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  1. I did part with the cash yes. Like a fool. And I went to the same jeweller who gave her the price for polishing. They didn't mention whether they told her it wasn't genuine.
  2. Evening all, I just wondered if I could pick peoples brains. I purchased a tiffany bracelet from someone on Gumtree who had advertised it as genuine. She had advised it was tarnished and would need polishing and that she had taken it to a jewellers who said it would cost £15. I went to have a look, and the woman wouldn't obviously let me in the house. she brought it to the doorstep and I had a look. it was dark, it was raining and i couldn't see it properly, but could see it was tarnished. Now I am no jeweller so I couldn't tell properly. I paid £105. I put the b
  3. well they told me today that the debt with Scotcall has been returned to them and they have requested the statements from Orange. there are 2 debts they have said they cannot get the statements for as they are too old. do I risk a statute barred letter?
  4. regards the scotcall, i don't think that one is time barred. I find it strange they have gone to them for that one debt and not the others though I must admit. How would I find out the debt is bad? and in what context would it be "bad"? thanks again.
  5. I thought this too. It's possible it's statute barred. What I am worried about it resetting the 6 year window of I send the letter.
  6. So can anyone advise? Much appreciated ☺
  7. This is my response from Lowell after my CCA request Good Morning, * Thank you for your email and the attached documents. * Please note as account ***** is currently being managed by ScotCall all queries you have regarding this account will need to be directed to them. Their contact details can be found in my previous email. * Please be advised all these accounts relate to Service Agreement and not a Credit Agreement and are therefore is not governed by the provisions of the Consumer Credit Act 1974.* There is no requirement to complete and sign any such 'agreem
  8. All defaulted apart from Virgin Media although that is in arrears. They won't accept payment from me unless I send in a cheque once a month.
  9. So i don't really know what direction to turn. Obviously they turned down my request to write off the debt. So where do I go here? Has the 6 years restarted now I have contacted them? I spoke with National Debtline who told me to either take a DRO or offer a token £1 a month. I don't really want a DRO as this will start 6 years of credit scoring issues again, whereas if I pay the token, they will disappear from my record between now and 2017 anyway I assume.
  10. Yep all mobile apart from cabot which was mail order. went through the phase of wanting the latest phones which they kept giving me. Suffering from depression it was a way if lifting me. Of course I massively regret it now but hindsight is wonderful.
  11. I had letters from them chasing it and phone calls left on my answerphone. I haven't spoken to them on the phone as I know I would want everything in writing. All with Lowell.. Original Creditor: Three Mobile Balance: £441.37 opened Dec 2008 default Dec 2009 Original Creditor: Orange Balance: £459.91 opened 2009 default Feb 2011 *Original Creditor: Vodafone Balance: £1482.62 Opened sept 2010 defaulted Dec 2011 Original Creditor: T-Mobile (UK) Ltd Balance: £495.96 not listed on my credit report Original Creditor: EE Limited (Form
  12. Afternoon all. I wondered if you can help at all. I checked my credit record I saw that I have 4 accounts with Lowell. I contacted them asking for the account numbers and they told me I actually had 5 accounts with them. Took all the details and then sent them a letter with budget sheet asking for them to write off the debts as I had no way of paying them. My budget sheet shows a deficit of nearly 150 a month and that is before my son is born! They've contacted me today to say they won't write these off as this is something they don't do, they asked
  13. Well blow me. Firstly, thanks for all your help, it's appreciated. I walked back into Halfords, stereo under my arm, speech in my head and SOGA printed in my pocket. I walk over to the counter and before I manage to say anything at all he says to me, " ok **** will serve you" When I said I hadn't got the instructions etc he just said "if you haven't got it, you haven't got it she will sort out your refund" He didn't look very happy to be fair but I thanked him for his help and off I went. Stunned!
  14. Still refusing, saying they don't have to refund but are happy to send off to repair or exchange. I purchased it on the 24th of April so within 30 days?
  15. I spoke to the manager on the phone, he has said that he will accept it back with no packaging but won't accept for refund with no instructions.
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