afford and it must have been unacceptable to them. This made the debt last 9 years and cost me over £1600 in interest alone!!! Been away for a while as had a slipped disc and surgery, but back to it now and want to get sorted....
  6. Any suggestions on what to write and where? Been away for a while as i've not been very well and had to have surgery. Back to it now though and want to get this sorted.
  7. The default is what concerns me the most. Do you think i would be successful in court, considering that they are likely to be able to provide all of the paperwork relating to it? I'm happy to go to court if it results in the removal of the default. How likely do you think it is for me to get it removed at this stage?
  8. Is it worth doing? Could it lead to getting the default removed
  9. Is it with doing? Could it lead to getting the default removed?
  10. Which documentation should i request? They supplied a copy of the default in their last letter to me. Do i have a case with the FOS do you think?
  11. I have received NO arrears notices from Barclays, nor a letter regarding the change over of the account number or sortcode. What's my next step?
  12. It was a current account. They forced me to take out a loan when i was unable to clear my student overdraft instantly.
  13. Here's the default notice: I'll check about the 14 arrears notices, but i'm pretty sure i don't have all of them. I'll also check about the letter changing the account number, as i'm pretty sure i don't have that too....
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