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  1. I might just wait and see what happens here OFT confirms bank charges announcement date - MoneySavingExpert News Not that I'm particularly keen to rely on the OFT again......
  2. REcieved the same letter through my door this morning. I laughed and said to the wife that it was by no means the end. I've not been in touch with DG or HSBC or my local courts since the Supreme Court decision last month, as i've been waiting for those on this and other sites to come up with a new way to proceed. I shall now be sending a letter to the court and HSBC saying that my claim is not to be struck out by them and i am awaiting legal advice on how next to proceed. HSBC are up to their usual lies and half truth tactics once more it would appear, trouble is, as you say johnny, i suspect that it will cause several people to leave it there.
  3. I'm in mate! Waiting for those who are far brighter than this callsign to read the judgement and decide as to which is the best way to proceed. If it was up to me, i'd get the 9 iron out of my boot and start swinging!!
  4. Evening all! Good to see the old guard are still all about! Go get em pete, please keep us informed!
  5. The Consumer Forums - Announcements in Forum : General Things are happening already it would appear! They don't hang about on this site! Kudos to all the team!
  6. The Consumer Forums - Announcements in Forum : HSBC Bank Give it a couple of days for the dust to settle and let those who run this site and others like it rear the full judgement and I suspect there will be an idea of how to proceed. the fat lady aint even in the building, let alone warming up!!
  7. Hello mate. I'm with you on this, whilst the unsupreme court rulled against the OFT, they didn't rule as to if the charges are unfair or not, simply that the OFT can't investigate them. I see us as being in the exact same place that we were some 30 months ago before the test case and before every case was stayed. I'm currently waiting for people far more talented than me to read the full judgement and see how we proceed from there. As far as I can see it, we can still go to court and ask the banks just how much it costs for them to pay a DD when overdrawn. As the newly revised charges that most customers are getting via email/post it is far from the £100 that they have charged in the past. I very much doubt that the banks would be prepared to admit just how much it actually costs so they could still continue to pay out as before. I don't at all see this as the end of the road, mearly a pause to check the map and find out which direction we go in from here. For one thing, I'm glad that progress can now be made instead of the stalemate situation we've been in for all these months now.
  8. Judgement day is upon us! In less than 2 hours we'll know the result! Sad to say that I actually have butterflies! HSBC owe me 3 bags of sand, which i'd like to see back sometime this century!
  9. 26 Feb is the date at the top of the page i saw, might have read it wrong, it's nearly home time!
  10. Where does it mention 26th October mate? this page States "Proabaly sometime after the 16th" Did I read it wrong?
  11. Interesting thoughts at the start of the thread BF, my personal opinion is that the House of Lords will see through all the smoke and mirror tactics that the banks seem to be employing at the moment and will uphold the original decision. Then if i understand it correctly (which i might not!) the ball is passed to the OFT and we wait to hear what they have to report. As for the potential sum that could "potentially" be claimed back, £20 billion plus would be my conservative estimate. If the banks are found wrong, the floodgates will literally open.
  12. Hello folks! Hope you are all well! Not been on here for a good while so I thought I'd say hello. Good to see the old guard (aka P.D./Johnny/pete etc) are still here and delivering needed and helpful and helpful advice to all those that need it! It got me to thinking, obviously all cases are stayed (except hardship ones) for now, who's had theirs in the wings for the longest??!??!? I sent my SAR way back in Jan 2007! To put this long and drawn out saga into perspective, Since then I've been to the desert a couple of times, got married and any day now my first child will be born! Who's been waiting longer, or less time?? Come on people, lets start talking! With the cases stayed currently, these forums are not as active, lots of lurkers though!! A soon to be a dad r-t-v
  13. Congrats! Made me smile from ear to ear reading this!!
  14. Hello all, good to see the old faithful are still helping out others! Thought i'd say hello and dig up my thread from the depths.. Been away in sunnier climes recently so not been on. Hope you are all well and ready for when the stay is lifted in about 145134627 years from now!! Just kidding.
  15. I'm going to jump on the bandwagon and bin my HSBC account, already got a co-op joint account witht the missus for the mortgage and they have never caused us any problems, so I can't envisage there being a problem setting up another seperate account. HSBC can lick my back wheels, I'd rather go to a pool party at Barrymore's house than put up with their breed of stupidity any longer. Facebook group joined satis.
  16. I figured as much, I wasn't holding my breath waiting for the phone to ring with an offer of a full refund from HSBC! Every day they drag their heels adds another 44p to my claim though! It's got to be seen as good news though, at least a step in the right direction! Keep fighting people, we'll get there in the end! a happy r-t-v
  17. OK, I know that alanfromderby has posted stickys everywhere, but I though I'd start a thread! BBC NEWS | Business | Banks lose overdraft charges case So what does this mean for us? (Cue lattie/pete/freaky etc!)
  18. 1. The Aligator I think, Sharks can't swim backwards to I think he'd have the edge. 2. I'd try and get George W Bush and Bliar to stand with their heads together. 3. My sense of reason went out the window when I started to deal with Colon and the rest of the clown party at HSBC head office, so I guess I'd have to say smell instead. Don't get me wrong, I'm a bloke and I'd miss the smell of my own farts, but I'd rather be able to taste the sweet black gold that is Guiness..... *drooling....... Is it wrong that I could easily drink a pint this early in the morning??? a thirsty r-t-v
  19. Linky thing here if anyone wants to look. BBC NEWS | Business | HSBC loses customers' data disc
  20. lol, enjoying the banter chaps! Now time for a couple of monday afternoon thread creeps. Yes, today is dragging like hell and this callsign is bored out of his mind! This is the kind of conversation that takes place where I work. 1. If it could be arranged, who would win in a fight between a Great White Shark and an Aligator? (In water before you ask!) 2. If you had a revolver with one round and you coule get away with shooting one person in the world, who would it be? 3. If you had to lose one of your senses for good, which would it be? discuss... I'll post my answers in a bit. Looking forward to hearing your answers! a curious (not bi-curious before some chump asks) r-t-v
  21. I would love to think that the Judge would hand down a considered, unbiased and fair verdict (which would obviously be in our favour!). But having been screwed over by the government more times than I care to remember in my line of work, forgive me if I display a slight lack of faith. IMHO the coroners from Wiltshire and Oxfordshire that do the investigations in to the Deaths of servicemen/women when they are repatriated from Iraq/Afghanistan should have heard the case. They have absolutely no problem with highlighting the governments failings in public. This has the government so worried that they are actually trying to change the law so that military deaths can only be investigated by military coroners, so all the repeated failures by the clowns in parliment and how a £40 piece of kit could have saved lives, will never make it in to the public eye. I ask you how corrupt can you get! Sorry, I appear to be getting on my soapbox once more! Back onto subject, I do however take slight comfort in the fact that the Judge has delayed the release of his verdict until July. In my heart I hope that this is due to him taking the time to consider the case and make sure he findings are correct. If the banks had got to him (which they may/may not have) then it would have been found in their favour already. In my head I suspect however, the delay is to alow him to take a longer holiday and get a decent tan before his findings go public! a labour loathing r-t-v
  22. Greetings lattie, glad to hear you're still floating about. I expect you might have a little more to do once the verdict is released in the year 2053! Sorry, I meant July this year. Although saying that, which ever way it goes it is almost certain to go straight to appeal IMHO, so that'll take many many more years! Think I'll be drawing my pension before the banks pony up! Really the way I see it is simple, ignore the arguments from both sides, all this is going to boil down to is 1 simple fact. Has a high court Judge got the minerals required to rule against the big banks? Remembering that we have a judicial system that is nothing if not antiquated! I'm hoping the man in question (who's name eludes me!) does have the required stones. I expect that the banks at high level are massively corrupt and may even try to bribe/pressure the man to rule in their favour. It ashames me to think that such things might happen in this day in age, but I believe they still do. I do hope I am way off the mark though. All of that is of course IMHO and doesn't reflect the views of anyone sane. Consider my breath baited! fl, have you been ill old bean? I'm still trying to play catch up on the tens of thougsande of threads I've missed over the last few months! A "Feeling the monday morning blues....." r-t-v
  23. I don't serve with the vikings, the nickname comes from elsewhere. I do have mates that do though, they said it was not too clever out there. The series Ross Kemp made is the best portrayal or service life in the middle east we have seen. I would love to say that the government sat up and took notice, but they don't give a crap. Out there our lads are not fighting for queen and country, not for Brown or that BLIAR before him, not cause they believe it's right, they are fighting for each other, nothing more and nothing less. The forces are treated like sh*t by the governmet, we are quite simply at breaking point. Should we have to fight another war tomorrow, we'd be up the proverbial creek without a paddle, boat, life jacket or the ability to swim. To get home after experiencing that kind of thing and to be expected to slip back into normality overnight is an impossibility. I am proud of my job, I am proud to defend my country, I am willing to risk my life. But I'd like to see the mugs that decided that we were going into afghanistan on the frontline, stood next to the troops under fire though, just to see how much they [email protected] themselves. We will be there for many years to come and many, many, many more lives will be lost. R.I.P. James Dwyer, Mick Smith, Soldiers to the end. Stand Down Troops. I shall now get of my soapbox and retire to bed before I get really angry. Apologies for the rant people. Sleep well. A thoughtful r-t-v
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