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  1. Hi i have another claim to start with HFC i was wondering if they are still paying out claims since the oft announcment on 27th july. The claim im gogin to pout in is for charges on a loan account?
  2. Hi there i recently got my credit file and 3g have given me 6 defaults for mobile phones i had in the past but didn't pay. i ended up in financial trouble a couple of years ago and never paid these phones. This is causing me serious trouble now trying to obtain credit is there anyway i can get them removed i can never remember of getting a default notice from them only letters from DCA's. i really need help on this one guys thanks
  3. Thanks for all the help on this guys this gives me something to go on ill let you know how i get on. Thanks
  4. Hi i have been fighting with Lowell for a while now they did not respond to my CCA request and the debt has become unenforcable. I wrote a letter to them requesting the default agaisnt me got removed but they wrote back saying the default is fair and they wont remove it. Can they do this if they dont have a copy of the agreement? The letter said... "we accept that the debt may be unenforceable at this time in view that the capital one has been unable to date supply us with a copy of your excuted agreement in accordane with your request under section 78 of the consumer credit act 1974
  5. hi i sent tifos letter and got a respone back about 2 days later. They said after an investigation into the account they now consider the matter closed and i will receive no further correspondence. anyone thinking of sending it should give it a go worked well for me thanks again tifo
  6. hi consumer direct just called me i sent them the complaint in an email after i had spoke to the guy on the phone. They are going to pass it onto the local trading standards office and they will deal with it from there. I still belive you guys are right and its an application form. thanks
  7. no i just explained it to them over the phone. I have sent an email to them now explaining it am waiting on them to reply so i can send them the scans.
  8. I wasn't expecting that answer from them not after reading these forms but what else can i do who else can i goto about it they are the ones dealing with complaints from TS and OFT. Do i just write back to hfc stating again that it is not an agreement and let them take me to court and see what they say? i really don't know what else to do now
  9. Hi i just phoned Consumer Direct about this and they said it is an agreement because it says on it credit agreement requlated by the consumer credit act 1974, and that the leaflet they sent me is also part of the agreement with the terms and conditions on it. They said that it is they application and agreement on the one form which is legal looks like im screwed then ill just have to go down they other road and claim back the charges on it.
  10. Thanks for the advise i think ill goto the OFT with it and see what they say. I have 3 account with HFC 2 loans and 1 credit card i paid off 1 loan and nearly finished the other but now im wondering if i have correct agreements on these. The credit card is a joke it had a limit of £250 i had it up to about £230 and missed a payment so they charged me £25 and put it over limit so every mointh they started to charge £50 for missed payment and overlimit. They now say i owe £756 so i will be claiming the charges back no matter how it works out with this CCA.
  11. Hi no this is all they sent + some statments and a leaflet with the terms & conditions on it. can i take it further to TS or somewhere else who will confirm this is not an agreement?
  12. Hello i sent a letter back to HFC stating that this was an app form rather than a credit agreement and i got this reply back.that says ..... I confirm that the copy of the legal agreement issued to you in your recent Consumer Credit Act request, is, and has been confirmed by the Director of Card Operations, that is a copy of your agreement on the above account. It is also confirmed that it is a Credit Agreement as stated in the sentences above your signature on the agreement. any help on this please is this an agreement or should i take it further? who else can i ask would TS co
  13. Hi i sent the a letter back for non compliance with the CCA and got a letter back a couple of days later saying the matter is now closed and i will receive no further correspondence. thanks for all your help and thanks to tifo who gave me a wonderfull letter for non compliance which worked a treat that can be viewed here http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/debt-collectors-debt-collection/85030-what-letter-send-cca.html#post766634 Thanks again
  14. Hi can someone confirm to me is this an agrement or just an app form.
  15. yea can anyone else confirm if this is a agrement or an app form
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