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  1. Hi, I am looking for some help with an Abbey claim... I first wrote to Abbey in Dec requesting my bank charges be repaid to me (approx £3,300). They replied, offering me £290 as a GOGW. I then wrote accepting this as part payment, and said that I would be persuing the rest. They again replied, but this time saying they would not be repaying any further charges. Is court the next step? I am a little frightened of this after reading others battles, but am determined to continue!!! Should I buy a Lawpack? Am I able to file online? I am on benefits, and don't think there will be a charge f
  2. Hi, this site looks fantastic although most of it seems to be going over my head at the moment!! I am currently trying to reclaim approx £3,300 in bank charges from Abbey, and am looking for advice on what to do next. After 2 letters to them, and a payment of £300 (of which I have accepted as part payment) from them, I am not sure whether court is the next step? I have recieved a letter from them today saying that they 'cannot agree to refund any further charges'. This seems to be rather unfair if you ask me!! Should I be rejecting this or filing a claim? Any advice would be grateful
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