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  1. thanks that info, that makes me feel so much better, I first wrote to them on the 23rd July. Thanks Amanda
  2. Please help, I'm baffled with the response I have just received from Empire Stores and La Redoute, concerning the signed copies of the Consumer credit act I requested from them recently, they have both sent identical letters stating that they have attached a standard agreement which I would have signed(their words,not mine),in accordancve with qdvice given at the time the account was opened.They also say tjhat because the account has been used, it indicates I have acted in a way which indicates an agreement was signed.They also point out that they are under no obligation to provide a facsimile copy of a SIGNED agreement, they say the regulations only require them to provide a copy of the agreement & it is not necessary to provide a signature box, although the La Redoute letter includes a credit agreement which HAS a signature box,they quote regulation 3,Consumer credit ( cancellation notices & Copies of documents regulations 1983 (SI No, 1557) They are mow demanding I resume payments, which I have witheld this month until I got a reply, does this mean I am sunk, if not Please, what do I do now, this is starting to scare me, I am out of my depth here, any help would be very much appreciated.Thank you.
  3. Thank You so much, I really appreciate it, the info is very useful. I will give it a try.
  4. I have recently received duplicate statements from the Abbey including my bank charges, but the charges from Jan 04 to Jan 06 are sent in a Summary of charges form which just tells me how much the bank charges were in a given month, with no breakdown of the date the charges were applied or listing each individual charge, because of this I cant complete the spreadsheet to include with my initial claim letter, can someone help with this please, what should I do. As I am easily confused by all this, could you keep the answer simple please. Thanks
  5. Thanks for the advice, however a basic account would not be much use as I need a debit card, and most banks I have approached wont set up a basic account for me anyway. My main question is this, are the Abbey likely to close the account if I try to get my charges back, the answer to this will determine whether I take the risk to pursue the claim or not, any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  6. I am about to start trying to claim back my bank charges from Abbey, I am a little concerned however,as I am unable to set up a parachute account anywhere else,because in the aftermath of my divorce, my ex left me with large debts to pay off which I could not do in full,this resulted in getting a bad credit rating, and having tried with several banks to set up an account without success, what is the likelyhood of Abbey closing my account if I succeed.As if they do I am snookered.
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