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  1. I will keep the letters from them and when i get another one from someone else i will reply back with a copy. If they can't get the info to inforce a said debt then i'm not worried about the next guys trying no. I feel a sense of achievement as i usually would have thrown it in the bin and waited for the next one but it feels good to fight back. It will be quite amusing to see who takes it on and how much they add for their 'charges & fees'.
  2. Received a letter from AKTIV KAPITAL relating to a debt they said i owed of over £2200 the original company being GE Capital (First National Tricity Finance ltd). I have no idea what this was for. I looked on here and took your advice and sent them a letter following your template with a £1 postal order requesting details of the debt. Another letter arrived saying if i pay up over £1400 they would pay nearly £800 for me under their 'New Deal' scheme. I ignored this one. Today i received a letter from them to say; 'Although we purchased the right to recover the outstan
  3. It is simple. All you need is a stamp and a bit of patience but if you are like me and are determined to get some money back from these thieves then do it. You need to write to them giving your name/s and the address of the mortgage and the account number as you have it. Tell them you want a full statement of your account from the time you started and ended the mortgage. They have to provide this by law. you can phone and ask them the procedure and fee if unsure. Once you have the statement you can then make the claim, very simple all the letter templates are on this group. Be prepared to wa
  4. ttfan1978, you should definitely make a claim like i have. put it in writing to them, no doubt they will say it is out of time but then you can go to the ombudmsn and see what they say. I have done that and am now waiting on the ombudmsan to review my case. i phoned them initially and they took my application over the phone then sent me the forms in the post to sign. They said it takes 3-8 months but it is a free service so nothing ventured nothing gained.
  5. Took out a loan with welcome in 2001, been trying to get refund of ppi since 2007, various letters back and forth. i have a final letter from them dated 25/5/11 saying complaint rejected 'outside relevant time limits' 'not required to investigate as prior to 27/2/03. Have i no chance of getting this back now? I had BUPA, sick pay & House insurance so didn't need ppi.
  6. Hello, We had a mortgage with Gmac some time ago, we closed the account in October 2003. I sent them a request for refund of default charges which with interest added comes to £18k. I sent off my first letter 25/1 using the template on here and gave them 14 days to reply. I received a letter dated 26/1 stating they will examine my complaint in detail amd update me with their progress witin 4 weeks. Received another letter 23/2 saying currently investigating but it is taking longer than expected and they will reply no later than 21/3. Letter dated 19/3 stating
  7. Thanks for that. I am definitely going to ring them at 9am tomorrow morning and try and set up an agreement to pay it off monthly in instalments and hopefully stop them coming back. They apparently came on friday when i was out so i am just hoping they are not going to turn up tomorrow morning before i get through to their office. It does say on the letter they left 'if contact is not made with my office i shall return shortly with removal contractors'. I just hope they will agree to some sort of repayment schedule. I did not know until now that a CCJ could be turned into a writ as
  8. I have looked at Marstons website and it says 'We are unable to enter into long-term payment arrangements or offer extended time to pay. We may be able to offer a limited extension to your payment deadline' Does anyone ever contacted them before to try and get an extension. I am hoping they will give me to the end of the month - any one tried this before?
  9. Hi, can someone please give me some advice. I have an old debt from a previous address for £630. The company issued a ccj against me at my new address for the £630 plus interest & costs, court fees etc that adds up to nearly £900. I came home friday night and Marston Bailiffs have put a note through my door adding their costs and now asking for £1200. It says they are to return and i have to pay them the full amount in cash (which i don't have), or they will seize my goods. I have read through the threads on here and it says don't let them in but what can i do to get rid o
  10. Advice please!! Prestige have written back to say....... 'The £330 sent to you on 21/3 was in full and final settlement of all claims and/or counterclaims arising out of the credit agreement and legal charge dated 6/1/05. You should only bank the above cheque if you are happy to accept in full and final setlement.' Firstly, have already banked chq it clears tomorow. I want to be able to make a claim for the ERC paid at a later date should it become appropriate to do so. I have already written to them on 26/3 saying.. I acknowledge receipt of your letter date
  11. Today - the day before i was to enter judgement against our dear friends at Capital One - Letter comes in post dated £26/3. Settled in full - they have cleared my £194.67 balance and have raised a cheque to me for the rest! Will have to wait up to 14 working days for cheque but hey... glad to get it! capital one £828.62 SETTLED IN FULL SPML £1989.72 LBA 16/3/07 Bank of Scotland mortgage £?? SAR 16/3/07 Prestige Finance £330 SETTLED IN FULL GMAC £??? SAR 01/2/07, LBA (NON COMPLIANCE) 13/3/07 Welcome Finance £??? SAR 01/2/07, LBA (NON COMPLIANCE) 13/3/07 Capital one
  12. Don't know if anyone else has had the misfortune of dealing with Prestige Finance. We took out a secured loan with them in January 2005 and paid it off in June 2006. I sent SAR to them 1/2/07. Back came a letter dated 5/2 (very efficient!) enclosing full statement. Wrote straight back and highlighted £1949.02 charges. Asked them to provide a full explanation of what the charges were for and what the actual costs were to Prestige Finance. They passed it to their solicitors BSG. Had a couple more letters to and from BSG clarifying charges. Interestingly, their letter stated in your
  13. Have finally received reponse from Gmac - 1 day before deadline for non compliance claim! Letter prepared to send on monday to claim back rip-off charges. Has anyone successfully got arrears charges & bouced fees back from gmac yet? I am claiming for unpaid dd fees and arrears fees/litigation fees - yes £50 pm it seems they called it whatever they felt like at the time. Not bothering to go for the solicitors costs as i think that will go nowhere at this stage. Am going for the items that i am confident of getting refunded then will make another claim later (hopefully) when the ERC deb
  14. Have finally received reponse from Gmac - 1 day before deadline for non compliance claim! Letter prepared to send on monday to claim back rip-off charges. Has anyone successfully got arrears charges & bouced fees bach from gmac yet? capital one £828.62 mcol raised 26/2/07 SPML £1989.72 LBA 16/3/07 Bank of Scotland mortgage £?? SAR 16/3/07 Prestige Finance £330 LBA 16/3/07 GMAC £2465 LBA 19/3/07 Welcome Finance £??? SAR 01/2/07, LBA (NON COMPLIANCE) 13/3/07 Capital one (husbands) £??? SAR 31/1/07, LBA (NON COMPLIANCE) 16/3/07 Barclaycard £??? SAR 10/2/07 Forthright Fina
  15. Hello, here is my saga re the claim i put in against capital one for charges to my credit card. 10/1/07 - sent SAR request 24/1/07 - full list of charges received (no payment requested) 26/1/07 - sent first demand for charges totalling £652 to be repaid (32 charges @ £20 plus 1 @ £12) 7/2/07 - standard letter received from Robert Udy. As a gesture of goodwill offer to reduce fees to £12 each. Total amount of grand gesture £104. Obviously his calculator button must have got stuck as 13 x 8 =104 but 32 x 8 = 256! 13/2/07 - replied to mr Udy, thanks but no thanks. Threat
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