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  1. I did part with the cash yes. Like a fool. And I went to the same jeweller who gave her the price for polishing. They didn't mention whether they told her it wasn't genuine.
  2. Evening all, I just wondered if I could pick peoples brains. I purchased a tiffany bracelet from someone on Gumtree who had advertised it as genuine. She had advised it was tarnished and would need polishing and that she had taken it to a jewellers who said it would cost £15. I went to have a look, and the woman wouldn't obviously let me in the house. she brought it to the doorstep and I had a look. it was dark, it was raining and i couldn't see it properly, but could see it was tarnished. Now I am no jeweller so I couldn't tell properly. I paid £105. I put the bracelet in the glovebox of the car, and took it to a local jeweller the next day regarding the polishing. the local jeweller looked at it and told me it was not genuine. it was rhodium plated copper. I contacted the seller, who told it it was tough, she thought it was genuine i bought it in good faith, she sold it in good faith and she will not give me my money back. where do I stand on this? I have tried to be reasonable, there have been no threats or demands, just told her it wasnt genuine and therefore i would like my money back. she is point blank refusing. am convinced she knew it was fake, but of course I cannot prove it. I also have a photo of the advert showing it advertised as genuine. do I have any recourse with this? thanks a lot. and yes i know its my fault, i should have looked closer but at that time I didn't really have the time.
  3. well they told me today that the debt with Scotcall has been returned to them and they have requested the statements from Orange. there are 2 debts they have said they cannot get the statements for as they are too old. do I risk a statute barred letter?
  4. regards the scotcall, i don't think that one is time barred. I find it strange they have gone to them for that one debt and not the others though I must admit. How would I find out the debt is bad? and in what context would it be "bad"? thanks again.
  5. I thought this too. It's possible it's statute barred. What I am worried about it resetting the 6 year window of I send the letter.
  6. So can anyone advise? Much appreciated ☺
  7. This is my response from Lowell after my CCA request Good Morning, * Thank you for your email and the attached documents. * Please note as account ***** is currently being managed by ScotCall all queries you have regarding this account will need to be directed to them. Their contact details can be found in my previous email. * Please be advised all these accounts relate to Service Agreement and not a Credit Agreement and are therefore is not governed by the provisions of the Consumer Credit Act 1974.* There is no requirement to complete and sign any such 'agreement' in order to obtain an account of this nature. * Telecommunication accounts can be obtained by telephone, over the internet and by mail order and therefore, we are not obliged to provide you with any such agreement. In the case of mobile contracts, inserting the SIM card and usage of the equipment is taken as acceptance of the terms and conditions of the contract. * We have however suspended collections activity on accounts******** and ******** while we request a statement of the account directly from the original creditors. Please note this is sufficient to substantiate our claim against you. * It can usually take up to 60 days for us to receive this documentation however, sometime it can take longer. We will forward these onto you once these have been received. * Due to the age of the accounts******** and ******** we are unable to request statements for these account. Please can you let me know how you wish to proceed with these accounts? * I have noted the reference that you have made to the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008. * We do not believe there to be any substance in your view that Lowell are undertaking an unfair practice by not having a copy of the credit agreement in our possession at the point this debt was purchased from our clients. ************* Lowell have purchased these debts in good faith from each of the original crediors whose records indicate that these debts are properly payable. Lowell have not received indication from you if these debts claimed are denied or if their is any reasona why you believe this to be the case. *** I look forward to hearing from you. *
  8. All defaulted apart from Virgin Media although that is in arrears. They won't accept payment from me unless I send in a cheque once a month.
  9. So i don't really know what direction to turn. Obviously they turned down my request to write off the debt. So where do I go here? Has the 6 years restarted now I have contacted them? I spoke with National Debtline who told me to either take a DRO or offer a token £1 a month. I don't really want a DRO as this will start 6 years of credit scoring issues again, whereas if I pay the token, they will disappear from my record between now and 2017 anyway I assume.
  10. Yep all mobile apart from cabot which was mail order. went through the phase of wanting the latest phones which they kept giving me. Suffering from depression it was a way if lifting me. Of course I massively regret it now but hindsight is wonderful.
  11. I had letters from them chasing it and phone calls left on my answerphone. I haven't spoken to them on the phone as I know I would want everything in writing. All with Lowell.. Original Creditor: Three Mobile Balance: £441.37 opened Dec 2008 default Dec 2009 Original Creditor: Orange Balance: £459.91 opened 2009 default Feb 2011 *Original Creditor: Vodafone Balance: £1482.62 Opened sept 2010 defaulted Dec 2011 Original Creditor: T-Mobile (UK) Ltd Balance: £495.96 not listed on my credit report Original Creditor: EE Limited (Formerly T-Mobile UK Ltd) Balance: £1906.85 account opened 2011 default July 2012 capquest £1404 Acct opened March 2007 default date 5th May 2009 Virgin mobile £694 account opened 2012 Not defaulted * Cabot financial £295 Account opened 2008 Defaulted Nov 2009 I want to get rid of them all but can't even afford a nominal payment at the moment.
  12. Afternoon all. I wondered if you can help at all. I checked my credit record I saw that I have 4 accounts with Lowell. I contacted them asking for the account numbers and they told me I actually had 5 accounts with them. Took all the details and then sent them a letter with budget sheet asking for them to write off the debts as I had no way of paying them. My budget sheet shows a deficit of nearly 150 a month and that is before my son is born! They've contacted me today to say they won't write these off as this is something they don't do, they asked if I was getting assistance and have put a hold on the accounts for 7 days. Now they have told me that the 5th account is with Scotcall. As this isn't on my record could it be statute barred? what should I do now? Have I restarted the 6 years and should I ask again for them to write off the debt? I am not sure of the defaulting dates on all these so I don't know if they are statute barred or not. any help is greatly appreciated.
  13. Well blow me. Firstly, thanks for all your help, it's appreciated. I walked back into Halfords, stereo under my arm, speech in my head and SOGA printed in my pocket. I walk over to the counter and before I manage to say anything at all he says to me, " ok **** will serve you" When I said I hadn't got the instructions etc he just said "if you haven't got it, you haven't got it she will sort out your refund" He didn't look very happy to be fair but I thanked him for his help and off I went. Stunned!
  14. Still refusing, saying they don't have to refund but are happy to send off to repair or exchange. I purchased it on the 24th of April so within 30 days?
  15. I spoke to the manager on the phone, he has said that he will accept it back with no packaging but won't accept for refund with no instructions.
  16. They are telliing me they dont have to accept it with no packaging, and will only replace or repair, I can't find where SOGA shows they have to accept it with no packaging. Sorry! Is there anywhere I can find this to take to the shop with me?
  17. Thanks for that, Appreciate your help. What they told me was I breached that contract as the ticket wasn't in the window as it should have been, therefore they were unable to prove at removal the car should have been there, therefore I have no leg to stand on Are they correct?
  18. Just a quick query, I bought a car stereo from Halfords approx 3 weeks ago, fitted it and it worked fine for a while. A week later it developed a fault and I have tried to take back to Halfords for a refund. Despite having ther full receipt and even the £10 gift voucher offered as I had spent over £50, they are refusing to refund me as I had disposed of the packaging and instructions. All they will do is replace with another stereo and remove the packaging from that or get it repaired. I have already replaced the stereo with something else, so this means I would be stuck with a stereo I no longer require. Where do I stand on this? Thanks
  19. Absolutely! Cash only. Went to collect the car tonight, they refused to let me sign paid in protest on the receipt, and ripped it up and wrote others out. every time I did this they ripped it up. however I did record the conversation and I told them it was paid in protest despite them telling me they don't do reciepts with that. The ticket was in the car, it had fallen from the windcsreen onto the seat face down so you couldn't see the time and date, however it quite clearly shows the expiry date and time, which was well after they took the vehicle. The fact the ticket had fallen down, I am wondering if A) I can claim that they supplied innefective tickets and that would be why it fell off, and b) because the ticket was actually valid at the time the car was removed, they didn't incure any losses
  20. they have advised that I have to pay them first to even get access to the car, and then when I get the ticket from the car to show it had been paid for, they will not give a refund.
  21. Hi Guys, can anyone offer advice. have parked in this particular car park for a few months now, every day and I always buy an all day ticket. Today I did the same and it ran out at 17:19. I got to the car park at 17:10 and my car was missing. At first I thought it was stolen, but did wonder if it had been towed. I rang the number advertised gave them my registration, and they confirmed it was towed for not displaying a valid ticket. the ONLY explanation is the ticket fell off the dashboard. The PPC are now demanding £390 to release the car, and £40 storage overnight, and even when I show them the ticket they will not refund the money. I do not have £430, can anyone offer some advice? thanks
  22. Hi Legal. Have spoken to Paypal a couple of times and threatened them with court action to claim back the money, interest, and compensation for stress and suffering, as them taking back £150 left me O/D and getting charges from the bank!! I have tried a couple of times to write a letter but not got anywhere really.
  23. I have requested the buyers details from ebay so have the address and phone number they registered when they setup their account, I have rung the number but "there's no one here with that name, by the way who's calling" I did mail them when they bid to confirm, obviously nowadays not good enough. I got the IMEI blocked so now the phone is useless, I have also printed off the auction listing, the paypal payment, the paypal payment for postage, the copy of proof of delivery so I think the next thing is to go to the police.
  24. Thanks for the offer of help Mr/Mrs/Miss Pickle! To be honest I am terrible with writing letters like this so any advice would be more than welcome. I presume it's basically what I have written above? Many Thanks.
  25. I wonder if you could help me. In July I sold a phone on Ebay and the bidder had 0 feedback. Before the auction ended I contacted the buyer asking him if he had the funds in place to purchase due to his feedback. He confirmed this was all ok. At the end of the auction the buyer paid for the item through paypal (the same email address as the ebay account) , and I sent the phone recorded delivery which was confirmed by royal mail online as delivered 2 days later signed by the person who bought the item. ( the same name on the paypal account signed for the package) 6 weeks later paypal have informed me that the buyer had issued a chargeback against me stating his card had been used without authorisation despite all the details pointing to a legal transaction. This has left me out of pocket and without the phone. I am convinced I am being defrauded and although Paypal are arguing my point with the card issuer they have already taken the money back leaving my account in negative balance and I am not convinced I will get the money back. Would it be worth getting all the details together and going to the police, or is there something else I can do. Many Thanks
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