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  1. My acceptance letter sat in my file for 2 weeks before being viewed:o. It does make a difference who answers your call, as some can not be bothered, make sure that when they tell you where your letter is that they have retrieved your file, which means leaving the desk, there is no way of them knowing the status of your case with out doing this. Some people are just giving out random answers. I have only ever had one nice call, and the gentleman was extremely helpfully, it was later in the year and I'm sure he was newly appointed may be a bit worn down by now:( I'm not sure if i logged his name, if i can find it, i will post it here for you.
  2. Thank you for the reply i dont have an issue with my son? It was 6 lost wage slips that brought this issue to head. Hydra has made the issue with my son, over lay the issue that i am bringing to the table. My personal relationship is not the issue its the situation of others relationships in vulnerable positions. Hence the 6"5 person example, my son is 5"2 ? Although i could still remove him if he was 6"5 i would ask him to leave and he would but i am lucky to be in that position. Its the issue of how does a person cope if they literally can not obtain the papers that the council office request. I will give up now as the whole point of the post has been distorted by hydra bringing in things that had no relevance.
  3. Hydra capitals are shouting please don't do it, its totaly unecessary. Im not going to quote your post and type again, you are missing the point, no one has the right to obtain anothers Data, that is it. You can not force another person into collecting another persons data if that data is held out of reach, by the person it belongs to or by the act itself. I did place my post for discussion regarding the Data protection act issue and how a person in a home could be bullied by way of another person with holding such information along with the theats of the Council Tax office. However you decided to reply with actions that took the direction of my post away from its main objective. Which was to discuss how the Information act has restrictions stoping someone acting out a request they are made! to do by the government. The issue i have raised was initiated by my experience with my family but my post was to convey concerns for situations across the board.. Your reply would have been much better recieved had you not emphasised on my personnel situation, how i concidered the actions of the Council Tax or how they would deduct my money. none of these relevant to the issue i have raised. I have never complained as to why they want the documents? or as to how they would like to reduce my benefits?. Both of which you highlighted in your reply but for what reasons i am not sure. As i have stated my concerns cover a wide area and although i am in the position to pull my son in line, and can do so with out some direction from a post in CAG , many people are not. You also felt i had some problem with allowing the Social security office to have documents, which i do not, and you do not need to tell me to get used to a situation as you did, i found that quiet offensive. As i have no problem with them having my documents and your comment (get used to it) assumed i did, as if i did not. Then why would i need to adjust ( get used to it) What you have done Hydra is taken my personnel situation in which i found this flaw and assumed that is what needed changing. My situation with the council Tax is now settled after much fuss, however while i went down the route, it showed to me that if my son was a bully and if i was living with him and in fear and please don't say this doesnt happen as its a growing daily concern. Then I would have had to accepted to loose my benefits so placing me even more dependant on my son. any clearer.?
  4. Hi Billnomates, i'll be your friend;) Phone calls are suppossed to be recorded for training purposes and then destroyed after 2 weeks how ever i have proof that one of mine was held for 3 so i would be interested to read the laws under which these actions should be carried out. If they do have a recorded call, they are only obliged to send you a transcript, and i challenged mine as incorrect and then you get no more replies. It may depened on which bank you are with and under what laws they record your calls. The notes that they make are very basic on the system, and should most definately highlight more that security checks have been made but sadly they do not. if you want to obtain a telephone conversation just write and supply the date and time and your wish for the transcript. Hopefully someone else will shine some other direction you can take on this matter, but from my experience they will cover each others backsides no matter what. May be try repeating this thread under the bank section of the one that you are having problems with I hope you atleast get some resolve or further than i did.
  5. I think that rounds off our rather unpleasant chin wag don't you.
  6. I think a thread that was meant to be an active get to gather of strength for the under dogs, has turned into feelings of irritation rather than elevation of the thought of the result of the action being taken. I entered this thread with great enthusiasm and its become distasteful and I feel sadness rather than strength. I feel unsettled that someone is actually feeding the situation that places fear in person on this thread, and so i must leave as it really is no less than cruel. Its an obvious wind up, as no one in their right mind would consider this to be acceptable. Other than a sadist (as there is no dout that brutal treatment is on the agenda) and lets face it thats the type of person that will be coming through your front door.
  7. Shame you made payment it could have been used as a bartering tool, i would cancel it if possible. Advice them you will be paying it when they resolve the default issue. Did you sign a contract with them if so Send them a CCA for your credit agreement im sure its covered by this letter. Which will stall them and give you time to gather your knowledge and while your request is in hand your account is in dispute and they can not process your debit any further or action your account. Consumer credit act request is under letter templates. search Consumer Credit act and do some reading, its a ahndy thing to have.
  8. And some people realy are not who they are looking for and it will be a shoot now and ask questions later, after an innocent family and children have been terrorised. It just can't be allowed to happen:mad:
  9. I think its frightening that someone can even think that this is acceptable. I dont sell drugs, i dont sell porn, i don't murder people, or cause wars. I have just got into financial debit not something that was in my life plan, and i hope not something that will always be in my life. Sadly I get labeled with the same brush at my bank, which is every ones debit dodging, so there will be no divide we will all be treated like cattle. Will we be allowed a time scale to make good our positions and get back on track...no i don't think so... all you will need is a broken collar bone 2 months of work and your a sitting target. This is not about who is dodging and who isn't this is about being told that "this is how we all are" "this is how we are labeled" and there will be no compromise no other resolve and no chances as it will work out more financially viable for there not to be. Also what better way to kick person of low esteem, than by removing what little they have left. This issue is only masked by the debit, but its all about the divide and how they can make it bigger.
  10. Hydra my son is a very caring person and also a very good friend, we have no problem in our home. The emphasis is on the situation of the employer choosing to mess around for 8 weeks, and the owness of the responsibility being on a person who has no control of the situation. Also the process of these benefits and how they lay open a gateway for abuse in the home. Also as a point try telling a 6"5 man to remove him self from your premises when you are restricted in movement. When your 80 try telling your unruly grandson that he has to leave while he screams in your face. I feel You have over seen the main point in my post. Please have another read and post again
  11. t. stance if you never got your first training session which advises you how to use the machines you must report them immediately regarding health and Safety they are not allowed to neglect that part of your care. sorry not up on the governing body or complaint people for this, but i know some one will have an ideal. I strictly was not allowed to set foot in my gym untill i could have this session and i waited 5 days and the lad explained how seriouse it is.
  12. I was in tescos late in the evening a lady had a trolly full of many many items that had all been scanned and bagged. The card wouldn't work on chip and pin and they said you will have to sign for it. She came to customer services which is were i was stood, and explained i can not sign as it is my mums card, with that they sorted out the problem and she left with her shopping. So where is the protection in that??? she actually advised it wasn't her card:x
  13. Went into the council web site last week to find a number to ring them to pay by card. It has a form on there, It asked for my Pin number, to me it looked like a basic documnet that would be printed out the other end. Naturaly I paid in cash 2 days later, its just so much easier you pay you get a reciept and walk away, no lingering worrys. I do hope you manage to get your money back soon.
  14. No it came with a free knitting kneedle and dyson
  15. Some of a letter highlighting my worries, sent to age concern who was anything but concerned and The Council tax office who never replied. I am sure some one who has been in this position will see immidiately my concern I have tried to explain as best as possible. And would like to know if anyone has had a problem when organising the payment of the single person occupier discount by another person in your home. My Son had moved back home after a stay away, and my claim needed to be reviewed, the benefits office requested 6 weeks payslips from my son. I requested the slips from my son and sent a letter with him to work. We had much problems as his employer dragged their heals. Eventually I was sent threats from the benefits office that I would lose all my Council tax Benefit and have to go to court for none payment of the years bill if the payslips where not received? I was so shocked that there was a person living in my home ( related or not ) that affected my benefit but they were not receiving their own letters and could not be held responsible for this problem. When it effected my position so drasticaly. This situation brought to me a nasty flaw in the system, that could be encouraging bullying with in the home to older people, or younger people who are bullied by their children. The situations that stood out more than any other was as set out below. My son is 23 and covered by a Date protection Act, and doe’s not have to let me have or see 6 wage slips. ( I had no power in this request from the benefits office) I could not contact his work myself due to the Data Protection act.( I would have lost my benefit for something out of my control) If my son choose not to send in the payslips I could of lost all benefits and be more Dependant on his income.( Making an opening for control from someone other than myself in my own home) If My Council Tax benefit was taken from me, My son may have chosen to pay the Council tax, but threaten to stop and so blackmailing me with court to bully me into anything he wanted. (This is no less than terrifying for an old person who has seen people of their age going to prison regarding their taxes) When a person stays in the home of a retired adult or with someone ill like myself. this does no less than hand them a barging tool Many children frighten their parents, and most certainly would’t give a damn if they ended up in court. I can not ignore the fear it has left in me, for others who are not in control in their own homes. I have contacted Age concern and sadly they do not seem to be taking this matter seriously, therefore i pass it to you for consideration I hope to hear from you soon. Yours sincerely
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