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  1. Had a letter today from UU confirming cancellation of the case yay! Ali x
  2. Thanks for the swift replies, I did send a message to customer services, but had no reply. Will make a complaint and see how it goes, but watch my dates on the court action and defend anyway. Ali x
  3. before Christmas we had some financial issues the monthly payment for UU couldn't be paid -I actually cancelled it to avoid charges. After Christmas I got a single reminder letter for the bill -about £180 pound left. at the start of Jan I logged onto the online service and set up the direct debit, this would clear the full balance via 3 higher direct debits before the end of March ready for the next bill to start as normal. This was accepted online and I also received a email confirmation a few days later. last week I got court papers from UU for the bill. Now I know I will have to pay the £180 and I have no issue with that, would prefer to pay as previously arranged, but can try to scrap it together over the next few weeks to get rid of it. However I am annoyed that one department accepted an arrangement then later another department issues the court documents. I also don't believe I had a LBA just a single reminder. Plus they have stuck an extra £50 "solicitors fee" on the claim form, but I thought you couldn't claim for costs in the small claims court? For information we are not on a meter-there are 6 of us so would cost us more. Thanks Ali x
  4. Any moves on this as my claim is at a similar point with the FOS, but they now say they don't think they can look into the complaint as the feel they cannot establish an "unbroken chain of responsibility between the 3 parties involved". I have some further responses to send and will ask for the ombudsman to look at it if they still refuse, but it is taking such a long time. Ali x
  5. Aghhhh letter from FOS stating they don't feel they can look into the case against CIGNA as they state they can't establish an agents relationship between CIGNA and the broker (whom the consider to have done the miss selling). I have some stuff to throw back at them from the small print in the PPI document that they may have missed. Otherwise its a case of ask an actual ombudsman to look at it. Has anyone ever won against GE money in court? Ali x
  6. Wonder where you are with this as the FOS have written to me to say they can't proceed against CIGNA as they state that neither Igroup nor the broker were their agent! I have some points I will throw back at the FOS and can still ask for an ombudsman to look at it, but just wondering what has happened to people in a similar situation. Ali x
  7. I came here after the same "card" appeared on my file. I have an Aqua advance where they recently worte to say they are reducing the interest rate because of "good conduct" and "improved credit rating". as per previous poster my old Aqua card details have been removed. Have aqua been sold? Or perhaps they are being rebranded by Halifax somehow? Ali x
  8. Update SAR with capital one so will see what comes back. L alledge they and CO have sent me a copy agreement, but CO didn't even send a reconstructed one, just a copy of T & C that was from a different period not from when the account was opened. L allege a full set of statements was sent, when I actually got an incomplete list of transactions with the first couple of months missing and the next few months with just balances no transactions. In fact CO initially said the agreement was archived and they were trying to trace it, later to the FOS regarding the PPI reclaim they now say there is no paper agreement and allege it was all done online-when a mentioned to the FOS could CO provide a copy of the online stuff it was a no lol. Written back to L with the above info and asking for agreement/transactions again, meantime HF have written separately to say the "discount" is now withdrawn as I didn't respond quickly enough and that they intend to seek a CCJ in court unless I contact them to make an arrangement or raise a defence with them (?), then all the usual blurb about it we get a CCJ we may send the baliffs, get a CO etc etc. So a bit wishy washy and still asking for me to pay or make an arrangement. I am not sure if they will go to court or not as the amount is just at that point where it could be seen either way-its under 2k so not an obvious definately force the matter to court, but not low enough to think its not cost effective for them to do it. Just for info does anyone have an idea of timescales eg if they took it took court and I defended and it went to a judge but I lost and had the 28 days to pay up the money to avoid it appearing on my credit file. What period am I looking at to try to save up the money "just in case". Think I would rather cut back now and try to scrape it together and then if I did win its mine to keep anyway, just don't want my credit file stuck for another 6 years just as things are looking better and dropping off if I can avoid it. Mind you we have no intention of moving house in the near future so not that big a deal I suppose. Still hoping one of the PPI claims I have with the FOS coughs up soon as I would feel better about defending this if I knew I had the money to back me up if the worse came to the worse. So will see what the next response is. Thanks ev1 Ali x
  9. OK thanks for the info guys. Will wait for SAR results and see what the reply from L and DF is. If the earlier payment prior to the CCA request is the last actual payment from me this will be SB in a couple of months, so hopefully that will show on the SAR. Mind you either way its worth raising with L to see what they come back with even if the SAR isn't clear. Meanwhile DF have written to say L have "kindly" offered to knock me 20% off the bill, like that makes it any more affordable or enforcable. I assume the fact they are already offering money off suggests they aren't keen on court action? Thanks Ali x
  10. The PPI claim is already with the FOS at the mo, the adjudicator found in my favour but CO won't accept and insist it goes before an ombudsman. I based the PPI claim on the transaction sheets lowell supplied-not a full set though plus the statements I hold, but I think a SAR to CO is the way to go, I did claim some earlier charges which they settled before court, but there are some £12 ones after that that may be claimable. It might be the SAR pushes them to get the PPi claim settled-can't hurt. I also am confused about the actual SB date. On the lists the DCA sent I can see my CCA £1 shows on the account and a payment (which makes the SB date in the next 2 months), then some kind of weird list of "write off" figures followed by 2 lots of £10 payments (which would push the SB date back), but I can't see I would make payments after the CCA and the sale. All seems a bit fishy to me so I think I need the SAR to clarify. Will also have a good root around and check what papers I hold from the time-there should be a folder stashed away somewhere. Will get the SAR off before any court action happens (if it does) to give me a chance to get the info re it being statute barred. I am wondering if I can get them to correspond and delay till the first possible SB date then hit them with SB letter (hopefully will have the SAR results by then). Off to finish letters to L/DF and a SAR to the OC then will get sorting paperwork to get a clearer picture of what happened 5 years ago. TY for all the comments and thoughts. Ali x
  11. Hmm may have a problem with this now. Looks like the CCA request went to the OC not the DCA, but it clearly shows as a £1 payment on the transaction reports the DCA sent to try to convince me to cough up. Shouldn't this have been held by the OC as "in dispute" rather than sold on. Will still do the letter and do a fresh CCA request if they start moaning. Wondering if to point out the fact I am not currently working to see if they will stick me on the can't pay pile (I don't have that money even if I was inclined to pay up lol) rather than the won't pay. As they are saying they will proceed with court action can I ask for disclosure of docs they would be relying on in court? Ali x
  12. Yep its older than that from 2003 in fact. So I don't think they have any kind of enforcable agreement. I would guess they are having a last push before it goes statute barred later this year. Going to get out the original docs from the CCA so I can give the exact date it was served to them, I will send the queries to both lowell and DF and try to delay until SB. Ali x
  13. Found the date and as I thought not SB till late this year. So I think it will be the CCA line then. Will check I still have the proof of posting from the orginal-should have as not thrown away any paperwork since. Will write re the CCA or do a fresh one. Ali x
  14. Hmm, think my best bet is to get the papers out again and work out the actual statute barred date. Thanks Ali x
  15. the above defaulted account was sold onto Lowell a few years ago. At that point I served them with a CCA for which they could only provide a "made up" application I wrote pointing out they were in default of the CCA and that as they failed to provide an original application I could only conclude they didn't hold one I therefore considered the account to be in permanent dispute (all this done with the brilliant info on this site). All went quiet with them and alonside other accounts in default of CCA requests I was waiting for the 6 years to pass. The other old account Lowell had has now become statue barred-they recently passed this to Red collections so I hung on till it went SB and have now informed them. now..getting a few calls from leeds numbers I ignored over the past few weeks. Today get a letter from DF to say if no payment or arrangement by 11/2 they will commence legal action. I will be double checking regarding the SB date, but the default doesn't drop off till late 2013 and I believe the last payment to have been shortly before that, so not yet there. Other info total figure between 1k and 2k (don't want to give exact figures for obvious reasons). Plus the original account with capital one is currently with the FOS for the PPI (the adjudicator found in my favour, but CO won't pay up and want the ombudsman to take a look. Not sure this is relavent though as the account was sold to capital one in full. I am wondering if the CCA request still stands or do I need a fresh one? Not sure what route of attack to take on this one and would appreciate any advice. I am thinking contact to both L and DF and assume I take the line the CCA request is still not satisfied (from the FOS capital one have said there is no agreement and they now allege it was online only). Would appreciate any input of the best way to proceed. Ali x
  16. It was over a year ago so n ot hundred percent sure, but believe as with my other claim I looked on their website for where to send it. This link is the current info they show for making PPI complaints and even has the link to the FOS questionaire. http://www.citibank.co.uk/personal/banking/info/contactus/feedback/ppicomplaints.htm Seems to be the customer complaints dept in London. Good Luck Ali x
  17. Its the FOS questionaire and you need to send one in for each claim-the tip here is to fill it in online or scan it so you have a copy to print should the company turn you down and it go to the FOS as you will a fresh questionaire for them. BTW still waiting for an offer from citi so going to chase with FOS today. good luck with your claim as well Ali x
  18. Ok cigna reject on the grounds that the responsibility should be the broker and i group as was not them. This is a final response so will get a copy off to the FOS and see what they say. Beginning to think we may have to go to court on this one, but can't see any threads for wins in court against G.E money, TBH no wins against G.E money anywhere except for the odd store card (now santander) and this is a loan not a card. Ali x
  19. Letter from FOS re OH's claim they intend to uphold and have asked cap one to make us an offer of appeal to ombudsman for final ruling by 15th Aug. Identical sort of claim and reasons to mine but this adj at the FOS wants to uphold straight away, no ryhme of reason to their decisions lol. Will update when we hear more on either. Ali x
  20. Still with onbudsman nothing as yet. Ali x
  21. Still no contact from citi on this so will email the FOS to chase, much good it will do me lol. Ali x
  22. Ok rang and had a chat to someone at the FOS and the general line seems to be as long as the bank can justify the figures and state they fit within the guidelines the FOS will accept the figures the bank provide. To gain the higher amount I reckon we would have to go to court and OH is really not keen to do that, so with regret we have decided to accept their offer. However there are 2 earlier loans they say they have no info on and can't do any calculations for, and I intend to pursue them. Think I will start with the failed SAR letter. I have the bank statements from this period and can confirm the amount borrowed from them as well as the monthly payments, so they should be able to use those to at least work out some kind of goodwill payment. Ali x
  23. The FOS are useless lol. Surely if the company agree to make an offer they should push them to get on with it, if for no other reason than to get the claim closed and off their books so to speak. We have been told the FOS are allowing citi 8 weeks, but this is for them to offer, AND make payment in. Still seems a long time, hey ho the wheels are grinding lol. Ali x
  24. OK letter today with their "calculations". They seem to have done an amount for overpayment on residual amount of PPI and I can see how the FOS may well accept their position that this covers the guidence. Seems to be the way to work out the lowest amounts they can and they assume only PPI from one loan into the next-none contiuing to roll over loan to loan so they assume settlement will always cover the PPI. There are 2 other loans (earlier ones)they claim they have no details for at all. The bit that annoys me really is that I did a SAR intially and they reckon they sent me all they held on these loans and there were no statements or anything regarding rebates or settlements, yet suddenly for PPI purposes they have a load of figures. OH is tempted just to accept and take the 5k cheque as he is the middle of starting up self employed and the money could really help us with that and I suspect if we go to the FOS they will just accept what the bank say. We have got quite a few other claims on the go and there is a fair few with the FOS already and some are almost a year on from the start and I guess he is getting a bit sick of waiting. Can't see any threads where RBS/natwest were forced higher by the FOS on rollover loans and not many won in court. Would appreciate any thoughts. Ali x
  25. Poop doesn't sound good godders, never mind onwards and upwards. Hope you get it sorted. Ali x
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