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  1. Look Out for more stories like my story in the Mirror , I am just waiting on the papers getting back to me they have been talking to my local MP (Menzies Cambell ) about Gemini stealing my car . PM me for more info
  2. Any News sweet ??? never heard from you in a wee while now .
  3. Yes I agree that lot's of other people will be suffering in silence over this ,we have been lucky we came across this great site . I did get get some cash back from Log Book Loans after my story was in the papers but not near enough to comphensate all the harship and sleeples nights I have suffered. I would urge anyone who has fallen into this LBL /Gemini trap to make as much fuss as you can , Go to the papers , OFT, CIB, Police , Traiding Standards and remember if they are coming for your car ... HIDE IT !! until you get the problem sorted out because if Gemini get your car the chances are it's gone forever !! . Ohh yes Thanks sweetnsexy for all your updates and GOOD LUCK !!!
  4. The OFT are looking into LBL as we speak ,watch this space !!. I can also say that there will be more LBL / Gemini stories in the papers in the coming weeks , keep an eye out for them . There is no protection for people who get ripped of by these companies but I am sure that's about to change , The sooner the better as so many people have lost out big time because of this [problem] .
  5. I had a loan with them and the APR was 375% . silly me I WONT TAKE OUT A LOAN AGAIN WITHOUT KNOWING WHAT THE apr IS .
  6. Sorry me again I forgot to ask about the s77 , can you please explain a bit more about this I am not sure how it works . Cheers Alex
  7. Thanks for that ,I would like know for sure because I am looking into a Summary cause action and I need to know I am sure I have a good chance of winning before I go ahead . The thought of going to court on my own is a bit scary but I have decided that it is the only course of action I can take ,I am not able to get any sleep at night now I am so stressed out the thought of LBL getting away with this is driving me mad !!. I will get as much advise as I can from CAB,Trading Standards, OFT , and anyone else that has advise that might help . please let me know about the bill of sale as soon as you can . Many Thanks, Alex
  8. Hi , Would you no if the bill of sale has to be registered if I live in Scotland ,I recived a letter from LBL a while back saying that the Bill of Sale does no need to be registered because Scottish laws are different from the Laws in England . Do you know if that is true ???. Cheers Alex ,
  9. I was thinking about getting as meany people as possible together who have had there car taken by these people and also anyone that has had problems with them to go down and make some sort of protest with banners and so on . We should get the press to attend and make sure that everyone gets to know how bad these people are !! Anyone who would be intrested please send me a private massage and I will see if we can get enough people to make it worth while . Cheers Alex
  10. I also have been posting on this site fo a while now about Log Book Loans if you wan o ead my ohe poss you will see I have had lots of bother wih them . I have been to Trading standards , OFT, CAB , in fact I have been through the them all and it was a complete waste of time all I was ever told was "take them to court" but that is just no possible for me. Trading standards, OFT, Cab are just there to give advise I always thought they had some sort of powers to stop these sort of scams but they don,t !! . Just a pure waste of taxpayers money if you ask me !!. Well Done Kev !! I am glad to see someone getting the better of those people ,If there is anyone reading this who might have there cars taken by this crowd make sure you stop them or you will never see your car again !! make them take YOU to court first !!! . Alex
  11. I wish I had known about provident before I went to Log Book Loans for some cash I would rather pay 177% APR for an unsecured loan than pay the 375% I payed Log Book Loans for a loan secured on my car . Many of you that have read all the threads about Log Book Loans will know I also lost my car to them even though I never missed any payments . I now have a loan with provident , I am paying them £40.00 a week and they have been good to deal with at least they do everything by the book not like those people at Log Book Loans . So if people think %177 APR is high just think of all the people that have had the misfortune to get a loan From Log Book Loans and are paying at least 375% APR and most of them get there car taken from them without warning when they fall 2 weeks behind in there payments .
  12. Hi James , Some very sound info there , Would you think the Financial ombudsman would be able to advise/help me regarding a loan contract I have with Log Book Loans ?? I was told that the Financial Ombudsman Service only deal with High Street banks and mortgage companys do you know if this is still true ??? I was never told that the APR was 375% but it was written on the loan contract but I was stupid enough not to notice it , however there is a part on the contract that says Log Book Loans cannot take the car without a court order !!they did take it without a court order so would that be enought to contact the Financial Ombudsman about or would I be waisting my time ??. I was not made aware that the loan was any different from a normal loan I have had cars on HP before and never had any problems but my payments with Log Book Loans were almost up to date I hade payed them back more than double the amount I borrowed and they came and took my car without warning !! when I was out . Cheers Alex
  13. I wish I knew the baliffs were coming to my house to steal my car I would also have had hard and wooden waiting for them but they were chicken they came when I was out they knew I never had a clue they were coming . Don't give in to them !!! don't let them get the car make sure they go away empty handed and let them take you to the court to try and get the car make them suffer like they have done to meany on here but you need to remember they will steal the car when you are out . They are cowards they tend to come early in the morning when people are sleeping I know if they had came when I was in they would have had a big fight on there hands to get the car they should think themselves lucky I was out . They even stole money from me they lied and said they never got some payments !! I have proof the payments were sent , watch them they are a bad bunch !!!.
  14. Hi Weets, Who was it that came to your door was it a company called Gemini ??? did they get your car ?? . I had my car taken by this bunch and I recon when the car is gone you wont see it again, I would think the police would be worth a try as you have proof you paid for the car so it should belong to you . I know one thing for sure if I had a second chance to stop them taking my car I would make sure they never got ther dirty hands on it the only reason the cowards got my car was because they stole it when I was out . I hope someone on here can be more helpful I feel for you!! but I can't think of any other advise to give apart from try and stop them taking your car and also contact the police just to see if they can help . As for contacting Log Book Loans for help !! I would not waist my time... if you read some of the threads on this site you will soon see how bad they are I am amaized they are still getting away with this but it seems they are !!. The Police might just try and tell you it is a civil matter but it's not, the car belongs to you as you paid for it so If Gemin/ Log Book Loans take your car it's Thieft pure and simple !!
  15. Hi , Thanks for the advise , but I have be at traiding Standards , CAB ,my local MP (Menzies Cambell) and the police I have even been in touch with a local Sherriffs Officer they all said I had a good case but I would have to take LBL /Gemini to court on my own . The police said it was a civil matter and they would have nothing to do with it , I don't know what I can do next ???. Cheers Alex
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