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  1. Hi all Quick update. I got a full and final response from John Lewis.. I can't believe their stupidity.. firstly they write its santanders fault my first repayment wasn't due until (and note 18th Feb 2014) and they were refused due to payee cancelling the direct debit they have enclosed two letters they say they sent me - one telling me my JANUARY 18th Direct debit had failed - I needed to pay ASAP or they would cancel my insurance... 1. why they chasing payment for a January payment if I was meant to pay til Feb and 2. never got this letter and the second letter is totally different to the one I got in feb asking me to pay - and unfortunaltey for them I still have it... they also sent me a screen shot of their system showing they applied for payment in January (even tho i wasn't meant to start paying til feb) and February however, having worked with similar systems for many years I was interested to see that the computer had logged my DD cancelling in january lower case - this normally only happens on our bank systems if the data has been manually input the following series are all in capitals which is the norm when two systems speak to each other... they then refunded the money for the previous offer (£50) that i declined back to my bank account (they they couldn't access apparently) without my permission or acceptance of the offer.. so i've sent it all to the ombudsman.
  2. thanks, yeah i'm taking into account my formal complaint lodged 3 weeks ago
  3. hey quick up date - Santander sent me the letter which I forwarded to John Lewis. John Lewis promptly called me clearly having not read the letter nor notes from my complaint and said its a direct debit issue nothing to do with us go back to your bank... now i'm angry... I explain to the customer service representative that my bank have fully investigated and as stated in their letter their findings are that the fault lies with John Lewis and that I do not believe they have looked into the matter properly as satander investigated for over a month. The lady then said it was probably the bank taking an old DD reference for an old policy... wrong again i've never been with John lewis.. so she decides to call me back... She calls me back shes spent a couple of hours with accounts - there is nothing wrong with the direct debit... I asked if she had pulled up the original mandate.. silence... she states the bank confirmed the direct debit details with John Lewis when it was submitted.. so I asked if she was suggesting Santander was lying.... Silence... she can only apparently relay what accounts had told her (interesting I thought she spent time WITH them so would have seen for herelf) As a gesture of goodwill I can have the cancellation admin fee back and the legal fees I was charged for the cancelled policy. I've declined it. I said that I didn't believe knowing full well that I was sending their letter to John Lewis that the guy from santander would lie and put his signature on the letter. I asked if that was their final response and if she would put that in writing so I could raise it to the ombudsman - she said she would log a formal complaint for me (er... i did that 3 weeks ago so thats not been done properly either) and said she would escalate my complaint and get it looked into (??!!) - that was a week ago and I haven't had a single update So I have written to the CEO. they have 5 weeks to respond..
  4. Actually I have to say Santander have been fab and agreed to send a letter out yesterday, they even compensated for the time it took them to get to the bottom of issue dispite it not seemlingly being their fault..so you never know!
  5. Thanks Everyone. I called and logged my complaint and they have asked for confirmation from my bank in writing that it was down to John Lewis setting up the mandate in correctly so I will wait and send in a proper letter with that attached... cheeky so and so's then sent me a customer service satisfaction survey on the new policy purchase 3 hours later! I nearly spontaniously combusted!!!
  6. Thanks Rebel11 I will do that and report back so up set by the whole thing x
  7. Hi all I wanted some advice please. I bought Car Insurance with John Lewis in Dec '12 and arranged to pay by Direct Debit. In January the DD failed, I recieved a letter saying the bank had told them it had been cancelled so I called paid over the phone and reset the DD. In Feb the DD failed, I called, and it was suggested that the issue was possibly due to the fact that I have another DD to john lewis on the same date and that was the confusion, I was told to wait, see what happened with the march payment and go from there. In march the DD failed, as the DD date was a weekend I didn't intend to chase the issue until a week had passed as sometimes they payment can be delayed a few days, however 5 days after the DD date I received two letters from John Lewis on the same day, 1 to say the payment had failed and I needed to pay or they would cancel my policy and the 2nd to say - "we cancelled your policy 5 days ago please pay us £135" I called straight away to sort out the problem, and to be honest the woman was really off with me until I broke down (I was hit by a lorry last year and the thought of that happening while id been driving around unbeknown to me uninsured got me in a right state) I paid all the cancellation charges, and purchased a new policy (the price had now increased) I logged a complaint with my bank as I hadn't cancelled these direct debits but each time I was told that the bank had said I had. After a month of investigation it turns out that John Lewis set the mandate up in December for the first payment in March! so each time they asked for payment my bank said no I'm fuming, I suffered PTSD after the accident last year and to be honest I was pretty histerical after my call with John Lewis that night, fortunatley I always insure fully comp and i've had a year of medical treatments that I couldn't have afforded, and still have £4k worth of pescription bills and loss of earnings that I'm trying to claim back to think I could have had an accident that week and not been insured doesn't even bare thinking about. I'm just writing a letter of complaint and I wondered if you think I am being reasonable with the following request: A refund for the £135 the charged me for the cancelled policy (admin fee & legal for the full year!) A refund of the additional £24 this year I'm having to pay on the new policy I had to purchase because they cancelled the original policy A letter confirming that a "cancelled Policy" was down to their incompetance (I've had to declare it to all my other insurance companies) Compensation for the fact that they wrote to tell me my policy had been cancelled and sent it 2nd class meaning I recieved it 5 days after they had cancelled and was driving round uninsured, invalidating my tax disc and breaking the law despite them having my email address (which they send the policy to) and my telephone number Compensation for the inconvience of regular calls with Santander to get updates on their investigation, ringing round all my insures with the embarrasment of telling them I have a cancelled policy on my records and to be honest the state it got me into that night my parents had to come sit with me and i'm 33! so embarrasing Also (sorry!) does anyone know if they can retract the "cancelled policy" note? as I'm going to have to declare that for 5 years Thanks for reading!
  8. I am having trouble with them as well - can't provide a CCA and are just ignoring me!
  9. Hi guys please help I have had no resonse from my HP company, I sent a CCA request for a car purchased in 2005 along with a cheque for £51.00, £1 CCA and £50 good will as they claimed i should have paid my final payment in Sept 2007, I have been contacting them since May 2008 to set up a payment arrangement for the bubble payment they told me was due in Sept 2008... Any how they defaulted the account, I wrote them a CCA letter asked them to write to the correct address (they are writting to an old one). no response but the cheque was cashed. Waited the 12 +2 days and set the "account in dispute" letter, you have 14 day to contact me, do not process my data etc... no reponse 21 days have passed since that letter - what do I do now? I have said in my letter they are not allowed to register any information regarding the account with a credit reference agency Do I send a letter before action or something?
  10. Hi Well i have it all in writing that the case has ended. Paragon still haven't sent me an explination of why they increase the interest by haven't reduced it yet and I called twice for the baliff's report and they said it was proof and they'd send it and now they are saying that they can't provide proof all it says is that i live in a flat and thats good enough for them. I'm annoyed - this man has told them I refused to let him in and i refused to sign the report he took with him what can i do?
  11. hey just thought i'd let you know they have removed the defaults, written off the balances and are refunding me my £10 SOA fee
  12. Hi Barclays defaulted my account but I got a letter from them sent on the 26th to apologise and confirming "the default information has been deleted and the adverse balance written off" Check my report yesterday and its still there clear as day
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